2010 Arizona Revised Statutes
Title 32 - Professions and Occupations

Article 1 Board of Technical Registration
32-101 Purpose; definitions
32-102 Board of technical registration
32-103 Qualifications of members
32-104 Compensation
32-105 Organization
32-106 Powers and duties
32-106.01 Petition for injunction
32-106.02 Authority to investigate; civil penalties
32-107 Executive director; duties; compensation
32-108 Annual report; filing copies of lists of registrants
32-109 Technical registration fund
32-110 Immunity from personal liability
32-111 Home inspector rules and standards committee
32-112 Environmental remediation rules and standards committee
Article 2 Registration and Certification
32-121 Certificate or registration required for practice
32-122 Qualifications for in‑training registration
32-122.01 Qualifications for professional registration
32-122.02 Certification of home inspectors; insurance
32-122.03 Certification of on‑site supervisors
32-122.04 Certification of on‑site workers
32-123 Application for registration and certification
32-124 Schedule of fees; exemption
32-125 Seals for registrants
32-126 Exemptions from examination requirement
32-127 Renewal of certification or registration; delinquency penalty; inactive status; renewal fees; home inspector‑in‑training requirement
32-128 Disciplinary action; letter of concern; judicial review
32-129 Confidentiality
32-130 Review of drawings, plans or design specifications by public agencies
32-131 Remediation specialist certification program
Article 3 Regulatory Provisions
32-141 Firm registration
32-142 Public works
32-143 Exceptions
32-144 Exemptions and limitations
32-145 Violations; classification
32-146 Malpractice claim review
32-147 Board reports; immunity
32-148 Refusal to obey a subpoena; contempt
32-149 Transcript copies; cost
32-150 Failure to comply with board orders; penalty
32-151 Certify; certification
32-152 As built plans; definition
Chapter 3 BARBERS
Article 1 Board of Barbers
32-301 Definitions
32-302 Board of barbers; appointment; qualifications; terms
32-303 Organization; meetings; compensation
32-304 Powers and duties
32-305 Board of barbers fund
Article 2 Licensure
32-321 Nonapplicability of chapter
32-322 Barber license; application; qualifications; reciprocity
32-323 Instructor license; application; qualifications
32-324 Examinations
32-325 School license; application; qualifications
32-326 Shop or salon license; application; qualifications
32-327 License expiration and renewal
32-328 Fees; penalty
Article 3 Regulation
32-351 Display of license
32-352 Disciplinary action
32-353 Grounds for refusal to issue or renew a license or disciplinary action
32-354 Procedure for disciplinary action; appeal
32-355 Unlawful acts; violation; classification
32-356 Injunctions
Article 1 General Provisions
32-501 Definitions
32-502 Board of cosmetology; appointment, qualifications; terms
32-503 Organization; meetings; personnel; compensation
32-504 Powers and duties
32-505 Board of cosmetology fund
32-506 Nonapplicability of chapter
32-507 Fees
Article 2 Cosmetologists, Aestheticians and Nail Technicians
32-510 Aestheticians; applications; qualifications
32-511 Cosmetologist; applications; qualifications
32-512 Nail technician; applications; qualifications
32-513 Reciprocity
32-514 Examinations
32-515 Reexaminations
32-516 Aestheticians; cosmetic laser and IPL device use; certification; fees; definitions
32-517 License renewal
32-518 Inactive licenses; reactivation
Article 3 Instructors
32-531 Instructor; applications; qualifications
32-532 Instructor reciprocity
32-533 Instructor examinations; reexaminations
32-535 Instructor license renewal
32-536 Instructor practice; instruction
32-537 Instructor; inactive licenses; reactivation; suspension
Article 4 Salons
32-541 Salon requirements
32-542 Salon inspections
32-543 Required display
32-544 Salon license renewal
32-545 Transfer of ownership or location; change of trade name
Article 5 Schools
32-551 School licenses; applications; requirements
32-552 Transfer of ownership or location; change of trade name
32-553 Instruction staff
32-554 Required display
32-555 Equipment
32-556 Separation of schools from other businesses
32-557 Services for the public; restrictions
32-558 Student‑school contracts
32-559 School catalogs
32-560 Transfer procedures
32-561 Student records
32-562 School inspections
32-563 School closings
32-564 School license renewal
Article 6 Regulation
32-571 Disciplinary action
32-572 Grounds for disciplinary action or refusal to issue or renew license; definition
32-573 Procedure for disciplinary action; appeal
32-574 Unlawful acts; violation; classification
32-575 Injunctions
32-576 Confidentiality
Article 1 Board of Accountancy
32-701 Definitions
32-702 Arizona state board of accountancy; membership; administrative duties; compensation
32-703 Powers and duties; rules; executive director; advisory committees and individuals
32-704 Immunity from liability
32-705 Board of accountancy fund; disposition of monies
32-707 Record of proceedings; admissibility as evidence
