2010 Arizona Revised Statutes
Title 41 - State Government

Article 1 The Governor
41-101 Powers and duties; attestation of acts of governor; salary
41-101.01 Authority to accept and expend certain funds
41-101.02 Authority to enter reciprocal aid agreements
41-101.03 State employee travel reduction program; designated state agency; fund
41-102 Record required
41-103 Receipt of military supplies
41-104 Offer of reward for information leading to apprehension of convict or arrest and conviction of felon; authorization for payment
41-105 Exchange of offenders under treaty; consent by governor
41-106 Advisory board; reimbursement of expenses
41-107 Office of Sonora
41-109 Prevention of child abuse fund; definitions
Article 2 The Secretary of State and the Department of State
41-121 Duties
41-121.01 Salary
41-121.02 Department of state
41-122 Assistant secretary of state
41-124 Receipt and record of documents received; marking of books delivered to officers
41-125 Membership in national organizations; attending conventions
41-126 Fees; expedited services
41-127 Data processing acquisition fund
41-128 Standing political committee administrative fund; purpose
41-129 Election systems improvement fund; purpose
41-130 Use of state seal restricted; violation; classification
41-131 Arizona blue book; contents; publication; distribution; revolving fund
41-132 Electronic and digital signatures; exemptions; definitions
41-133 Officeholder expenses; account; reporting; limitations; civil penalty; definition
Article 4 The State Treasurer
41-171 Office; absence from state; salary; seal
41-172 Powers and duties; administering oaths; appointment of deputy state treasurer
41-173 Special olympics tax refund fund
41-174 Access to public records and state offices
41-176 Navajo‑Hopi land dispute county settlement fund; investment; distribution; exemption
41-178 Distribution of notary bond fees
Article 5 The Attorney General and the Department of Law
41-191 Attorney general; qualifications; salary; assistants; fees; exceptions; outside counsel
41-191.01 Procedure upon recovery of money for antitrust violations
41-191.02 Antitrust enforcement revolving fund; receipts and disbursements; exemption; report; data collection
41-191.03 Collection enforcement revolving fund; disposition of monies
41-191.04 Collection of debts owed the state; reports; remedies
41-191.05 Colorado river land claims revolving fund; use; accounting; audit; disposition of monies
41-191.06 Victims' rights program
41-191.07 Street gang enforcement revolving fund; use; exemption from lapsing
41-191.08 Victims' rights fund; use; exemption from lapsing
41-191.09 Attorney general legal services cost allocation fund; contributions; exemptions
41-192 Powers and duties of attorney general; restrictions on state agencies as to legal counsel; exceptions
41-192.01 Authorizing Arizona power authority to employ legal counsel for certain purposes
41-192.02 Legal counsel in certain civil actions; council to fire districts
41-192.03 Investigators; peace officer designation; exception
41-193 Department of law; composition; powers and duties
41-194 Opinions; annual report; distribution
41-195 Violation; classification
41-196 Witness protection
41-197 School conflict mediation program; hot line; program termination
41-198 Domestic violence fatality review teams; duties; membership; report; confidentiality; violation; classification; definitions
Article 2 Notaries Public
41-311 Definitions
41-312 Appointment; term; oath and bond; training courses; fee
41-313 Duties
41-314 Notary bond fund; purpose; exemption
41-315 Bond
41-316 Fees
41-317 Delivering notary seal, notarial journal and records; failure to comply; storing records; certified copies
41-318 Wilful destruction of records; penalty
41-319 Journal
41-320 Competency of bank and corporation notaries
41-321 Obtaining a seal; violation; classification
41-322 Authentication of authority of officer for foreign notarizations
41-323 Change of address; lost journal or seal; civil penalty
41-324 Court reporters; notarial acts
41-325 Evidence of authenticity of a notarial act performed in this state
41-326 Apostille
41-327 Surname change; notification; continuation of commission
41-328 Prohibited conduct; incomplete documents; signatures of relatives
41-329 Notary public title; foreign language; violation; classification
41-330 Grounds for refusal, revocation or suspension of commission
41-331 Complaints; investigations
41-332 Notary education fund
Article 3 Electronic Notarization
41-351 Definitions
41-352 Applicability of article; electronic signature laws
41-353 Appointment; term; bond; duties
41-354 Notarized electronic documents; elements
41-355 Duties; electronic notarization in presence of electronic notary
41-357 Bond
41-358 Fees; rules
41-359 Delivering notarial journals and records; failure to comply; civil penalty; storing records; certified copies
41-360 Destruction of records; penalty
41-361 Journal; confidential records
41-362 Competency of corporation notaries
41-363 Authentication of authority of officer for foreign notarizations
41-364 Change of address; lost or stolen electronic journal or seal; civil penalty
41-365 Name change; new commission; failure to comply
41-366 Prohibited conduct; incomplete documents; signatures of relatives
41-367 Electronic notary public title; foreign language; violation; classification
41-368 Grounds for refusal, suspension or revocation of commission
41-369 Duties of secretary of state
41-370 Complaints; investigations; failure to respond
Article 1 General Provisions
41-401 Constitutional defense council; members; powers; revolving fund; definitions
Article 1 Arizona State Parks Board Heritage Fund (Rpld. 7/1/11)
41-501 Definitions
41-503 Expenditures from fund; purpose and amounts
41-504 Performance audit
Article 1.1 Arizona State Parks Board
41-511 Arizona state parks board; membership; appointment; terms
41-511.01 Compensation and organization of board
41-511.02 Director; qualifications; state historic preservation officer
41-511.03 Purposes; objectives
41-511.04 Duties; board; partnership fund; state historic preservation officer; definition
41-511.05 Powers; compensation
41-511.06 Eminent domain
41-511.07 Parks and monuments on state lands
41-511.08 Judicial review
41-511.09 Park ranger law enforcement officers; training
41-511.10 Rejection of gifts
41-511.11 Disposition of fees, charges and gifts; state parks fund; state parks enhancement fund
41-511.12 Annual report
41-511.13 Violations; classification
41-511.14 Transfer of authority
41-511.15 Arizona trail; fund; definition
41-511.16 Rock climbing state park; fees, gifts and donations; disposition
41-511.18 Spur Cross Ranch state park
41-511.19 Catalina state park
41-511.20 Authorized emergency use of water from Lake Patagonia by city of Nogales
41-511.21 State parks board publications and souvenir revolving fund; Tonto natural bridge park operation
41-511.22 Trail systems plan; deposit of monies; definition
41-511.23 Conservation acquisition board; land conservation fund; conservation donation and public conservation accounts; livestock and crop conservation fund
41-511.24 State parks board reservation surcharge revolving fund; purpose; reversion
Article 1.2 Arizona Outdoor Recreation Coordinating Commission
41-511.25 Arizona outdoor recreation coordinating commission; members; powers and duties
41-511.26 Authorization for participation in federal land and water conservation fund
Article 1.3 Establishment of Parkways and Historical and Scenic Roadways
41-512 Definitions
41-513 Cooperation with other agencies
41-514 Administration; advisory committee; composition; duties; designation of parkways and historic and scenic roads
41-515 Acquisition of land for parkways and  scenic and historic roads; acquisition of scenic easement
41-516 Exemption from standards for parkways and historic and scenic roads
41-517 Limitation
41-518 Rules and regulations
Article 2.1 Colorado River Boundary Markers Division
41-525.01 Division of Colorado river boundary markers
41-525.02 Colorado river boundary marker commissioner
41-525.03 Duties of commissioner
Article 3 Arizona Commission of African-American Affairs
41-531 Arizona commission of African-American affairs
41-532 Powers and duties; information; report
41-533 Arizona commission of African-American affairs fund
41-534 African-American legislative day
Article 4 Indian Affairs Commission
41-541 Commission of Indian affairs; members; term; compensation; officers; meetings; duties
41-542 Powers and duties; information; report; director; appointment; personnel; limitation; fees; directory
41-543 Indian affairs commission publications fund
41-544 Indian nations and tribes legislative day
41-545 Indian town hall fund
Article 5 Economic Estimates Commission
41-561 Economic estimates commission; members; vacancies; limitation
41-562 Powers and duties of the commission; definition
41-563; Version 2 Expenditure limitations; determination by the commission; definitions
41-563 Expenditure limitations; determination by the commission; definitions
41-563.01 Notification of vote by governing board
41-563.02 Elections for expenditures in excess of expenditure limitation
41-563.03 Proposals for permanent adjustment of expenditure limitation and alternative expenditure limitations; review by auditor general; form of ballot
41-563.04 Treatment of non‑lapsing appropriations
41-563.05 Alternative population estimate; border counties
Article 7 Department of Veterans' Services
41-601 Definitions
41-602 Arizona veterans' service advisory commission; terms; qualifications; compensation
41-603 Powers and duties
41-603.01 Veterans' home; department procurement exemptions
41-604 Director of veterans' services; compensation
41-605 Service of department as guardian or conservator
41-606 Action as executor, administrator, guardian or conservator; bond; method of payment
41-607 Violation; classification
41-608 Veterans' donations fund
41-608.01 State home for veterans trust fund; purpose
41-608.02 State veterans' cemetery fund
41-608.03 Southern Arizona veterans' cemetery trust fund; donations; purpose
41-608.04 Military family relief fund; advisory committee
41-608.05 Arizona gold star military medal
Article 7.1 Veterans' Education
41-611 Veterans' deferment of tuition payment, required books and materials; period; promissory note
Article 9 Drug and Gang Policy Council
41-617.01 Arizona drug and gang prevention resource center; report
Article 10 Constitutional Commemoration Committee
41-618 Constitutional commemoration committee; definition
Article 12 Board of Fingerprinting
41-619.51 Definitions
41-619.52 Board of fingerprinting; organization; meetings
41-619.53 Board of fingerprinting; powers and duties; personnel; liability
41-619.54 Confidentiality of criminal record information; exception; reporting
41-619.55 Good cause exceptions; expedited review; hearing; revocation
41-619.56 Board of fingerprinting fund
Article 1 Insurance; Uninsured Losses
41-621 Purchase of insurance; coverage; limitations; exclusions; definitions
41-621.01 Contractors or subcontractors; pooling of property, liability and workers' compensation coverage; exemptions; board of trustees; contract; termination; audit; insolvency
41-622 Risk management revolving fund; construction insurance fund; self‑insured losses and administrative costs; budget requests
