2006 New York Laws: New York City Administrative Code(NEW) : (16-101 - 16-140) Department Of Sanitation

16-101 - Definitions.
16-102 - Secretary.
16-103 - Uniformed forces.
16-104 - Records.
16-105 - Drivers or sweepers; temporary employment of.
16-106 - Removal and suspension of employees.
16-107 - Leaves of absence.
16-108 - Salary during absence from duty by injury or sickness.
16-108.1 - Receipt of line of duty pay.
16-109 - Sanitation service; absence from duty because of injury or illness incurred prior to April eighteenth, nineteen hundred sixty-two.
16-110 - Recommendations for amendment of health code.
16-111 - Division of streets into districts; allotment of sweepers.
16-112 - Flushing or washing streets; water.
16-113 - Removal of night soil and offal.
16-114 - Rates for collection and disposal.
16-114.1 - Rates for collection and disposal of solid waste from home occupations, medical offices/group medical centers, and other residential offices.
16-115 - Sale of ashes by commissioner.
16-116 - Removal of commercial waste; posting of sign, registration number.
16-117 - Rules and regulations governing conveyance of rubbish, waste or offensive material through the streets.
16-117.1 - Transport, storage and disposal of waste containing asbestos.
16-118 - Littering prohibited.
16-118.1 - Citywide Routing System.
16-119 - Dumping prohibited.
16-120 - Receptacles for the removal of waste material.
16-120.1 - Storage, treatment, transportation and disposal of regulated medical waste, other medical waste and regulated household waste.
16-121 - Obstructing tracks.
16-122 - Vehicles and other movable property.
16-123 - Removal of snow, ice and dirt from sidewalks; property owners' duties.
16-124 - Removal of snow and ice from the streets.
16-125 - Dumping snow and ice from piers.
16-126 - Snow removal; employees and equipment.
16-127 - Earth, rocks and rubbish.
16-128 - Removal of incumbrances from streets.
16-129 - Rates for the use of department disposal facilities.
16-129.1 - Rate for the use of department compost facilities.
16-130 - Permit for operators of dumps, non-putrescible solid waste transfer stations, putrescible solid waste transfer stations and fill material operations.
16-131 - Rules for the operation of dumps, non-putrescible solid waste transfer stations, putrescible solid waste transfer stations and fill material operation
16-131.1 - Issuance, renewal, suspension and revocation of permits.
16-131.2 - Additional powers of the commissioner.
16-131.3 - Removal or abatement of public nuisance.
16-131.4 - Impoundment and forfeiture.
16-131.5 - Inquiries and subpoena power.
16-132 - Lease of advertising space on litter baskets.
16-133 - Enforcement.
16-134 - Comprehensive study of commercial solid waste management system required.
16-140 - Solid Waste Management Plan.

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