Article 2 Certification and Registration
32-721 Certified public accountants; qualifications
32-723 Certified public accountant examination; qualifications
32-724 Reciprocity; certificate
32-725 Limited reciprocity privilege; qualifications
32-726 Substantial equivalency
32-729 Examination fee; certification fee
32-730 Biennial registration; continuing education; inactive certificates; cancellation
32-731 Certified public accountant partnership; qualifications
32-732 Public accountant partnership; requirements
32-734 Professional corporations; qualifications
32-735 Limited liability companies, professional limited liability companies and limited liability partnerships; qualifications
Article 3 Regulation of Certified Public Accountants
32-741 Revocation or suspension of certificate; disciplinary action; letter of concern
32-741.01 Relinquishment of certificate with disciplinary proceedings pending
32-742 Revocation or suspension of firm’s certificate; failure to reinstate
32-742.01 Investigations
32-743 Hearings; judicial review
32-744 Ownership and custody of working papers and records
32-745 Employment of persons by accountants
32-746 Fraudulent audit practices; classification
32-747 Unlawful use of designation or abbreviation; classification
32-747.01 Restricted financial services; requirements
32-748 Reinstatement of certificate; definition
32-749 Confidential nature of information acquired by accountants; privilege; conditions for disclosure; public records; exceptions
32-750 Injunction against unlawful act
32-751 Actions to recover civil penalties
Chapter 7 PODIATRY
Article 1 Board of Podiatry Examiners
32-801 Definitions
32-802 Board of podiatry examiners; compensation
32-803 Organization; meetings
32-804 Rule making powers
32-805 Secretary of board; duties
32-806 Podiatry fund
Article 2 Licensing
32-821 Persons not required to be licensed
32-822 Application for examination
32-823 Qualifications of applicant
32-824 Time of examinations
32-825 Examination of applicants for licensure
32-826 Issuance of license
32-827 Comity
32-829 Renewal or cancellation of license; change of address; continuing education
32-830 Fees
Article 3 Regulation of Podiatrists
32-851 Practicing podiatry without license prohibited
32-852 Revocation, suspension or refusal to issue license; civil penalty
32-852.01 Investigations; duty to report; unprofessional conduct hearing; decision of board; appeal
32-853 Certain acts exempt from chapter
32-854 Unauthorized practice
32-854.01 Unprofessional conduct
32-855 Violations; classification; injunctive relief
Article 4 Dispensing of Drugs and Devices
32-871 Dispensing of drugs and devices; conditions; definition
Article 1 Board of Chiropractic Examiners
32-900 Definitions
32-901 Board of chiropractic examiners; removal; immunity
32-902 Organization; meetings
32-903 Compensation
32-904 Powers and duties
32-905 Executive director of board; duties; other personnel; immunity
32-906 Board of chiropractic examiners fund
32-907 Additional fees
Article 2 Licensing and Regulation
32-921 Application for license; qualifications of applicant; fee; background investigations
32-922 Examinations
32-922.01 Reciprocity; requirements
32-922.02 Specialties; certification; fees
32-923 Change of address; annual renewal fee; failure to renew; waivers
32-924 Grounds for disciplinary action; hearing; civil penalty; definition
32-925 Practice of chiropractic; limitations
32-926 Practice of chiropractic without license prohibited; exemptions
32-927 Violations; classification
32-928 Injunctive relief
32-929 Right to examine and copy evidence; summoning witnesses and documents; taking testimony; right to counsel; court aid; process
32-930 Chiropractic assistant
32-931 Continuing education; requirements
32-932 Restricted permits
32-933 Inactive license; restrictions; reinstatement to active license
32-934 Business entities; medical records protocol; exemptions; violation; classification
Article 1 Administration
32-1001 Definitions
32-1004 Exemptions
Article 2 Licensing
32-1021 Original application for license; financial statement; bond; definition
32-1022 Contents of financial statement; bond provisions
32-1023 Qualifications of applicants
32-1024 Licensing out‑of‑state collection agents
32-1025 Annual renewal of license
32-1026 Issuance of licenses
32-1027 Issuance of provisional license for limited purposes
32-1028 Fees
Article 3 Regulation
32-1051 Duties of licensees
32-1053 Denial, revocation or suspension of license
32-1055 Unlawful acts
32-1056 Violation; classification
32-1057 Prosecution of violations; individual liability
Article 1 Registrar of Contractors
32-1101 Definitions
32-1101.01 Local authority
32-1102 Classification of licenses; contracting business
32-1103 Registrar of contractors; term; salary
32-1104 Powers and duties
32-1105 Rule making powers for purposes of classifying and reclassifying contractors
32-1106 Enforcement powers
32-1107 Registrar of contractors fund
Article 2 Licensing
32-1121 Persons not required to be licensed; penalties
32-1122 Qualifications for license