41-622.01 Revolving fund for joint insurance purchase retention pools
41-622.02 Consumer loss recovery fund
41-623 Risk management and loss control
41-624 Definitions; commissions on sales of insurance to the state; violations; classification
41-625 Environmental risk management; purpose; administration
Article 1 General Provisions
41-701 Department of administration; director; appointment
41-701.01 Definitions
41-702 Deputy director; department organization; assistant directors; compensation of officers
41-703 Duties of director
41-704 Emergency telecommunication services; administration; revolving fund
41-705 Racing investigation fund; distributions; refund
41-706 State employee living donor leave; definitions
41-707 Working capital surplus report
Article 2 Automation and Telecommunications Functions
41-711 Establishment of automation operation center; fund; report
41-712 Telecommunications program office; state contractor; cost of operation; employees; report
41-713 Telecommunications fund; report
Article 3 Finance
41-722 Powers and duties relating to finance
41-723 Governor's office of strategic planning and budgeting; duties
41-724 Exemptions
41-725 Comprehensive database of receipts and expenditures of state monies; local reporting; definition
41-732 Duties relating to general accounting activities
41-733 Examination of witnesses
41-734 Preservation of accounts; copies; fees
41-735 Internal audit; authority to examine records; divulgence of restricted information; violation; classification; public records exception
41-736 Forest reserve monies
41-737 Forms for reports by county assessors and treasurers
41-738 Membership in national organizations; attending conventions
41-739 Drawing illegal warrant; classification
41-740 Nonperformance of duty; classification
Article 5 Personnel Administration
41-761 Personnel administration
41-762 Definitions
41-763 Powers and duties of the director relating to personnel
41-763.01 Annual report and recommendation
41-763.02 Special market adjustments; committee
41-763.04 Reduction in force procedures
41-764 Contribution of pro rata share for personnel division fund
41-766 Agreements for services and facilities
41-767 Coordination with department of economic security
41-769 Refusal of examination or certification
41-770 Causes for dismissal or discipline
41-771 Exemptions
41-772 Prohibitions; violation; classification; civil penalty; protection of civil or political liberties
41-773 Unlawful acts; violation; classification
41-774 Certification by division
41-775 Violation; classification
41-776 Gifts and donations for employee recognition
41-777 Information technology personnel; criminal history records; definitions
41-778 State employees; mentoring
Article 6 Personnel Board
41-781 Personnel board; members; appointment; term; meetings; compensation
41-782 Powers and duties of the personnel board
41-783 Personnel rules
41-784 Nonconformity with federal regulations granting federal funds
41-785 Appeals to the personnel board; notice of charges; hearings
41-786 Reimbursement of transportation and telecommuting costs; definition
Article 7 Management of State Properties
41-790 Definitions
41-790.01 Exemptions; exception
41-791 Powers and duties relating to public buildings maintenance; compensation of personnel
41-791.01 Powers and duties relating to facilities planning and construction; exemption
41-791.02 Powers and duties relating to acquiring property; lease purchase agreements; eminent domain
41-791.03 Management of certain properties
41-791.04 Lease purchase financing; eligible municipal convention center projects; eligible projects lease purchase fund
41-792 Lease cost review board; members; duties; square footage lease costs
41-792.01 Capital outlay stabilization fund; authorization for collection of rental; basis of payment; distribution of monies collected; transfer of payment; lease‑purchase building operating and maintenance fund; definition
41-793 Building systems; capital improvement plans
41-793.01 Formula for building renewal monies; legislative appropriations
41-793.02 Renovation or replacement of state buildings; building life extension study; definition
41-794 Employment of police personnel; capitol police reserve
41-795 Police officers; duties; capitol police administrative towing fund
41-796 Regulation of traffic and parking; monetary penalties; hearing; state traffic and parking control fund; definition
41-796.01 Adjusted work hours
41-803 Operation of state motor vehicle fleet; public service announcements; energy conservation; alternative and clean burning fuels; definitions
41-804 Motor vehicle pool revolving fund
41-805 Off duty peace officers; lease or rental of law enforcement equipment
41-806 Use of renewable energy; department of administration facilities; definitions
Article 1 Arizona Historical Society
41-821 Arizona historical society; powers; officers; duties of board of directors
41-822 Historical collections; annual report
41-823 Purposes of society; housing of society collection; financial provisions
41-824 Journal of Arizona history; fund
41-825 Permanent Arizona historical society preservation and restoration revolving fund
41-826 Permanent Arizona historical society revolving fund
41-827 Centennial museum; mining and mineral museum; donations
41-827.01 Centennial and mining and mineral museum advisory council; membership; duties; terms; compensation
Article 2 Prescott Historical Society of Arizona
41-831 Prescott historical society of Arizona; organization; officers; election by membership; property held in trust; expenditure of legislative appropriations
41-832 Meetings of society; nominations; bylaws of society; election of officers; meetings; rules and regulations; employment of director and other personnel
41-833 Powers and duties of society
41-834 Fees
Article 3 Historical Names
41-835 Perpetuation of historical names
41-835.01 Definitions
41-835.02 State board on geographic and historic names; membership; expenses; quorum; staff support; chairman
41-835.03 Powers and duties
41-835.04 Changes in or additions of geographic features or places of historical significance; submission of proposal; consideration; action; notice
41-835.05 Use of names chosen
41-835.06 Advertising or publishing a name without approval
41-836 Restriction on changing historical name
41-837 Hoover dam
41-837.01 Mogollon Rim
41-838 Violation; classification
Article 4 Archaeological Discoveries
41-841 Archaeological and vertebrate paleontological discoveries
41-842 Permits to explore
41-843 Prohibiting unnecessary defacing of site or object
41-844 Duty to report discoveries; disposition of discoveries; definitions
41-845 Unlawful reproduction of original archaeological specimen
41-846 Violation; classification
41-847 Archaeology advisory commission; members; terms; qualifications; meetings; compensation; purposes; annual report
Article 5 State Emblems
41-851 State colors; state flag
41-852 Display of state flag; death of incumbent elective state officer; display of United States flag and Constitution and the Bill of Rights
41-853 State fossil
41-854 State bird
41-855 State flower
41-856 State tree
41-857 State neckwear
41-858 State gemstone
41-859 State animals
41-860 State butterfly
Article 1 General Provisions
41-861 Agency responsibilities
41-862 Program
41-863 Records
41-864 Review of agency plans
41-865 Disturbing human remains or funerary objects; rules; violation; classification; definitions
41-866 Acquisition and preservation fund
Article 2 Historic Property Rehabilitation
41-881 Historic property rehabilitation program; administration; purposes; special projects; state contribution; standards; protective covenant; report
Article 1 General Provisions
41-885 Definitions
41-886 Arizona neighborhood preservation and investment commission; members; terms; violation; classification; liability
41-887 Powers and duties of commission; limitations
41-888 Annual report
41-889 Arizona neighborhood preservation and investment fund; source of monies
41-890 Neighborhood preservation and investment grants
41-891 Project application; prioritization
41-892 Administration
Article 1 General Provisions
41-901 Governor's authority
41-902 Fiscal controls on institutions
41-903 Officers and employees; employment and discharge
41-904 Inspection of institutions; repairs and improvements
41-905 Credit transfers for intra‑institutional sales
41-906 Return of alien and nonresident public charges
Article 2 Arizona Pioneers' Home
41-921 Establishing home; location
41-922 Superintendent of home for pioneers; appointment; compensation
41-923 Admission to home; qualifications required; payment of costs; neglect or refusal to reimburse state
41-924 Duties of superintendent; approval of claims; disposition of monies collected
41-925 Voluntary deposit of private funds by resident with superintendent
41-926 Arizona pioneers' home fund; collections; disbursements
41-927 Arizona pioneers' home cemetery; management; exemption
Article 3 Hospitals for Disabled Miners
41-941 Location; superintendent; claims
41-942 Qualifications for admission to hospital; definitions
Article 4 Arizona Rangers' Pensions
41-951 Qualification for pension; adjustment
41-952 Application
41-953 Certificate of eligibility
41-954 Pension roll warrants
41-955 Pension not subject to process
41-956 Surviving spouse's rights
Article 6 Arizona Commission on the Arts
41-981 Establishment of commission; members; terms
41-982 Powers and duties
41-983 Acceptance of gifts; special fund; official agency
41-983.01 Arizona arts trust fund
41-983.02 Arizona arts program
41-984 Annual report
41-986 Arizona arts endowment fund
Article 1 General Provisions
41-1001 Definitions
41-1001.01 Regulatory bill of rights
41-1002 Applicability and relation to other law
41-1003 Required rule making
41-1004 Waiver
41-1005 Exemptions
41-1006 Employees providing agency assistance; identification and publication
41-1007 Award of costs and fees against a department in administrative hearings; exceptions; definitions
41-1008 Fees; specific statutory authority
41-1009 Inspections; applicability
41-1010 Complaints; public record
Article 2 Publication of Agency Rules
41-1011 Publication and distribution of code and register; online databases
41-1012 Code; publication of rules; distribution
41-1013 Register
Article 3 Rule Making
41-1021 Public rule making docket; notice
41-1021.01 Permissive examples
41-1021.02 State agencies; annual regulatory agenda
41-1022 Notice of proposed rule making, amendment or repeal; contents of notice
41-1023 Public participation; written statements; oral proceedings
41-1024 Time and manner of rule making
41-1025 Variance between rule and published notice of proposed rule
41-1026 Emergency rule making, amendment or repeal
41-1026.01 Emergency adoption, amendment or termination of delegation agreements; definition
41-1027 Summary rule making
41-1028 Incorporation by reference
41-1029 Agency rule making record
41-1030 Invalidity of rules not made according to this chapter; prohibited agency action
41-1031 Filing rules and preamble with secretary of state; permanent record
41-1032 Effective date of rules
41-1033 Petition for a rule or review of a practice or policy
41-1034 Declaratory judgment
41-1035 Rules affecting small businesses; reduction of rule impact
41-1036 Preamble; justifications for rule making
