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Burton v. Colorado Access & No.  
Date: February 12, 2018
Citation: 2018 CO 11
Docket Number: 15SC801

Justia Opinion Summary: Caroline Burton and Brenda Olivar submitted claims for long-term disability benefits to insurance companies under employee-benefits plans set up by their employers (“the Plans”). The insurance companies denied Burton’s a...

Oakwood Holdings, LLC v. Mortgage Investments Enterprises, LLC  
Date: February 12, 2018
Citation: 2018 CO 12
Docket Number: 16SC666

Justia Opinion Summary: Petitioner Oakwood Holdings, LLC and respondent Mortgage Investments Enterprises LLC each claimed a right to the deed on a piece of foreclosed property. In 2014, Mortgage Investments purchased the property at a foreclosu...

Smokebrush Foundation v. City of Colorado Springs  
Date: February 5, 2018
Citation: 2018 CO 10
Docket Number: 15SC627

Justia Opinion Summary: Petitioners Smokebrush Foundation, Katherine Tudor, and Donald Herbert Goede, III (collectively, “Smokebrush”) owned property on which the non-profit foundation operated a wellness center in the City of Colorado Springs....

In re 2015-2016 Jefferson County Grand Jury  
Date: February 5, 2018
Citation: 2018 CO 9
Docket Number: 16SA224

Justia Opinion Summary: This case arose from a grand jury investigation of petitioner M.W. and his company, I.I. The State suspected that I.I. was manufacturing and distributing a cigarette product illegally sprayed with synthetic cannabinoids....

Colorado in Interest of C.W.B., Jr.  
Date: February 5, 2018
Citation: 2018 CO 8
Docket Number: 17SC412

Justia Opinion Summary: In this dependency and neglect case, respondents were foster parents who intervened in the trial court proceedings and participated in a hearing on the guardian ad litem’s (“GAL”) motion to terminate the parent-child leg...

Coloradans for a Better Future v. Campaign Integrity Watchdog  
Date: January 29, 2018
Citation: 2018 CO 6
Docket Number: 16SC637

Justia Opinion Summary: Jonathan Anderson, a lawyer, filed a termination report for Coloradans for a Better Future without requiring payment for his legal work, and “Better Future” didn’t report his service as a contribution. Campaign Integrity...

Campaign Integrity Watchdog v. Alliance for a Safe and Independent  
Date: January 29, 2018
Citation: 2018 CO 7
Docket Number: 17SC149

Justia Opinion Summary: Alliance for a Safe and Independent Woodmen Hills bought ads and social-media coverage in an election. Campaign Integrity Watchdog filed a complaint with the Colorado Secretary of State against Alliance, alleging that Al...

Colorado v. Bueno  
Date: January 22, 2018
Citation: 2018 CO 4
Docket Number: 13SC1017

Justia Opinion Summary: A jury found state-prison inmate David Bueno guilty of first-degree murder and conspiracy in a case concerning a white inmate’s death. The case took more than two months to try, involved hundreds of motions, and generate...

Colorado v. Griego  
Date: January 22, 2018
Citation: 2018 CO 5
Docket Number: 15SC448

Justia Opinion Summary: Respondent Isidore Griego was charged with attempted reckless manslaughter and attempted second degree assault arising out of two incidents in which Griego drove drunk, but due to traffic conditions at the time of the in...

Norton v. Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood, Inc.  
Date: January 22, 2018
Citation: 2018 CO 3
Docket Number: 16SC112

Justia Opinion Summary: Petitioner Jane Norton sued Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood, Inc. (“RMPP”), Governor John W. Hickenlooper, the Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing, and the Executive Direct...

Colorado v. Fields  
Date: January 16, 2018
Citation: 2018 CO 2
Docket Number: 17SA159

Justia Opinion Summary: The district court found that the initial contact with both defendants in a parked car constituted an investigatory stop for which the police lacked reasonable articulable suspicion, and it suppressed all evidence acquir...

Dep't. of Revenue v. Rowland  
Date: January 8, 2018
Citation: 2018 CO 1
Docket Number: 16SC303

Justia Opinion Summary: After Respondent-cross-petitioner Brian Rowland was cited for drunk driving, he argued at his license revocation hearing that section 42-2-126(8)(c) C.R.S. (2017) barred the hearing officer from considering an analyst’s...

Isom v. Colorado  
Date: December 18, 2017
Citation: 2017 CO 110
Docket Number: 15SC714

Justia Opinion Summary: Ervin Isom was convicted of sexual assault on a child, adjudicated a habitual sex offender against children, and sentenced to an indeterminate term of forty years to life. The Colorado Supreme Court held that to calculat...

C.K. v. Colorado in the Interest of L.K.  
Date: December 18, 2017
Citation: 2017 CO 111
Docket Number: 16SC638

Justia Opinion Summary: At issue in this appeal was the narrow issue of whether sovereign immunity barred an award of attorney’s fees against a public entity. The trial court found that the Moffat County Department of Social Services (“the Depa...

Stockdale v. Ellsworth  
Date: December 18, 2017
Citation: 2017 CO 109
Docket Number: 16SC798

Justia Opinion Summary: In 2009, XTO Energy, Inc., filed an interpleader action, seeking to resolve competing claims to oil and gas proceeds held by XTO. XTO named several potential claimants as defendants in the interpleader action, including...

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