32-1123 Unlicensed contractors; contract bidding; license denial; exemptions; warning
32-1123.01 Staggered periods of licensure; biennial renewal
32-1124 Issuance and display of license; suspension
32-1125 Renewal of license; qualifying party
32-1125.01 Inactive license
32-1126 Fees
32-1127 Responsible managing employee and qualifying party; definitions
32-1128 Asbestos educational pamphlet
32-1129 Definitions; applicability
32-1129.01 Progress payments by owner; conditions; interest
32-1129.02 Performance and payment by contractor, subcontractor or material supplier; conditions; interest
32-1129.03 Interruption of performance of construction contract; damages; termination of contract
32-1129.04 Construction contracts; suspension of performance; termination
32-1129.05 Construction contracts; void provisions
32-1129.06 Applicability to state and political subdivisions
32-1129.07 Applicability to construction of a dwelling for an owner-occupant; definitions
Article 2.1 Residential Contractors' Recovery Fund
32-1131 Definitions
32-1132 Residential contractors' recovery fund
32-1134 Powers and duties of registrar
32-1134.01 Additional payments to fund
32-1134.02 Insufficiency of fund
32-1135 Deposit of assessments
32-1136 Statute of limitations; recovery from fund
32-1137 Notice of authorized payment to injured person
32-1138 Subrogation
32-1139 Liability of fund for each residential contractor's license; suspension of license; repayment
32-1140 Disciplinary action against contractor
Article 3 Regulation
32-1151 Engaging in contracting without license prohibited
32-1151.01 Change in ownership; notice to registrar
32-1151.02 List of unlicensed contractors; web site publication
32-1152 Bonds
32-1152.01 Alternatives to cash deposit
32-1153 Proof of license as prerequisite to civil action
32-1154 Grounds for suspension or revocation of license; continuing jurisdiction; civil penalty; recovery fund award; summary suspension
32-1155 Filing of complaint; resolution of complaint; service of notice; failure to answer; prohibited citations
32-1156 Hearings
32-1156.01 Restitution
32-1157 Appeals; costs; transcript
32-1158 Minimum elements of a contract
32-1158.01 Swimming pool; spa; construction contracts
32-1159 Indemnity agreements in construction and architect‑engineer contracts void; definitions
32-1160 Claim for termite damages; notice and offer of settlement; applicability; definition
32-1161 Rights of contractor after suspension of license
32-1163 Effect of chapter upon federal aid contracts
32-1164 Violation; classification; probation; conditions
32-1165 Advertising; effect of; classification
32-1166 Injunctive relief; civil penalty
32-1166.01 Service of citation
32-1166.02 Time for issuance of citation
32-1166.06 Filing registrar's orders
32-1166.07 Waiver of civil penalty
32-1167 Qualifying party's disassociation with licensee; licensee's requalification; penalty
32-1168 Proof of valid license
32-1169 Local proof of valid license; violation; penalty
Article 4 Qualification of Solar Contractors
32-1170 Definitions
32-1170.01 Installation, alteration or repair of solar device without qualification as solar contractor prohibited
32-1170.02 Qualification examination
Article 5 General Remodeling and Repair Contractors
32-1171 Workers' compensation violation; license suspension; complaints; summary suspension
Chapter 11 DENTISTRY
Article 1 Dental Board
32-1201 Definitions
32-1202 Scope of practice; definition
32-1203 State board of dental examiners; qualifications of members; terms
32-1204 Removal from office
32-1205 Organization; meetings; quorum; staff
32-1206 Compensation of board
32-1207 Powers and duties; fees; definition
32-1208 Failure to respond to subpoena; civil penalty
32-1209 Admissibility of records in evidence
32-1210 Annual report
32-1211 Limitation of expenditures
32-1212 Dental board fund
32-1213 Business entities; registration; renewal; civil penalty; exceptions
Article 2 Licensing
32-1231 Persons not required to be licensed
32-1232 Qualifications of applicant; application; fee
32-1233 Applicants for licensure; examination requirements
32-1234 Dental consultant license
32-1235 Reinstatement of license; application for previously denied license
32-1236 Dentist triennial licensure; forfeiture of license; reinstatement; license for each place of practice; notice of change of address or place of practice; retired and disabled licensees; penalties
32-1237 Restricted permit
32-1238 Issuance of restricted permit
32-1239 Practice under restricted permit
32-1240 Licensure by credential; examinations; waiver; fee
Article 3 Regulation
32-1261 Practicing without license; classification
32-1262 Corporate practice; display of name and license receipt or license; duplicate licenses; fee
32-1263 Grounds for disciplinary action; definition
32-1263.01 Types of disciplinary action; letter of concern; judicial review; notice; removal of notice; violation; classification
32-1263.02 Investigation and adjudication of complaints; subpoena authority
32-1263.03 Executive director; complaints; termination; review