41-1037 General permits; issuance of traditional permit
Article 4 Attorney General Review of Rule Making
41-1044 Attorney general review of certain exempt rules
Article 4.1 Administrative Rules Oversight Committee
41-1046 Administrative rules oversight committee; membership; appointment; staffing; meetings
41-1047 Committee review of rules; practices alleged to constitute rules; substantive policy statements
41-1048 Committee review of duplicative or onerous statutes, rules, practices alleged to constitute rules and substantive policy statements
Article 5 Governor's Regulatory Review Council
41-1051 Governor's regulatory review council; membership; terms; compensation; powers
41-1052 Council review and approval
41-1053 Council review of summary rules
41-1055 Economic, small business and consumer impact statement
41-1056 Review by agency
41-1056.01 Impact statements; appeals
41-1057 Exemptions
Article 6 Adjudicative Proceedings
41-1061 Contested cases; notice; hearing; records
41-1062 Hearings; evidence; official notice; power to require testimony and records; rehearing
41-1063 Decisions and orders
41-1064 Licenses; renewal; revocation; suspension; annulment; withdrawal
41-1065 Hearing on denial of license or permit
41-1066 Compulsory testimony; privilege against self‑incrimination
41-1067 Applicability of article
Article 7 Military Administrative Relief
41-1071 Military relief from administrative procedures; process
Article 7.1 Licensing Time Frames
41-1072 Definitions
41-1073 Time frames; exception
41-1074 Compliance with administrative completeness review time frame
41-1075 Compliance with substantive review time frame
41-1076 Compliance with overall time frame
41-1077 Consequence for agency failure to comply with overall time frame; refund; penalty
41-1078 Reporting; compliance with time frames
41-1079 Information required to be provided
Article 7.2 Licensing Eligibility
41-1080 Licensing eligibility; authorized presence; documentation; applicability; definitions
Article 8 Delegation of Functions, Powers or Duties
41-1081 Standards for delegation
41-1082 Existing delegation agreements
41-1083 No presumption of funding authority
41-1084 Prohibition on subdelegation
Article 9 Substantive Policy Statements
41-1091 Substantive policy statements; directory
Article 10 Uniform Administrative Hearing Procedures
41-1092 Definitions
41-1092.01 Office of administrative hearings; director; powers and duties; fund
41-1092.02 Appealable agency actions; application of procedural rules; exemption from article
41-1092.03 Notice of appealable agency action or contested case; hearing; informal settlement conference; applicability
41-1092.04 Service of documents
41-1092.05 Scheduling of hearings; prehearing conferences
41-1092.06 Appeals of agency actions; informal settlement conferences; applicability
41-1092.07 Hearings
41-1092.08 Final administrative decisions; review
41-1092.09 Rehearing or review
41-1092.10 Compulsory testimony; privilege against self‑incrimination
41-1092.11 Licenses; renewal; revocation; suspension; annulment; withdrawal
41-1092.12 Private right of action; recovery of costs and fees; definitions
Article 1 Meeting and Organization
41-1101 Time of assembly; organization; oaths
41-1102 Officers and employees; appointment
41-1103 Compensation; reimbursement of expenditures
41-1104 Travel reimbursement and subsistence for members of legislature; claim required
41-1105 Monies for promotion of state interests and public service; procedures; uses
41-1106 Records; debate and testimony; definition
41-1107 Legislative intent clauses
Article 3 Standing Committees
41-1131 Appointment
41-1132 Interim committee meetings; attendance at conferences; report
41-1133 Powers of committees at interim meetings
Article 4 Witnesses and Punishment of Contempts
41-1151 Issuance and service of legislative subpoena
41-1152 Immunity of witnesses
41-1153 Disobedience of subpoena as legislative contempt
41-1154 Disobedience of legislative subpoena or refusal to give testimony or produce papers; classification
41-1155 Offenses punishable by legislature; limitation on imprisonment
Article 5 Legislative Printing
41-1171 Legislative printing
Article 5.1 Legislative Services
41-1176.01 Sale of publications by legislature and legislative council
41-1177 Distribution of statutes and session laws to legislators
41-1177.01 Preparation of legislative journals; costs
41-1177.03 Distribution and sale of legislative journals and session laws
Article 5.2 Agency Reports
41-1178 Reports; audits; submission
Article 6 Approval or Veto of Legislative Acts
41-1181 Endorsement and approval of bills
41-1182 Effect of failure of governor to approve or veto bill within certain time; certification of bill as law
Article 7 Vacancies
41-1201 Definition of vacancy
41-1202 Vacancy in legislature; precinct committeemen; appointment; definition
Article 8 Penal Provisions
41-1221 Preventing meeting of or disturbing legislature; classification
41-1224 Altering or illegally removing enrolled copy of bill or resolution; classification; exception
41-1225 Forfeiture of office of legislator
Article 8.1 Registration and Regulation of Lobbyists
41-1231 Definitions
41-1232 Registration of principals; fee
41-1232.01 Registration by public bodies; fee
41-1232.02 Expenditure reporting; principals and lobbyists; gifts
41-1232.03 Expenditure reporting; public bodies and public lobbyists; gifts
41-1232.04 Registration; exceptions
41-1232.05 Lobbyist registration; handbook; requirement
41-1232.06 Exemption; unpaid volunteers
41-1232.07 Electronic filings
41-1232.08 Entertainment ban; state and political subdivisions; exceptions; definition
41-1233 Prohibited acts
41-1233.01 Disclosure
41-1234.01 Contributions prohibited during session; exceptions
41-1235 Spurious communications; classification
41-1236 Reports and statements under oath
41-1237 Violation; classification
41-1237.01 Compliance orders; injunctive relief; civil penalties
41-1238 Limitations
41-1239 Duties of secretary of state
Article 9 Joint Committee on Capital Review
41-1251 Joint committee on capital review; members; chairman; meetings
41-1252 Powers and duties; staffing
41-1253 Public and private gifts and grants
Article 10 Joint Legislative Budget Committee
41-1271 Joint legislative budget committee; members; chairman; meetings
41-1272 Powers and duties; finances
41-1273 Budget analyst; employees; duties
41-1274 Authority to accept and expend in the name of the legislature public and private gifts and grants
41-1275 Strategic program area reviews; procedures; definition
41-1276 Truth in taxation levy for equalization assistance to school districts
Article 10.1 Joint Legislative Audit Committee and Auditor General
41-1278 Definitions
41-1279 Joint legislative audit committee; composition; meetings; powers and duties
41-1279.01 Auditor general; qualifications; term; compensation
41-1279.02 Personnel; criminal history records
41-1279.03 Powers and duties
41-1279.04 Authority to examine records; violation; classification
41-1279.05 Confidential records of auditor general; exemptions; divulgence of restricted information; violation; classification
41-1279.06 Audit services revolving fund; use; exemption from lapsing
41-1279.07 Uniform expenditure reporting system; reports by counties, community college districts, cities and towns; certification and attestation; assistance by auditor general; violation; classification
Article 10.2 Post Audit of Counties, Community College Districts and School Districts
41-1279.21 Powers and duties of auditor general relating to counties, school districts and community colleges
41-1279.22 Duty of local officers to make county, community college district and school district records available; failure to comply; classification; prosecution
Article 11 Bribery
41-1281 Definitions
Article 12 Joint Legislative Committees
41-1291.01 Joint legislative committee on adoption promotion
41-1292 Joint legislative review committee on transportation between Sonora, Mexico and Arizona
Article 13 Joint Legislative Committee on Federal Mandates
41-1293 Joint legislative committee on federal mandates; members; powers and duties
Article 1 Legislative Council
41-1301 Legislative council; members; terms; meetings
41-1303 Minutes; reports
41-1304 Powers and duties
41-1304.01 Continuing code revision
41-1304.02 Preparing the statutes for publication; revisions
41-1304.03 Authority to blend sections amended or added more than once before publication
41-1304.04 Authority to accept and expend in the name of the legislature public and private gifts and grants
41-1304.05 State capitol building areas and other facilities; jurisdiction; maintenance
41-1304.06 Authorization for collection of rental; basis of payment; exception; definition
41-1305 Publications
Article 1.1 Advocate for Private Property Rights
41-1311 Definitions
41-1312 Advocate for private property rights
41-1313 Powers and duties
41-1314 Access to private property
Article 3 Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records
41-1330 Definitions
41-1331 Arizona state library, archives and public records
41-1332 Advisory board of the Arizona state library, archives and public records
41-1333 Director of the state library; qualifications
41-1334 Compensation of director
41-1335 Powers and duties of director
41-1336 State library administrative agency; state library fund
41-1337 Library development service
41-1338 Archives and history services; recovery of costs
41-1339 Depository of official archives
41-1340 Historical records
41-1343 Access to public records
41-1345 Records; records management; powers and duties of director; fees; records services fund
41-1345.01 Records management officer; duties
41-1346 State and local public records management; violation; classification; definition
41-1347 Preservation of public records
41-1348 Production and reproduction of records by agencies of the state and political subdivisions; admissibility; violation; classification
41-1349 Duties relating to historical value
41-1350 Definition of records
41-1351 Determination of value; disposition
41-1352 Historical advisory commission; membership; terms; expenses; duties; historic sites review committee
41-1353 Review and transfer of certain historic property; exemption; definition
41-1354 Privacy of user records; exceptions; violation; classification
41-1355 Arizona historical records advisory board
Article 4 Legislative Governmental Mall
41-1361 Governmental mall commission; members; terms; compensation; definition
41-1362 Powers and duties; governmental mall description; duty of city of Phoenix; general plan application
41-1363 Monuments and memorials within governmental mall; legislative authorization; approval; procedure
41-1364 Alteration or modification to monuments and memorials within governmental mall; procedures; approval
41-1365 State monument and memorial repair fund; purpose; report
Article 5 Office of Ombudsman-Citizens Aide
41-1371 Definitions
41-1372 Exemptions
41-1373 Ombudsman‑citizens aide selection committee
41-1374 Qualifications
41-1375 Ombudsman‑citizens aide; term; compensation
41-1376 Powers and duties
41-1376.01 Additional powers and duties; definitions
41-1377 Scope of investigations
41-1378 Complaint; investigation; investigative authority; violation; classification
41-1379 Procedures after an investigation