32-1264 Maintenance of records
32-1265 Interpretation of chapter
32-1266 Prosecution of violations
32-1267 Use of fraudulent instruments; classification
32-1268 Violations; classification; required proof
32-1269 Violation; classification; injunctive relief
32-1270 Deceased or incapacitated dentists; notification
Article 4 Licensing and Regulation of Dental Hygienists
32-1281 Practicing as dental hygienist; supervision requirements; definitions
32-1282 Administration and enforcement
32-1283 Disposition of revenues
32-1284 Qualifications of applicant; application; fee; rules
32-1285 Applicants for licensure; examination requirements
32-1286 Recognized dental hygiene schools; credit for prior learning
32-1287 Dental hygienist triennial licensure; forfeiture of license; reinstatement; notice of change of address; penalties; retired and disabled licensees
32-1288 Practicing without license; classification
32-1289 Employment of dental hygienist by public agency, institution or school; definitions
32-1290 Grounds for censure, probation, suspension or revocation of license; procedure
32-1291 Dental assistants; regulation; duties
32-1292 Restricted permits; expiration; renewal
32-1292.01 Licensure by credential; examinations; waiver; fee
32-1292.02 Grounds for denial or suspension of application
Article 5 Certification and Regulation of Denturists
32-1293 Practicing as denturist; denture technology; dental laboratory technician
32-1294 Supervision by dentist; definitions; mouth preparation by dentist; liability; business association
32-1295 Board of dental examiners; additional powers and duties
32-1296 Qualifications of applicant
32-1297.01 Application for certification
32-1297.03 Qualification for reexamination
32-1297.04 Fees
32-1297.05 Disposition of revenues
32-1297.06 Denturist certification; forfeiture of certificate; reinstatement; certificate for each place of practice; notice of change of address or place of practice; penalties
32-1297.07 Discipline; procedure
32-1297.08 Injunction
32-1297.09 Violations; classification
Article 6 Dispensing of Drugs and Devices
32-1298 Dispensing of drugs and devices; conditions; definition
Article 7 Rehabilitation
32-1299 Substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation program; private contract; funding; stipulation
Article 1 Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers
32-1301 Definitions
32-1302 Board of funeral directors and embalmers; appointment; term; qualifications; removal; oath; compensation
32-1303 Board officers
32-1304 Board meetings
32-1305 Executive director; compensation; duties
32-1306 Attorney general to represent and advise board; actions to recover civil penalties
32-1307 Powers and duties of board
32-1308 Board of funeral directors' and embalmers' fund
32-1309 Fees
32-1310 Confidentiality
32-1311 Immunity
Article 2 Licensing and Registration
32-1321 License or registration requirement; persons not required to be licensed or registered; nontransferability; display
32-1322 Interns, embalmers and funeral directors; qualifications for licensure
32-1323 Interns, embalmers and funeral directors; application for licensure
32-1324 Apprentice embalmers
32-1325 Assistant funeral directors; licensure as funeral directors
32-1325.01 Embalmer's assistants; qualifications; application for registration
32-1326 Embalmers and funeral directors; temporary licenses
32-1327 State equivalent examination; national board examination
32-1328 State laws and rules examination
32-1329 Reexamination
32-1330 Annual intern or apprentice embalmer report
32-1331 Renewal of licenses and registration; reinstatement of registration
32-1333 Notice of change in employment
32-1334 Inactive status
32-1335 Out‑of‑state licensees
32-1336 Board recognition; colleges of funeral service education or mortuary science
32-1337 Embalming by students enrolled in colleges of mortuary science; requirements
32-1338 Continuing education
32-1339 Fingerprinting of applicants; background checks
Article 3 Regulation and Enforcement
32-1361 Prohibition of embalming by certain persons; certification of embalming
32-1362 Enucleation of eyes by licensed embalmers
32-1363 Use of funeral director title; unlawful use
32-1364 Crimes against the dead; classification
32-1365 Violations; classification
32-1365.01 Cremation or other lawful disposition of a dead human body; authorization document; immunity
32-1365.02 Authorizing agents; consent for cremation, disinterment or embalming; definition
32-1366 Grounds for disciplinary action
32-1367 Investigations; initial review; disciplinary proceedings; civil penalty; letters of concern; rehearings
32-1368 Administrative costs
32-1369 Cease and desist orders; injunctive relief
Article 3.1 Funeral Practices
32-1371 List of prices of funeral goods and services offered
32-1372 Display of merchandise prices
32-1373 Statement of funeral goods and services
32-1374 Price list requirement; exemption
32-1375 Price lists; telephone information
32-1376 Consumer information pamphlet
32-1377 Rules; relation to federal trade commission regulations
Article 4 Licensing and Regulation of Funeral Establishments
32-1381 License requirement
32-1382 Funeral establishment requirements; responsible funeral director
32-1383 Application; qualifications for licensure
32-1384 Multiple funeral director license
32-1385 Retention of records
32-1386 Renewal of funeral establishment licenses
32-1387 Display of license
32-1388 Nontransferability of funeral establishment licenses; change of ownership; interim permits; definition
32-1389 Funeral establishments; change of name
32-1390 Funeral establishments; change of location
32-1390.01 Funeral establishments; disciplinary action; civil penalty
32-1390.02 Funeral establishments; disciplinary proceedings; notice
Article 5 Prearranged Funeral Agreements
32-1391.01 Powers and duties of board
32-1391.02 Prearranged funeral agreements; restrictions on sales
32-1391.03 epartment of financial institutions powers and duties; prearranged funeral trust accounts
32-1391.04 Prearranged funeral trust accounts; books and records; inspection and examination
32-1391.05 Prearranged funeral agreements funded by trusts
32-1391.06 Service fees; prearranged funeral agreements funded by trust
32-1391.07 Cancellation; prearranged funeral agreements funded by trust
32-1391.08 Prearranged funeral agreements funded by trust; death of beneficiary
32-1391.09 Prearranged funeral agreements funded by trust; consumer disclosures
32-1391.10 Waiver of purchaser rights
32-1391.11 Prearranged funeral agreements funded by trust; sales; restrictions
32-1391.12 Prearranged funeral sales endorsement; requirements; renewal
32-1391.13 Grounds for denial or refusal to renew funeral establishment sales endorsement or disciplinary action
32-1391.14 Prearranged funeral salespersons; registration requirements; renewal; exemption
32-1391.15 Grounds for denial or refusal to renew prearranged funeral salesperson registration or disciplinary action
32-1391.16 Annual trust report
32-1391.17 Exemptions
32-1391.18 Violation; classification; penalties and remedies
Article 6 Cremation
32-1393 License requirement
32-1394 Crematory requirements; responsible cremationist
32-1394.01 Application; qualifications for cremationist licensure
32-1394.02 Renewal of cremationist licenses
32-1395 Application; qualifications for licensure
32-1396 Renewal of crematory licenses
32-1396.01 Display of license
32-1397 Nontransferability of crematory licenses; change of ownership; interim permit; definition
32-1397.01 Crematories; change of name
32-1397.02 Crematories; change of location
32-1398 Crematories; disciplinary action; acts of crematory
32-1398.01 Crematories; disciplinary proceedings
32-1399 Crematories; standards of practice
Article 1 Arizona Medical Board
32-1401 Definitions
32-1402 Board; appointment; qualifications; term; removal; compensation; immunity
32-1403 Powers and duties of the board; compensation; immunity
32-1403.01 Licensees; profiles; required information; review; civil penalty
32-1404 Meetings; quorum; committees; rules
32-1405 Executive director; compensation; duties; appeal to the board
32-1406 Arizona medical board fund
32-1407 Jurisdiction arbitration panel
Article 2 Licensing
32-1421 Exemption from licensing requirements
32-1422 Basic requirements for granting a license to practice medicine
32-1423 Additional requirements for students graduating from an unapproved allopathic school of medicine
32-1424 Fifth pathway program; licensure
32-1425 Initial licensure
32-1426 Licensure by endorsement
32-1427 Application; hearing on deficiencies in application; interview; probationary license
32-1428 Pro bono registration
32-1429 Locum tenens registration
32-1430 License renewal; expiration
32-1431 Inactive license; application; practice prohibitions
32-1432 Teaching license
32-1432.01 Education teaching permit
32-1432.02 Training permit; short‑term permits; discipline
32-1432.03 Training permits; approved schools
32-1433 Cancellation of active license
32-1434 Continuing medical education
32-1435 Change of address; costs; penalties
32-1436 Fees and penalty
Article 3 Regulation
32-1451 Grounds for disciplinary action; duty to report; immunity; proceedings; board action; notice requirements
32-1451.01 Right to examine and copy evidence; witnesses; documents; testimony; representation
32-1451.02 Disciplinary action; reciprocity
32-1452 Substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation program; private contract; funding; liability
32-1452.01 Mental, behavioral and physical health evaluation and treatment program; private contract; liability
32-1453 Judicial review
32-1454 Injunction
32-1455 Violation; classification
32-1456 Medical assistants; use of title; violation; classification
32-1457 Acquired immune deficiency syndrome; disclosure of patient information; immunity; definition
32-1458 Reinstatement of revoked or surrendered license
Article 4 Emergency Aid
32-1471 Health care provider and any other person; emergency aid; nonliability
32-1472 Limited liability for emergency health care at amateur athletic events