41-1380 Ombudsman‑citizens aide protections
41-1381 Ombudsman‑citizens aide political activity
41-1382 Ombudsman-citizens aide office
41-1383 Violation; classification
Article 1 Civil Rights Division and Civil Rights Advisory Board
41-1401 Civil rights division; advisory board; terms; vacancies; organization; quorum; compensation; definitions
41-1402 Powers and duties of the division
41-1403 Right to examine and copy evidence; summoning witnesses and documents and taking testimony; right to counsel; court aid; process; service and return; fees of witnesses
41-1404 Claims of no disability
41-1405 Reasonable accommodation or reasonable modification not required under certain conditions
Article 2 Voting Rights
41-1421 Voting rights; definitions
Article 3 Public Accommodations
41-1441 Definitions
41-1442 Discrimination in places of public accommodation; exceptions
41-1443 Breast-feeding; public place; public accommodation
Article 4 Discrimination in Employment
41-1461 Definitions
41-1462 Exemption; nonresident aliens, religious institutions
41-1463 Discrimination; unlawful practices; definition
41-1464 Other unlawful employment practices; opposition to unlawful practices; filing of charges; participation in proceedings; notices and advertisements for employment
41-1465 Age discrimination; affected individuals
41-1466 Medical examinations and inquiries; exception
41-1467 Essential job functions
41-1468 Interpretation of disability and substantially limits; definitions
Article 5 Enforcement Procedures for Discrimination in Voting Rights or Public Accommodations
41-1471 Charge by person aggrieved; investigation; conciliation agreement; civil action; temporary relief
41-1472 Damages; preventive relief; civil penalties; attorney fees
Article 6 Enforcement Procedures for Discrimination in Employment
41-1481 Filing charges; investigation; findings; conciliation; compliance proceedings; appeals; attorney fees; violation; classification
41-1482 Recordkeeping; preservation of records; reports to division; furnishing information to other governmental agencies; information confidential; classification
41-1483 Notices to be posted; violation; classification
41-1484 Rules and regulations; good faith compliance as defense in agency and court proceedings
Article 7 Fair Housing
41-1491 Definitions
41-1491.01 Discrimination due to familial status
41-1491.02 Exempt sales and rentals
41-1491.03 Religious organization and private club exemption
41-1491.04 Housing for older persons exempted; rules; liability; definition
41-1491.05 Appraisal exemption
41-1491.06 Effect on other law
41-1491.07 Administration by attorney general
41-1491.08 Rules
41-1491.09 Complaints
41-1491.10 Reports; studies
41-1491.11 Cooperation with other entities
41-1491.12 Subpoenas; discovery
41-1491.13 Referral to city or town
41-1491.14 Discrimination in sale or rental
41-1491.15 Publication of sales or rentals
41-1491.16 Inspection of dwelling
41-1491.17 Entry into neighborhood
41-1491.18 Prohibition of intimidation
41-1491.19 Discrimination due to disability; definitions
41-1491.20 Residential real estate related transaction; definition
41-1491.21 Brokerage services
41-1491.22 Complaints
41-1491.23 Answer to complaint
41-1491.24 Investigation
41-1491.25 Additional or substitute respondent
41-1491.26 Conciliation
41-1491.27 Temporary or preliminary relief
41-1491.28 Investigative reports
41-1491.29 Reasonable cause determination
41-1491.30 Dismissal of complaint
41-1491.31 Civil action
41-1491.32 Court appointed attorney
41-1491.33 Relief granted
41-1491.34 Civil action by attorney general
41-1491.35 Pattern or practice cases
41-1491.36 Prevailing party; fees and costs
41-1491.37 Superior court enforcement; local fair housing
Article 8 Public Accommodation and Services
41-1492 Definitions
41-1492.01 Prohibition of discrimination by public entities
41-1492.02 Prohibition of discrimination by public accommodations and commercial facilities
41-1492.03 Incorporation of standards in building codes
41-1492.04 New construction and alterations in public accommodations and commercial facilities
41-1492.05 Prohibition of discrimination in specified public transportation services provided by private entities
41-1492.06 Rules
41-1492.07 Exemptions for private clubs and religious organizations
41-1492.08 Enforcement
41-1492.09 Enforcement by the attorney general
41-1492.10 Prohibition against retaliation and coercion
41-1492.11 Examination and courses
41-1492.12 Interpretation of disability and substantially limits; definitions
Article 9 Free Exercise of Religion
41-1493 Definitions
41-1493.01 Free exercise of religion protected
41-1493.02 Applicability
41-1493.03 Free exercise of religion; land use regulation
Article 1 General Provisions
41-1501 Definitions
41-1502 Department of commerce; director; deputy director; assistant directors; divisions
41-1503 Department employees
41-1504 Department powers and duties
41-1504.01 Export promotion services; fees
41-1504.02 Export promotion fund
41-1505.01 Additional powers and duties relating to export development
41-1505.02 Main street program; coordinator; powers and duties
41-1505.03 Rural economic development program; coordinator; powers and duties
41-1505.04 Cooperative advertising program; coordinator; eligibility; powers and duties
41-1505.05 Commerce and economic development commission
41-1505.06 Powers and duties; services; quarterly report; liability; public record
41-1505.07 Eligibility for economic development assistance; definitions
41-1505.08 Central state permitting
41-1505.09 Arizona twenty-first century competitive initiative fund; purpose; administration
41-1505.10 Commerce and economic development commission fund; uses; definition
41-1505.12 Commerce and economic development commission local communities fund
41-1506 Cooperation of state agencies
41-1507 Tax credit for increased research activity; qualification for refund
41-1508 Defense contractor restructuring assistance; definitions
41-1509 Oil overcharge fund; source of monies; uses; approval; energy project loans; conditions
41-1510 Solar energy advisory council; members; vacancies; appointment; compensation; meetings; duties; definition
41-1510.01 Solar energy tax incentives; qualification
41-1511 Renewable energy tax incentives; qualification; definitions
41-1513 Development of economic strength project
41-1514 Advisory committee on recycled materials markets
41-1514.01 Recycled materials market development program
41-1514.02 Environmental technology assistance; definitions
41-1515 Hydrogen grant program; fund; program termination
41-1515.01 Arizona biofuels conversion program; fund; program termination; definitions
41-1516 Healthy forest enterprise incentives; definitions
41-1517 Motion picture production tax incentives; duties; definitions
41-1517.01 Motion picture infrastructure tax incentives; definitions
41-1518 Capital investment incentives; evaluation; certification; definitions
41-1518.01 Technology training assistance; program termination
41-1519; Version 2 Small community planning assistance program
41-1519 Small community planning assistance program
Article 2 Enterprise Zones
41-1521 Definitions
41-1522 Enterprise zone commissions
41-1523 Qualifying criteria for enterprise zones
41-1524 Application for designation of an enterprise zone; term; renewal
41-1525 Tax incentives; definitions
41-1525.01 Certification of small manufacturing or small commercial printing businesses; definitions
41-1526 Duties of department
41-1527 Annual reports; department of commerce; department of revenue
41-1528 Enterprise zones in cities and towns
Article 3 Military Reuse Zones
41-1531 Designating military reuse zone; term; renewal
41-1532 Tax incentives; conditions
41-1533 Duties of department of commerce
Article 4 Arizona Job Training Programs
41-1541 Arizona job training program
41-1542 Governor's council on workforce policy; duties
41-1543 Application criteria
41-1544 Arizona job training fund; definitions
Article 6 Small Business Enterprise and Research
41-1552 Definitions
41-1552.01 SBIR and STTR awards; application for research funding; criteria
41-1552.02 Commission findings; award of research and development grant; limitations; amount of funding
41-1552.03 Requirements for disbursement of monies
41-1552.04 Office of small business innovative research; duties; small business‑university technology councils; information to small businesses
41-1552.05 Report on program; contents
Article 8 Greater Arizona Development Authority
41-1554 Definitions
41-1554.01 Greater Arizona development authority; board; staff; conflict of interest prohibited; violation; classification
41-1554.02 Powers and duties of authority
41-1554.03 Greater Arizona development authority revolving fund
41-1554.04 Project application and prioritization
41-1554.05 Technical assistance; repayment agreements
41-1554.06 Financial assistance
41-1554.07 Greater Arizona development authority bonds
41-1554.08 Bond obligations of the authority
41-1554.09 Agreement of state
41-1554.10 Certifications of bonds by attorney general
41-1554.11 Bonds as legal investments
41-1554.12 Annual audit and reporting
Article 1 General Provisions
41-1561 Definition of commission
41-1562 Arizona aerospace and defense commission; definition
41-1563 Duties
41-1564 Aerospace and defense strategic plan; requirements; report
Article 1 Organization of State Department of Corrections
41-1601 Definitions
41-1602 State department of corrections; purpose
41-1603 Director; appointment; qualifications; compensation
41-1604 Duties and powers of director
41-1604.01 Authorization for care
41-1604.02 Inmate stores; establishment; privatization; prices; goods; inmate store proceeds fund
41-1604.03 Special services fund; uses; report
41-1604.04 Investment of special service fund monies; approval; deposit of proceeds
41-1604.05 Investment of offenders' funds; deposit of proceeds; commingling permitted
41-1604.06 Earned release credit eligibility certification; classifications; appeal
41-1604.07 Earned release credits; forfeiture; restoration
41-1604.08 Global position system monitoring: daily fee; deposit
41-1604.09 Parole eligibility certification; classifications; appeal; recertification; applicability; definition
41-1604.10 Earned release credits; forfeiture; restoration; applicability
41-1604.11 Order for removal; purposes; duration; work furlough; notice; failure to return; classification; applicability; definition
41-1604.12 Community correctional centers; powers and duties; allocation of compensation; absence without leave; classification; notice; hearing; location; applicability
41-1604.13 Home arrest; eligibility; victim notification; conditions; applicability; definition
41-1604.14 Release of prisoners with detainers; eligibility; revocation of release
41-1604.15 Probation or other release noneligibility; violent crime; under the influence of marijuana, a dangerous drug or a narcotic drug
41-1604.16 Parole or community supervision eligibility for persons previously convicted of possession or use of marijuana, a dangerous drug or a narcotic drug
41-1604.17 Arizona parents commission on drug education and prevention
41-1605 Power to accept and expend gifts
41-1606 Access to prisoner medical history information
41-1607 Correctional facilities for minors; programs
41-1608 Inmate medical services; rate structure