Article 5 Transfusions
32-1481 Limitation of liability
32-1482 Reporting of hepatitis cases
32-1483 Notification to donors
Article 6 Dispensing of Drugs and Devices
32-1491 Dispensing of drugs and devices; civil penalty; conditions; definition
Article 1 Naturopathic Physicians Medical Board
32-1501 Definitions
32-1502 Naturopathic physicians medical board; appointment; qualifications; term of office; immunity
32-1503 Board organization; meetings; compensation; committees
32-1504 Powers and duties
32-1505 Naturopathic physicians medical board fund
32-1507 Change in status; assessment of costs
32-1508 Display of licenses and certificates
32-1509 Executive director; compensation; duties
Article 2 Licensing
32-1521 Persons and acts not affected by this chapter
32-1522 Basic qualifications for license
32-1522.01 Temporary licenses; duration of license
32-1523 Qualifications for license to practice by endorsement
32-1523.01 Foreign graduates; additional qualifications
32-1524 Application; deficiencies in application; interview; withdrawal; release of information; temporary certificate
32-1525 Examinations
32-1526 Licenses; certificates; issuance; renewal; failure to renew
32-1527 Fees
32-1528 Retired licensee; waiver of fees; reinstatement
32-1529 Specialists; certification; qualifications
32-1530 Exemptions from certificate to dispense fees
Article 3 Regulation
32-1551 Disciplinary action; duty to report; investigatory powers; immunity; hearing; appeal; notice
32-1551.01 Right to examine and copy evidence; witnesses; documents; testimony; representation
32-1552 Reinstatement of a suspended license, certificate or registration; reissuance of a revoked license, certificate or registration
32-1553 Civil penalties
32-1554 Observance of public health laws and regulations
32-1555 Unlawful acts; investigations
32-1556 Prosecution for violations
32-1557 Violation; classification
32-1558 Injunction
32-1559 Naturopathic medical assistants; certification; supervision; duties; use of title
32-1560 Clinical training program; certificate; duties; use of title
32-1561 Internship, clinical fellowship and preceptorship programs; duties; prohibitions
Article 4 Dispensing of Natural Substances and Devices
32-1581 Dispensing of natural substances, drugs and devices; conditions; civil penalty; dispensing minerals; definitions
Chapter 15 NURSING
Article 1 Board of Nursing
32-1601 Definitions
32-1602 Board of nursing; member terms; immunity
32-1603 Qualifications of board members
32-1604 Compensation
32-1605 Organization; meetings
32-1605.01 Executive director; compensation; powers; duties
32-1606 Powers and duties of board
32-1608 Examinations; notice
32-1609 Register of licenses and certificates; change of address
32-1611 Board of nursing fund
Article 2 Licensing and Certification
32-1631 Acts and persons not affected by chapter
32-1632 Qualifications of registered nurse; application for license
32-1633 Examination of registered nurses
32-1634 Licensing out‑of‑state registered nurses
32-1634.01 Qualifications of international registered nurses; application for license; examination
32-1634.02 Qualifications of international registered nurses; applicants for licensure; endorsement
32-1635 Temporary license to practice registered nursing
32-1635.01 Temporary nurse practitioner and clinical nurse specialist certifications
32-1636 Use of titles or abbreviations
32-1637 Qualifications of practical nurse; application for license
32-1638 Examination of practical nurses
32-1639 Licensing out‑of‑state practical nurses
32-1639.01 Qualifications of international graduate practical nurses; application for license; examination
32-1639.02 Qualifications of international graduate practical nurses; application for license; endorsement
32-1640 Temporary license to practice as a licensed practical nurse
32-1642 Renewal of license; failure to renew
32-1643 Fees; penalties
32-1644 Approval of nursing schools and nursing programs; application; maintenance of standards
32-1645 Nursing assistant; certification; qualifications
32-1646 Nursing assistants; board powers
32-1647 Examination of nursing assistants
32-1648 Nursing assistants; acceptance of out of state certificates
32-1649 Use of title or abbreviations by a nursing assistant
32-1650 Certified medication assistants; medication administration; delegation
32-1650.01 Medication assistant training programs; requirements
32-1650.02 Certified medication assistants; qualifications
32-1650.03 Certified medication assistants; examination requirements
32-1650.04 Certified medication assistants; reciprocity
32-1650.05 Certified medication assistants; recertification; unprofessional conduct
32-1650.06 Certified medication assistants; disciplinary actions; civil penalties; revocation or denial of certificate
32-1650.07 Certified medication assistants; use of title
Article 3 Regulation
32-1661 Administration of anesthetics by registered nurse; definition
32-1663 Disciplinary action
32-1663.01 Administrative violations; administrative penalty
32-1664 Investigation; hearing; notice
32-1665 Rehearing; judicial review