41-1609 Agreements with federal or private agencies and institutions; contract review; emergency contracts
41-1609.01 Adult incarceration contracts; criteria
41-1609.02 Establishment of private prison facilities; notice; hearing
41-1609.03 Adult incarceration private contractors; liability for services
41-1609.04 Reimbursing county for expense of prosecution; private prison
41-1609.05 Community accountability pilot program; fund; program termination; definition
41-1609.06 Teaching offenders to live program
41-1610 Hazardous duty designation
41-1610.01 Authorization to maintain and retake custody of New Mexico prisoners
Article 2 Divisions of the Department
41-1611 Number of divisions or units
41-1613 Community correctional centers; powers and duties; allocation of compensation; absence without leave; classification; notice; hearing; location
Article 3 Arizona Correctional Industries
41-1621 Definitions
41-1622 Arizona correctional industries; establishment; purpose
41-1623 Powers and duties of director
41-1624 Arizona correctional industries revolving fund; definitions
41-1624.01 Contracts; services to state agencies and others; lease of real property
41-1627 Fixing prices
41-1628 Catalogues of articles and products; distribution; estimates of needs by departments
41-1629 Order of distribution of articles, services and products; sale of surplus products
41-1630 Violation; classification
Article 4 Corrections Fund
41-1641 Corrections fund; uses; prior approval; exemption from lapsing
Article 5 Prison Construction and Operations Fund
41-1651 Prison construction and operations fund
Article 6 Correctional Officer Training
41-1661 Definitions
41-1662 General training powers and duties of the director; fund
41-1664 Tuition and fees; reimbursement
Article 7 Private Employers on Grounds of Correctional Facilities
41-1671 Agreements with private employers; leases
41-1672 Voluntary employment
41-1673 Application of other laws
41-1674 Compensation of employed prisoners; payment and disposition
Article 8 Private Prisons
41-1681 Definition
41-1682 Private prisons; prohibitions; liability for services; financial responsibility
41-1683 Private prison; prisoner identification; notice
41-1684 Release of prisoner; return to state of origin
Article 1 Definitions
41-1701 Definitions
Article 2 Department of Public Safety
41-1711 Department of public safety; purpose; location; qualifications of director; responsibilities
41-1712 Organization of department; divisions
41-1713 Powers and duties of director; authentication of records
41-1713.01 Deputy director; powers and duties; compensation
41-1714 Merit system for department employees
41-1715 Department of public safety reserve
41-1716 Powers of reserve
41-1717 Reserve; badge of authority
41-1718 Eligibility for workers' compensation benefits
41-1719 Sex offender community notification coordinator; duties
41-1720 Parity compensation fund; exemption
41-1721 Families of fallen police officers special plate fund
41-1722 State photo enforcement system; fund
41-1723 Public safety equipment fund; distribution
41-1724 Gang and immigration intelligence team enforcement mission fund
Article 3 Division of Arizona Highway Patrol
41-1741 Arizona highway patrol; employees; authority; compensation
41-1742 Powers of the division
41-1743 Duties of highway patrol
41-1743.01 Use in emergencies when ordered by governor; assistance to cities and counties
41-1749 Communications section; duties
41-1750 Central state repository; department of public safety; duties; funds; accounts; definitions
41-1750.01 National crime prevention and privacy compact
41-1751 Reporting court dispositions to department of public safety
41-1752 Arizona highway patrol fund
41-1753 Limitation on number of highway patrol officers
41-1754 Impersonation of highway patrol or department of public safety officer; classification
41-1755 Protection for governor
41-1756 Unauthorized access to criminal history; classification; definitions
Article 3.1 Fingerprinting Division
41-1758 Definitions
41-1758.01 Fingerprinting division; duties
41-1758.02 Fingerprint checks; registration
41-1758.03 Fingerprint clearance cards; issuance; immunity
41-1758.04 Denial, suspension or revocation of fingerprint clearance card
41-1758.05 Violation; classification
41-1758.06 Fingerprint clearance card fund; exemption from lapsing
41-1758.07 Level I fingerprint clearance cards; definitions
Article 4 Division of Narcotics Enforcement and Criminal Intelligence
41-1761 Division of narcotics enforcement and criminal intelligence; agents; qualifications
Article 5 Scientific Criminal Analysis Section
41-1771 Crime laboratory; branch crime detection laboratories; equipment and operation
41-1772 Crime laboratory operations fund
Article 6 Training and Education Division
41-1781 Training and education
Article 7 Division of Liquor Control
41-1794 Additional responsibilities of director; alcohol‑related offenses; annual report
Article 7.1 Critical Infrastructure Information System
41-1801 Definitions
41-1802 Department of public safety; critical infrastructure information program
41-1803 Statewide critical infrastructure information system; disclosure; definition
41-1804 Guidelines committee; duties
41-1805 Violation; classification
Article 8 Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training Board
41-1821 Arizona peace officer standards and training board; membership; appointment; term; vacancies; meetings; compensation; acceptance of grants
41-1822 Powers and duties of board; definition
41-1823 Adoption of minimum qualifications; certification required
41-1824 Training expenditures
41-1825 Peace officers' training fund
41-1826 Arizona law enforcement training academy; former property; title transfer
41-1827 Application for grants
41-1828 Allocation of monies
41-1828.01 Required law enforcement agency reporting
Article 8.1 Peace Officers Memorial
41-1829 Arizona peace officers memorial board
41-1829.01 Arizona peace officers memorial board; duties
41-1829.02 Arizona peace officers memorial fund
Article 9 Arizona Prosecuting Attorneys' Advisory Council
41-1830 Council; membership; staff
41-1830.01 Powers and duties
41-1830.02 Expenditure of funds for training prosecuting attorneys
41-1830.03 Prosecuting attorneys' advisory council training fund
41-1830.05 Costs
Article 10 Law Enforcement Merit System Council
41-1830.11 Law enforcement merit system council; composition
41-1830.12 Law enforcement merit system council; duties; authority; rules; business manager; definition
41-1830.13 Appeal; reinstatement
41-1830.14 Status of persons employed before merit system institution
41-1830.15 Causes for dismissal or discipline; definitions
Article 11 Private Prison Escapee Fund
41-1830.31 Private prison escapee fund; monies; uses; lapsing; definitions
Article 1 General Provisions
41-1831 Definitions
41-1832 Exemption from regulation
41-1833 Powers and duties of the director
41-1834 Authority for operation of air and other ambulance service; contract for aircraft service; precluded uses
41-1835 Implementation and coordination of an emergency medical services communication system
41-1837 Financial responsibility for emergency medical services rendered to indigents
Article 2 Ambulances and Ambulance Personnel
41-1841 Standards for ambulances
41-1842 Violation; classification
41-1843 Construction of article; authority of corporation commission
41-1848 First responder course
Article 3 Fire Fighters and Emergency Paramedics Memorial
41-1861 Arizona fire fighters and emergency paramedics memorial board
41-1862 Arizona fire fighters and emergency paramedics memorial board; duties
41-1863 Arizona fire fighters and emergency paramedics memorial fund
Article 1 General Provisions
41-1901 Establishment of commission
41-1902 Membership; terms; vacancies; compensation
41-1903 Function
41-1904 Recommendations
Article 1 General Provisions
41-1951 Definitions
41-1952 Department of economic security; director; search committee; appointment; compensation
41-1953 Department organization; deputy director; assistant directors
41-1954 Powers and duties
41-1955 Duty of department concerning employment stabilization, ex‑offender rehabilitation, income maintenance and manpower development; research studies
41-1956 State comprehensive plan
41-1957 State‑federal cooperation
41-1958 Acquisition of lands and buildings; lease‑purchase agreements; lease or sublease of lands or buildings
41-1959 Confidential information; permissible disclosure; rules; violation; classification
41-1960 Annual report
41-1960.01 Enforcement of child support; report
41-1961 District offices; location; representatives
41-1962 Conflict with federal law
41-1963 Prosecution authority
41-1964 Day care homes; child care personnel; fingerprints; definition
41-1965 Eligibility of lottery prize winner to receive assistance; determination
41-1966 Department of economic security; audit team; duties
41-1966.01 Summer youth program; allocation
41-1966.02 Project intervention program
41-1967 Child care resource and referral system; immunity
41-1967.01 Child care home provider; registration; fingerprints; definition
41-1968 DES employees; fingerprint requirement; definition
41-1969 Information technology personnel; criminal history records
Article 1.1 Arizona Industries for the Blind
41-1971 Arizona industries for the blind; establishment of program
41-1972 Activities of Arizona industries for the blind
41-1973 Compensation of workers; proportion of workers required to be legally blind; workers as state employees; definition
41-1974 Arizona industries for the blind; labor; medical certification requirements
41-1975 Industries for the blind fund; disbursements; subsidies; investment
41-1976 Prohibition upon disposal of goods labeled or sold as products of the blind without permit; violation; classification
Article 2 Advisory Council
41-1981 Economic security council; special purpose councils
Article 3 Hearings and Appeals
41-1991 Appeals; procedures
41-1992 Hearing officers; powers and duties
41-1993 Judicial review
41-1994 Appeal from superior court
41-1995 Service of documents by electronic means
Article 4 Resource Development
41-2011 Definitions
41-2012 Resource development
Article 1 General Provisions
41-2051 Definitions
41-2052 Political subdivisions; taxis, livery vehicles and limousines
Article 2 State Administration of Weights and Measures
41-2061 Administration of chapter; director; appointment; compensation; search committee; advisory committee
41-2062 Standard weights and measures
41-2063 Physical standards
41-2064 Technical requirements for commercial devices
41-2065 Powers and duties; definition
41-2066 Enforcement powers of the director and inspectors
41-2067 Operation of state metrology laboratory
41-2068 Fees to general fund
41-2069 Disposition of seized property
Article 3 Method of Sale of Commodities and Services
41-2081 Sale of commodities
41-2082 Sale, delivery or consignment of motor fuel; temperature presumption
41-2083 Standards for motor fuel; exceptions
41-2083.01 Area C; standards for motor fuel; exceptions
41-2084 Heating of motor fuel prohibited
41-2085 Dispensing motor fuel; hold‑open latches; definition
41-2086 Aversive or bittering agent in engine coolant and antifreeze; liability limitation; exceptions; violation; classification
Article 4 Licensing, Testing and Certification
41-2091 Licensing devices used for commercial purposes; authorization to test devices used for all other purposes; fees; certification; transaction privilege tax license records; notification; issuance and revocation of license
41-2092 Licensing fees
41-2093 License as public weighmaster or deputy weighmaster required; application; fee; renewal; exemptions
41-2094 License required as registered service agency or registered service representative; qualifications; application; fees; renewal
41-2095 Meters; duplicate receipts
41-2096 Signage
Article 5 Regulation
41-2111 Unlawful use of device; authorization to prevent such use; seizure; violation; classification
41-2112 Revocation or suspension of licenses; procedure; judicial review
41-2113 Violation; classification; jurisdiction
41-2114 Presumptive evidence of use
41-2115 Civil penalties
41-2116 Delinquent civil penalties and fees
Article 6 Motor Fuel
41-2121 Definitions
41-2122 Standards for oxygenated fuel; volatility; exceptions
41-2123 Area A; sale of gasoline; oxygen content
41-2124; Version 2 Area A; fuel reformulation; rules
41-2124; Version 3 Area A; fuel reformulation; rules
41-2124; Version 4 Area A; fuel reformulation; rules
41-2124 Area A; fuel reformulation; rules
41-2124.01; Version 2 Area C; fuel reformulation; rules
41-2124.01 Area C; fuel reformulation; rules
41-2125 Area B; sale of gasoline; oxygen content
41-2126 Use of gasoline purchased outside of area A or area B
41-2127 Exemption
41-2128 Inspections
Article 7 Gasoline Vapor Control
41-2131 Definitions
41-2132 Stage I and stage II vapor recovery systems
41-2133 Compliance schedules
41-2134 Stage II rule effectiveness; enhanced enforcement
Article 1 General Provisions
41-2141 Department of fire, building and life safety; establishment; purposes; components
41-2142 Definitions
41-2143 Board of manufactured housing; members; meetings
41-2144 Powers and duties of board
41-2146 State fire safety committee; members; terms; powers and duties; compensation
41-2147 Director; qualifications; appointment; salary; powers and duties
41-2148 State wildland-urban fire safety committee; definition
Article 2 Office of Manufactured Housing
41-2151 Office of manufactured housing; purpose
41-2152 Definitions
41-2153 Powers and duties of the deputy director; work by unlicensed person; inspection agreement; permit
41-2154 Submission of construction, reconstruction or alteration plans by manufacturers; approval; revocation
41-2155 Preemption of local building codes; responsibility for maintenance of utility connections
41-2156 Notification and correction of defects by manufacturer; notice to purchaser
41-2157 Costs of complying with standards; reimbursement from relocation fund; definition
Article 3 Office of State Fire Marshal
41-2161 Office of state fire marshal; purpose; qualifications
41-2162 Deputy fire marshals and assistants; appointment; duties; recovery of costs
41-2163 Powers and duties; arson investigators
41-2164 Inspection; consent; search warrant
41-2165 School protection; definition
41-2166 Construction of article; hazardous materials; electronic filing
41-2167 Arson detection reward fund; administration; purpose; receipts and disbursements
41-2168 Fire protection systems; definitions
41-2169 Substitute refrigerants; approval by administrator
41-2169.01 Safety standards in fire training
Article 3.1 Reduced Cigarette Ignition Propensity
41-2170 Definitions
41-2170.01 S
41-2170.02 Certification; product change; fee
41-2170.03 Markings; requirements; fire marshal approval
41-2170.04 Civil penalties; seizure
41-2170.05 Implementation; rule making; inspection of cigarettes; definitions
41-2170.06 Inspection
41-2170.07 Sale outside of state
41-2170.08 State preemption
Article 4 Office of Administration
41-2171 Office of administration; purpose
41-2172 Definitions
41-2173 General powers and duties
41-2174 Budget; disposition of revenues; report
41-2175 Qualifications and requirements for license
41-2176 Issuance of a license
41-2177 Renewal of licenses; license status
41-2178 Exemptions
41-2179 Bonds and cash deposits; requirements; fund
41-2180 Trust and escrow requirements; rules; exemptions
41-2181 Complaints; citation; failure to respond; hearing
41-2182 Cosmetic complaints; process; walk‑through; definition
41-2182.01 Purchaser designation; cosmetic complaint date
41-2182.02 Drywall cracks; repair process; supplied paint
41-2182.03 Walk‑through and complaint process
41-2182.04 Repairs; complaints
41-2183 Hearing; representation
41-2184 Rehearing
41-2186 Grounds for disciplinary action
41-2187 Reports by dealers or brokers to department of revenue and county assessor
41-2188 Consumer recovery fund
41-2189 Funding and assessments
41-2190 Recovery from fund; claim against licensee; subrogation; appeal; statute of limitations
41-2191 False statement; classification
41-2192 Waiver of rights
41-2193 Enforcement powers of deputy director and office personnel; civil and administrative penalties
41-2194 Unlawful acts
41-2195 Violation; classification; penalty
41-2196 State fire marshal cease and desist order; enforcement procedures; violation; civil penalty
Article 5 Administrative Hearings
41-2198 Administrative adjudication of complaints
41-2198.01 Hearing; rights and procedures
41-2198.02 Orders; penalties; disposition
41-2198.03 Scope of hearing
41-2198.04 Rehearing; appeal
41-2198.05 Condominium and planned community hearing office fund
Article 1 Arizona Criminal Justice Information System
41-2201 Definitions
41-2204 System manager; powers and duties
41-2205 Central state repository
41-2206 Disciplinary action; system participants
Article 1 General Provisions
41-2301 Office of tourism
41-2302 Director; compensation; duties; appointment
41-2303 Assistant director of tourism
41-2304 Advisory council; representation; duties
41-2305 Powers and duties
41-2306 Tourism fund
41-2307 Tourism workshop fund; use; exemption
Article 1 General Provisions
41-2401 Criminal justice enhancement fund
41-2402 Drug and gang enforcement account; resource center fund
41-2404 Arizona criminal justice commission; members; compensation; terms; meetings
41-2405 Arizona criminal justice commission; powers and duties; staff
41-2406 Sexual assault records; reports
41-2407 Victim compensation and assistance fund; subrogation
41-2409 State aid; administration
41-2411 Arizona automated fingerprint identification system; development and implementation
41-2412 Arizona automated fingerprint identification system advisory board; duties
41-2413 Arizona automated fingerprint identification system manager; powers and duties; master plan; annual report
41-2414 Arizona automated fingerprint identification system fund
41-2415 Crime laboratory assessment fund; definition
41-2416 Chemical abuse and related gang activity survey
41-2417 State aid to detention fund; definition
41-2418 Arizona deoxyribonucleic acid identification system
41-2419 Arizona deoxyribonucleic acid identification system fund
41-2420 County jail juvenile improvement fund
41-2421 Enhanced collections; allocation of monies; criminal justice entities
41-2451 Definitions
41-2452 Governor's council on developmental disabilities; members; appointment; qualifications; terms
41-2453 Officers; committees; reporting responsibility; staff
41-2454 Duties of council
Article 1 General Provisions
41-2501 Applicability
41-2502 Determinations
41-2503 Definitions
41-2504 Supplementary general principles of law applicable
Article 2 Procurement Organization
41-2511 Authority of the director
41-2512 Delegation of authority by the director
41-2513 Authority to contract for certain services
41-2514 State procurement rules
41-2515 Collection of data concerning public procurement
41-2516 Procurement advisory groups
Article 3 Source Selection and Contract Formation
41-2531 Definitions
41-2532 Methods of source selection
41-2533 Competitive sealed bidding
41-2534 Competitive sealed proposals
41-2535 Procurements not exceeding a prescribed amount; small businesses; simplified construction procurement program
41-2536 Sole source procurement
41-2537 Emergency procurements
41-2538 Competitive selection procedures for certain professional services
41-2539 Cancellation of invitation for bids or requests for proposals
41-2540 Responsibility of bidders and offerors
41-2541 Prequalification of contractors
41-2542 Bid and contract security
41-2543 Cost or pricing data
41-2544 Types of contracts
41-2545 Approval of accounting system
41-2546 Multiterm contracts
41-2547 Right to inspect plant
41-2548 Right to audit records
41-2549 Reporting of anticompetitive practices
41-2550 Retention of procurement records
41-2551 Record of procurement actions
41-2552 Change order
41-2553 Procurement of information systems and telecommunications systems; definitions
41-2554 Procurement of earth moving, material handling, road maintenance and construction equipment; definitions
41-2555 Request for information
41-2556 Demonstration projects
41-2557 Unsolicited proposals
41-2558 General services administration contracts
41-2559 Public-private partnership contracts
Article 4 Specifications
41-2561 Definition
41-2562 Duties of the director
41-2563 Exempted services
41-2564 Relationship with using agencies
41-2565 Maximum practicable competition
41-2566 Specifications prepared by architects and engineers
41-2567 Specifications for energy consumptive material
41-2568 Specifications for recycled materials
Article 5 Procurement of Construction and Specified Professional Services
41-2571 Definitions
41-2572 Construction by state employees; construction by inmates of public institution
41-2573 Bid security
41-2574 Contract performance and payment bonds
41-2576 Contract payment retention; partial payment
41-2577 Progress payments
41-2578 Procurement of specified professional and construction services; definition
41-2579 Procurement of multiple contacts for certain job‑order‑contracting construction services and certain professional services; definition
41-2580 Requirements applicable to construction services and professional services and to contracts for construction services and professional services; definition
41-2581 Procurement of certain professional services
41-2582 Project delivery methods for design and construction services
41-2583 Construction contracts; void provisions
Article 6 Contract Clauses
41-2585 Contract clauses
41-2586 Indemnity agreements in construction and architect‑engineer contracts void; definitions
Article 7 Cost Principles
41-2591 Cost principles rules
Article 8 Materials Management
41-2601 Definitions
41-2602 Material management rules
41-2603 Surplus material program
41-2604 Authority for transfer of material
41-2605 Fees and charges
41-2606 Surplus materials revolving funds
41-2607 Allocation of proceeds from sales, transfers or disposal of surplus materials
Article 9 Legal and Contractual Remedies
41-2611 Rules of procedure
41-2612 Subject of rules
41-2613 Debarment and suspension of contractors
41-2614 Judicial review
41-2615; Version 2 Exclusive remedy
41-2615 Exclusive remedy
41-2616 Violation; classification; liability; civil penalty; enforcement authority
41-2617 Contracts for procurement of construction; delay; recovery of damages by contractor
Article 10 Intergovernmental Procurement
41-2631 Definitions
41-2632 Cooperative purchasing authorized; definitions