32-1666 Unlawful acts
32-1666.01 Cease and desist orders; injunctive relief
32-1667 Violations; classification
32-1668 Nurse licensure compact
32-1669 Nurse licensure compact; board jurisdiction; notification requirements; withdrawal from compact
Article 1 Administration
32-1671 Definitions
32-1672 Board of dispensing opticians; members; qualifications; terms; removal; immunity
32-1673 Powers and duties of the board
32-1674 Records
Article 2 Licensing
32-1681 Licensure; issuance
32-1682 Applications for a dispensing optician license; original and renewal; examination
32-1683 Qualifications of applicants
32-1684 License issuance, renewal and reinstatement
32-1684.01 Optical establishment license; qualifications
32-1685 Fees
32-1686 Board of dispensing opticians fund
32-1687 Continuing education
Article 3 Regulation
32-1691 Exemptions of persons and sales
32-1691.01 Investigation and adjudication of complaints
32-1693 Denial, suspension and revocation of license; other disciplinary sanctions
32-1694 Notice of action; practice pending appeal
32-1695 Judicial review
32-1696 Unlawful acts; grounds for disciplinary action; classification
32-1697 Violations; classification
32-1698 Prosecution of violations
32-1699 Injunctions; civil penalties
Chapter 16 OPTOMETRY
Article 1 General Provisions
32-1701 Definitions
32-1702 Board of optometry; appointment; qualifications; term; removal
32-1703 Organization of board; compensation; immunity
32-1704 Powers and duties of the board
32-1705 Board of optometry fund
32-1706 Use of pharmaceutical agents
Article 2 Licensing
32-1721 Persons and acts not affected by this chapter
32-1722 Qualifications of applicant; applications
32-1723 Licensure by endorsement
32-1724 Examination of applicants; time of examination
32-1725 Issuance of license
32-1726 Renewal of license; continuing education; failure to renew
32-1727 Fees
32-1728 Pharmaceutical agents; certification; use; course of study
32-1730 Fingerprinting
Article 3 Regulation
32-1741 Practicing optometry without a license prohibited
32-1742 Registering with board; public registry file; current information
32-1743 Grounds for censure, civil penalty, probation, suspension, revocation, denial or renewal of license
32-1744 Board investigations; duty to report violations; hearing; decision of board; informal settlement conference
32-1745 Prehearing conferences; orders
32-1746 Records; maintenance; confidentiality
32-1747 Right to examine and copy evidence
32-1748 Reinstatement; definition
32-1749 Judicial review
32-1750 Allegations sufficient to charge violation
32-1751 Cease and desist orders; injunctive relief
32-1752 Violation; classification
32-1753 Practice designations; definition
Article 4 Referral
32-1761 Referral of patient to licensed physician required on finding of certain symptomatic conditions
Article 5 Replacement Soft Contact Lenses
32-1771 Definitions
32-1772 Exemptions
32-1773 Registration of nonresident dispensers; qualifications; fee
32-1774 Dispensing replacement soft contact lenses by qualified dispensers; prescriptions; filling
Article 1 Board of Osteopathic Examiners in Medicine and Surgery
32-1800 Definitions
32-1801 Arizona board of osteopathic examiners in medicine and surgery
32-1802 Meetings; organization; compensation; committees
32-1803 Powers and duties
32-1804 Executive director; compensation; duties
32-1805 Board fund; disbursements
32-1806 Jurisdiction arbitration panel
Article 2 Licensing
32-1821 Persons and acts not affected by chapter
32-1822 Qualifications of applicant; application; fees
32-1823 Locum tenens registration; application; term
32-1825 Renewal of licenses; continuing medical education; failure to renew; penalty; reinstatement; waiver of continuing medical education
32-1826 Fees; penalty
32-1827 Cancellation of a license; requirements
32-1828 Education teaching permits
32-1829 Training permits; issuance of permits
32-1830 Training permits; approved schools
32-1831 Teaching licenses; definitions
32-1832 Retired license; waiver of fees; reinstatement; limited license; volunteer work
Article 3 Regulation
32-1851 Prohibited acts
32-1852 Rights and duties of osteopathic physicians and surgeons; scope of practice
32-1853 Use of title
32-1853.01 Use of title by a medical assistant
32-1854 Definition of unprofessional conduct
32-1855 Disciplinary action; duty to report; hearing; notice; independent medical examinations; surrender of license
32-1855.01 Right to examine and copy evidence; summoning witnesses and documents; taking testimony; right to counsel; court aid; process
32-1855.03 Health care institution duty to report; immunity; patient records; confidentiality
32-1856 Judicial review
32-1857 Injunction
32-1858 Violations; classification
32-1859 Medical assistants
32-1860 Acquired immune deficiency syndrome; disclosure of patient information; immunity; definition
32-1861 Substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation program; private contract; funding
Article 4 Dispensing of Drugs and Devices
32-1871 Dispensing of drugs and devices; conditions