41-2633 Use of payments received by a supplying public procurement unit
41-2634 Public procurement units in compliance with chapter requirements
41-2635 Contract controversies
41-2636 Procurement from Arizona industries for the blind, certified nonprofit agencies that serve individuals with disabilities and Arizona correctional industries; definitions
41-2637 Compliance with federal requirements
Article 12 State Agency Recycling Materials Procurement Program
41-2661 State agency office paper recycling
41-2662 State agency purchase of recycled materials
Article 13 On-Line Bidding
41-2671 Definitions
41-2672 On‑line bidding
41-2673 State electronic commerce fund
Article 1 General Provisions
41-2701 Definitions
41-2702 Solicitation and award of grant applications
41-2703 Waiver of solicitation and award procedures
41-2704 Remedies
41-2705 Violation; classification; liability; enforcement authority
41-2706 Applicability of chapter
Article 1 General Provisions
41-2751 Definitions
41-2752 State competition with private enterprise prohibited; exceptions
41-2753 Competition with private enterprise by community colleges and universities; limitations; rules; complaints
41-2754 Commission on privatization, efficiency and competition; members; terms; compensation; duties; staff; judicial review
Article 2 Competitive Government Program
41-2771 Definitions
41-2772 Arizona state competitive government program
41-2773 Powers and duties of the office of management and budget relating to competitive government
Article 1 Organization of Department of Juvenile Corrections
41-2801 Definitions
41-2802 Department of juvenile corrections
41-2803 Director; appointment; qualifications; compensation
41-2804 Duties and powers of director
41-2804.01 Religious services advisory committee; appointment; duties; religious programs
41-2805 Health care
41-2806 Committed youth canteen; establishment; prices; goods; insurance
41-2807 Medical services; rate structure
41-2809 Investment of committed youths' monies; deposit of proceeds; commingling permitted
41-2810 Power to accept and expend gifts; department of juvenile corrections fund
41-2811 Number of divisions or units
41-2812 Collection of maintenance for committed youth
41-2813 Agreements with federal or private agencies and institutions; contract review
41-2814 Fingerprinting personnel; exception; violation; classification; definition
41-2815 Individual treatment plan; diagnostic assessment; placement
41-2816 Secure care facilities; rehabilitative services; length of stay guidelines
41-2817 Community based care
41-2818 Conditional liberty; notification
41-2819 Revocation of conditional liberty; suspension
41-2820 Discharge
41-2821 Treatment of mentally ill and developmentally disabled youth
41-2822 Committed youth work program
41-2822.01 Education requirement for committed youth
41-2823 Escape of youth committed to department; aiding in escape; violation; classification
41-2824 Training institute; training institute fund
41-2825 Community work program
41-2826 Department of juvenile corrections restitution fund; report
41-2827 Products produced by committed youths; materials; disaffirmance; contracts
41-2828 Department of juvenile corrections career technical education fund; definitions
41-2831 State educational system for committed youth; report
Article 1 Legislative Review of Agencies
41-2951 Purpose
41-2952 Definitions
41-2953 Joint legislative audit committee sunset powers and duties; report by auditor general and committees of reference; sunset review reports; performance audits
41-2954 Committees of reference; membership; performance review reports; hearings; guidelines; recommendations; subpoena powers
41-2955 Termination of state agencies; continuation
41-2956 Termination period for agencies; funds; equipment; personnel; documents; bonds
41-2957 Claims
41-2958 Modified audits of certain agencies
Article 2 Termination of Agencies
41-2992.04 Polygraph examiners advisory board; termination July 1, 1992
41-2992.08 Watercraft advisory council; termination July 1, 1992
41-2992.09 Colorado river boundary commission; termination July 1, 1992
41-2994.03 Blind and visually impaired advisory committee; termination July 1, 1994
41-2996.14 Commission on the Arizona environment; termination July 1, 1996
41-2997.05 Advisory council on arthritis and musculoskeletal diseases; termination July 1, 1997
41-2997.07 Drug enforcement task force; termination July 1, 1997
41-2997.12 Developmental disabilities oversight committee; termination July 1, 1997
41-2997.16 Apprenticeship advisory council; termination July 1, 1997
41-2998.18 Juvenile sex offenders treatment protocol panel; termination July 1, 1998
41-2999.04 State board for vocational and technological education; termination July 1, 1999
41-2999.12 Private enterprise review board; termination July 1, 1999
41-2999.13 Water quality advisory council; termination July 1, 1999
41-3000.02 State educational system for committed youth board; termination July 1, 2000
41-3000.25 Communicable disease advisory council; termination July 1, 2000
41-3000.27 Governor's telecommunications policy office; termination July 1, 2000
41-3002.09 Arizona water resources advisory board; termination July 1, 2002
41-3002.16 Arizona advisory council on environmental education; termination July 1, 2002
41-3002.17 Comprehensive school health policy council; termination July 1, 2002
41-3004.18 Arizona wine commission; termination July 1, 2004
41-3004.20 Arizona state hospital capital construction commission; termination July 1, 2004
41-3005.07 Arizona drug and gang policy council; termination July 1, 2005
41-3007.02 Grazing best management practices advisory committee; termination July 1, 2007
41-3007.06 Arizona uniform plumbing code commission; termination July 1, 2007
41-3009.04 Governor's council on developmental disabilities; termination July 1, 2009
41-3010.08 Arizona neighborhood preservation and investment commission; termination July 1, 2010
41-3010.15 Advocate for private property rights; termination July 1, 2010
41-3011.01 Arizona department of agriculture; termination July 1, 2011
41-3011.02 Arizona department of housing; termination July 1, 2011
41-3011.03 Board of medical student loans; termination July 1, 2011
41-3011.04 Arizona aerospace and defense commission; termination July 1, 2011
41-3011.05 Arizona commission of Indian affairs; termination July 1, 2011
41-3011.06 Interagency council on long-term care; termination July 1, 2011
41-3011.07 Arizona state boxing and mixed martial arts commission; termination July 1, 2011
41-3011.08 Developmental disabilities advisory council; termination July 1, 2011
41-3011.10 Office of tourism; termination July 1, 2011
41-3011.11 Board of examiners of nursing care institution administrators and assisted living facility managers; termination July 1, 2011
41-3011.12 Developmental disabilities oversight committee; termination July 1, 2011
41-3011.13 State capital postconviction public defender office; termination July 1, 2011
41-3011.14 Podiatry board; termination July 1, 2011
41-3011.15 Department of juvenile corrections; termination July 1, 2011
41-3012.01 Department of veterans' services; Arizona veterans' service advisory commission; termination July 1, 2012
41-3012.02 Game and fish; termination July 1, 2012
41-3012.03 State board of chiropractic examiners; termination July 1, 2012
41-3012.04 State board of nursing; termination July 1, 2012
41-3012.05 State real estate department; termination July 1, 2012
41-3012.06 State board of dispensing opticians; termination July 1, 2012
41-3012.07 Arizona geological survey; termination July 1, 2012
41-3012.08 Water quality appeals board; termination July 1, 2012
41-3012.09 Allopathic board of medical examiners; termination July 1, 2012
41-3012.10 Commission on the arts; termination July 1, 2012
41-3012.11 Department of public safety; termination July 1, 2012
41-3012.12 Arizona board of regents; conditional termination on July 1, 2012
41-3012.13 Unexplained infant death advisory council; termination July 1, 2012
41-3012.14 Department of fire, building and life safety; termination July 1, 2012
41-3012.15 State department of corrections; termination July 1, 2012
41-3012.16 Arizona state lottery commission; termination July 1, 2012
41-3012.17 Automobile theft authority; termination July 1, 2012
41-3012.18 Agricultural best management practices advisory committee; termination July 1, 2012
41-3012.19 State compensation fund; termination July 1, 2012
41-3013.01 Arizona health care cost containment system; termination July 1, 2013
41-3013.02 Department of weights and measures; termination July 1, 2013
41-3013.03 Arizona state schools for the deaf and the blind; termination July 1, 2013
41-3013.04 Arizona grain research and promotion council; termination July 1, 2013
41-3013.05 Agricultural employment relations board; termination July 1, 2013
41-3013.06 Arizona state parks board; termination July 1, 2013
41-3013.07 Office of Sonora; termination July 1, 2013
41-3013.08 Optometry board; termination July 1, 2013
41-3013.09 Psychiatric security review board; termination July 1, 2013
41-3013.10 Board of massage therapy; termination July 1, 2013
41-3013.11 Board of behavioral health examiners; termination July 1, 2013
41-3013.12 Board of fingerprinting; termination July 1, 2013
41-3014.01 Arizona historical society; termination July 1, 2014
41-3014.02 Arizona state board of pharmacy; termination July 1, 2014
41-3014.03 Arizona state hospital advisory board; termination July 1, 2014
41-3014.04 Physical therapy board; termination July 1, 2014
41-3014.05 Archaeology advisory commission; termination July 1, 2014
41-3014.06 Water infrastructure finance authority; termination July 1, 2014
41-3014.07 Cotton research and protection council; termination July 1, 2014
41-3014.08 Registrar of contractors agency; termination July 1, 2014
41-3014.09 Board of barbers; termination July 1, 2014
41-3014.10 State banking department; termination July 1, 2014
41-3014.11 State board of funeral directors and embalmers; termination July 1, 2014
41-3014.12 Board of cosmetology; termination July 1, 2014
41-3014.13 State board of equalization; termination July 1, 2014
41-3014.14 Military affairs commission; termination July 1, 2014
41-3014.15 State board for charter schools; termination July 1, 2014
41-3014.16 Arizona public safety communications advisory commission; termination July 1, 2014
41-3014.17 Department of commerce; termination July 1, 2014
41-3014.18 Department of environmental quality; termination July 1, 2014
41-3015.01 Solar energy advisory council; termination July 1, 2015
41-3015.02 Arizona state board of accountancy; termination July 1, 2015
41-3015.03 State board of dental examiners; termination July 1, 2015
41-3015.04 Naturopathic physicians medical board; termination July 1, 2015
41-3015.05 State board of tax appeals; termination July 1, 2015
41-3015.06 Municipal tax code commission; termination July 1, 2015
41-3015.07 Office of administrative hearings; termination July 1, 2015
41-3015.08 Board of executive clemency; termination July 1, 2015
41-3015.09 Department of emergency and military affairs; state emergency council; termination July 1, 2015
41-3015.10 Constitutional commemoration committee; termination July 1, 2015
41-3015.11 Law enforcement merit system council; termination July 1, 2015
41-3015.12 Department of liquor licenses and control; termination July 1, 2015
41-3016.01 Industrial commission; termination July 1, 2016
41-3016.02 Occupational safety and health advisory committee; termination July 1, 2016
41-3016.03 Boiler advisory board; termination July 1, 2016
41-3016.04 Employment advisory council; termination July 1, 2016
41-3016.05 Occupational safety and health review board; termination July 1, 2016
41-3016.06 Department of administration; termination July 1, 2016
41-3016.07 State board for private postsecondary education; termination July 1, 2016
41-3016.08 State foster care review board; termination July 1, 2016
41-3016.09 State personnel board; termination July 1, 2016
41-3016.10 Prescott historical society of Arizona; termination July 1, 2016
41-3016.11 Board of technical registration; termination July 1, 2016
41-3016.12 Arizona power authority; conditional termination July 1, 2016
41-3016.13 Radiation regulatory agency and radiation regulatory hearing board; termination July 1, 2016
41-3016.14 Oil and gas conservation commission; termination July 1, 2016
41-3016.15 Medical radiologic technology board of examiners; termination July 1, 2016
41-3016.16 Arizona health facilities authority; termination July 1, 2016
41-3016.17 Government information technology agency; information technology authorization committee; termination July 1, 2016
41-3016.18 Elected officials' retirement plan; public safety personnel retirement system; corrections officer retirement plan; termination July 1, 2016
41-3016.19 Arizona state retirement system; termination July 1, 2016
41-3016.20 Election officer education, training and certification advisory committee; termination July 1, 2016
41-3016.21 Department of mines and mineral resources; termination July 1, 2016
41-3016.22 Arizona department of homeland security; termination July 1, 2016
41-3016.23 Arizona e-learning task force; termination July 1, 2016
41-3016.24 State commission on civic education and civic engagement; termination July 1, 2016
41-3016.25 Department of revenue; termination July 1, 2016
41-3016.26 Arizona racing commission and Arizona department of racing; termination July 1, 2016
41-3016.27 Department of transportation; termination July 1, 2016
41-3016.28 Arizona pioneers' home; disabled miners hospital; termination July 1, 2016
41-3017.01 Vehicle emissions inspection program; termination January 1, 2017
41-3017.03 Arizona exposition and state fair board; termination July 1, 2017
41-3017.04 Board of respiratory care examiners; termination July 1, 2017
41-3017.05 Governor's regulatory review council; termination July 1, 2017
41-3017.07 Arizona criminal justice commission; termination July 1, 2017
41-3017.08 Property tax oversight commission; termination July 1, 2017
41-3017.09 School safety program oversight committee; termination July 1, 2017
41-3017.11 Osteopathic board; termination July 1, 2017
41-3017.12 Arizona outdoor recreation coordinating commission; termination July 1, 2017
41-3017.13 Administrative rules oversight committee; termination July 1, 2017
41-3018.02 Arizona state veterinary medical examining board; termination July 1, 2018
41-3018.03 Arizona beef council; termination July 1, 2018
41-3018.05 State land department; termination July 1, 2018
41-3018.08 Arizona emergency response commission; termination July 1, 2018
41-3018.09 Board of occupational therapy examiners; termination July 1, 2018
41-3018.10 Western interstate commission for higher education; termination July 1, 2018
41-3018.11 Arizona civil rights advisory board; termination July 1, 2018
41-3018.12 Arizona regulatory board of physician assistants; termination July 1, 2018
41-3018.15 Acupuncture board of examiners; termination July 1, 2018
41-3018.19 School facilities board; termination July 1, 2018
41-3018.21 Department of economic security; termination July 1, 2018
41-3019.01 Commission for postsecondary education; termination July 1, 2019
41-3019.02 Biomedical research commission; termination July 1, 2019
41-3019.03 Arizona international development authority; termination July 1, 2019
41-3020.01 Commission on privatization, efficiency and competition; termination July 1, 2020
41-3020.02 State board of psychologist examiners; termination July 1, 2020
41-3020.03 Advisory council on aging; termination July 1, 2020
41-3020.04 Arizona state library, archives and public records; termination July 1, 2020
41-3020.05 State board on geographic and historic names; termination July 1, 2020
41-3020.06 Commission for the deaf and the hard of hearing; termination July 1, 2020
41-3020.07 Board of athletic training; termination July 1, 2020
41-3020.08 Board of library examiners; termination July 1, 2020
41-3020.09 Mining advisory council; termination July 1, 2020
41-3020.10 Department of water resources; termination July 1, 2020
41-3020.13 State board of investment; termination July 1, 2020
41-3020.14 Joint legislative budget committee; termination July 1, 2020
41-3020.15 Legislative council; termination July 1, 2020
41-3020.16 Department of gaming; termination July 1, 2020
41-3020.17 Department of insurance; termination July 1, 2020
41-3020.19 Department of health services; termination July 1, 2020
41-3020.20 Residential utility consumer office; termination July 1, 2020
41-3020.21 State auditor general; termination July 1, 2020
41-3020.22 Office of ombudsman-citizens aide; termination July 1, 2020
41-3020.24 Board of homeopathic and integrated medicine examiners; termination July 1, 2020
41-3035.01 Arizona state lottery commission; termination July 1, 2035
Article 3 Legislative Expiration of New Programs
41-3101 Definitions
41-3102 Requirements for new programs established by the legislature
Article 1 Advisory Council on Spinal and Head Injuries
41-3201 Advisory council on spinal and head injuries; members; qualifications; appointment; terms; compensation; officers; meetings; staffing; definition
41-3202 Advisory council on spinal and head injuries; duties
41-3203 Spinal and head injuries trust fund; purpose
Article 1 General Provisions
41-3401 Environmental education provided by state agencies; requirements; definition
Article 1 General Provisions
41-3451 Automobile theft authority; powers and duties; fund; audit
41-3452 Personal or vehicle information confidentiality
41-3453 Failure to pay fee; definition
Article 1 General Provisions
41-3501 Definitions
41-3502 Government information technology agency; director; compensation
41-3503 Powers and duties of director
41-3504 Powers and duties of the agency; violation; classification
41-3505 Information technology fund
41-3506 State web portal fund; exemption
41-3507 Statewide information security and privacy office; duties; suspension of budget unit's information infrastructure
41-3508 Statewide e-rate program fund
Article 2 Information Technology Authorization Committee
41-3521 Information technology authorization committee; members; terms; duties; compensation; definition
Article 3 Alternative Access to Electronic or Information Technology
41-3531 Definitions
41-3532 Alternative methods of access to electronic or information technology; complaint procedure; rules
Article 4 Arizona Public Safety Communications Advisory Commission
41-3541 Arizona public safety communications advisory commission; membership; appointment; terms; meetings
41-3542 Advisory commission; powers and duties; report
Article 1 General Provisions
Article 1 Charitable Choice
41-3751 Contracts for goods and services; religious organizations; definition
Article 1 General Provisions
41-3801 Human rights committee on the developmentally disabled
41-3802 Human rights committee on children, youth and families
41-3803 Human rights committee on the mentally ill
41-3804 Human rights committees; membership; duties; client information; violation; classification
Chapter 37 HOUSING
Article 1 Arizona Housing Finance Authority
41-3901 Definitions
41-3902 Establishment of authority; exemption
41-3903 Governing board; members; appointment; qualifications; terms; officers; meetings; compensation
41-3904 Powers of board
41-3905 Costs of operation and administration of authority; taxation
41-3906 Issuance of bonds or mortgage credit certificates
41-3907 Authority funds; transfer of excess monies to Arizona department of housing
41-3908 Credit enhancement
41-3909 No abrogation of rights
41-3910 Bonds as legal investments
41-3911 Bond obligations of the authority
41-3912 Supplemental law
Article 2 Arizona Department of Housing
41-3951 Definitions
41-3952 Arizona department of housing; director
41-3953 Department powers and duties
41-3954 Arizona housing commission; definitions
41-3955 Housing trust fund; purpose
41-3956 Housing development fund; purpose
41-3957 Arizona department of housing program fund; purpose
Article 1 General Provisions
41-4101 Interagency council on long-term care; membership; compensation; meetings
41-4102 Duties of council
Article 1 Access to State Agency Web Site Records and Privacy
41-4151 Definitions
41-4152 Obligations of state agencies obtaining information on line
41-4153 Agency reports; availability on line
Article 2 Government Anti-Identification Procedures
41-4171 Definitions
41-4172 Anti-identification procedures
Article 1 General Provisions
41-4201 Arizona rangers
Article 1 General Provisions
41-4251 Definitions
41-4252 Arizona department of homeland security; director; deputy director; assistant directors; divisions
41-4253 Department employees
41-4254 Department duties
41-4255 Report
41-4256 Senior advisory committee; membership; duties
41-4257 Joint legislative committee on homeland security; membership; powers and duties
41-4258 Arizona department of homeland security regional advisory councils; appointment; terms; duties
Article 2 Critical Infrastructure
41-4271 Definitions
41-4272 Protection of critical infrastructure; fuel facilities
41-4273 Reporting requirements; confidentiality
Article 1 General Provisions
41-4301 State capital postconviction public defender; office; appointment; qualifications; powers and duties
41-4302 Nomination, retention and standards commission on indigent defense; membership
41-4303 Capital postconviction public defender office fund
Article 1 General Provisions
41-4351 State commission on civic education and civic engagement; membership; duties
Article 1 Government Procurement
41-4401 Government procurement; e-verify requirement; definitions
Article 1 General Provisions
41-4501 Definitions
41-4502 Establishment of authority; political subdivision
41-4503 Board of directors; members; appointment; qualifications; terms; officers; meetings; reimbursement; staff
41-4504 Powers and duties of the authority
41-4505 Fees and charges; Arizona international development authority fund
41-4506 Cost of operation and administration of authority; taxation
41-4507 Issuance of bonds
41-4508 Effect of changing circumstances on bonds; agreement of this state
41-4509 Validity of bonds
41-4510 Monies from bond sales; use; acquisition of projects
41-4511 Refunding bonds; procedures; terms
Article 1 General Provisions
41-4601 Definitions
41-4602 Comprehensive internet web portal of local governments
41-4603 Reporting of public funding for public communications
41-4604 Debt reporting by local government
Article 1 General Provisions
41-4701 Mining advisory council

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