Chapter 18 PHARMACY
Article 1 Board of Pharmacy
32-1901 Definitions
32-1901.01 Definition of unethical and unprofessional conduct; permittees; licensees
32-1902 Arizona state board of pharmacy; immunity
32-1903 Organization; meetings; quorum; compensation of board; executive director; compensation; powers and duties
32-1904 Powers and duties of board; immunity
32-1905 Meetings; time and place; annual report
32-1906 Membership in national associations; official attendance at professional meetings
32-1907 Arizona state board of pharmacy fund
32-1908 Scope of chapter
32-1909 Prescription medication donation program; distribution; immunity; rules
32-1910 Emergencies; continued provision of services
Article 2 Licensure and Permits
32-1921 Exempted acts; exemption from registration fees; definition
32-1922 Qualifications of applicant; reciprocity; preliminary equivalency examination; honorary certificate; fee
32-1923 Interns and intern preceptors; qualifications; licensure; purpose of internship
32-1923.01 Pharmacy technicians; pharmacy technician trainees; qualifications
32-1924 Licenses; fees; signatures
32-1925 Renewal of license of pharmacists, interns and pharmacy technicians; fees; expiration dates; penalty for failure to renew; continuing education
32-1926 Notice of change of employer or home address; termination of responsibility
32-1926.01 Change in residency status; duty to report
32-1927 Pharmacists; pharmacy interns; graduate interns; disciplinary action
32-1927.01 Pharmacy technicians; pharmacy technician trainees; disciplinary action
32-1927.02 Permittees; disciplinary action
32-1928 Hearings; restraining order; judicial review
32-1929 Biennial registration of pharmacies, wholesalers, manufacturers and similar places; application
32-1930 Types of permits; restrictions on permits; discontinuance of pharmacy permit
32-1931 Permit fees; issuance; expiration; renewals
32-1932.01 Substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation program; private contract; funding
32-1933 Display of license or permit
32-1934 Pharmacy operated by hospital
32-1935 Approval of schools and colleges of pharmacy
32-1936 Mandatory continuing professional pharmacy education
32-1937 Exceptions to continuing education requirements
32-1939 Condition of probation; repayment of inspection costs
32-1940 Investigations; hearings; conferences; records; confidentiality
Article 3 Regulation
32-1961 Limitation on dispensing, compounding and sale of drugs
32-1962 New drug; compliance with federal act; exception
32-1963 Liability of manager, proprietor or pharmacist in charge of a pharmacy; variances in quality of drugs or devices prohibited
32-1963.01 Substitution for prescription drugs; requirements; label; definitions
32-1964 Record of prescription orders; inspections; confidentiality
32-1965 Prohibited acts
32-1966 Acts constituting adulteration of a drug or device
32-1967 Acts constituting misbranding of a drug or device; exceptions; interpretation of misleading label
32-1968 Dispensing prescription‑only drug; prescription orders; refills; labels; misbranding; dispensing soft contact lenses
32-1969 Filling Mexican and Canadian prescription orders; records; exception
32-1970 Implementing, monitoring and modifying drug therapy and use; conditions; definitions
32-1971 Single active ingredient pseudoephedrine products; location
32-1972 Poison or hazardous substances; misbranding and labeling; prohibitions; exemption
32-1973 Pharmacies; quality assurance
32-1974 Pharmacists; administration of immunizations, vaccines and emergency medications; certification; reporting requirements; advisory committee; definition
32-1975 Legend drug products; listing; code identification; exemption; definitions
32-1976 Dispensing replacement soft contact lenses; prescription
Article 3.1 Regulation of Full Service Wholesale Permittees
32-1981 Definitions
32-1982 Full service wholesale permittees; bonds; designated representatives; application
32-1983 Restrictions on transactions
32-1984 Pedigrees; electronic files
32-1985 Injunctive relief
Article 4 Enforcement of Chapter; Penalties
32-1991 Enforcement of chapter
32-1992 Provisions of marijuana, prescription‑only drugs, narcotics, dangerous drugs or controlled substances laws not invalidated by this chapter; medicated feed not included
32-1993 Authorization to seize certain drugs, counterfeit drugs and equipment; disposition of seized equipment
32-1994 Authorization to embargo adulterated or misbranded drugs or devices; condemnation; destruction; costs
32-1995 Injunctions; restraining orders
32-1996 Violations; classification
Article 1 General Provisions
32-2001 Definitions
32-2002 Board of physical therapy; appointment; qualifications
32-2003 Board; powers and duties
32-2004 Board of physical therapy fund; appropriation; deposit of receipts by board
Article 2 Licensure and Examination
32-2021 Persons and activities not required to be licensed
32-2022 Qualifications for licensure and certification
32-2023 Application; denial; hearing
32-2024 Examinations
32-2025 Interim permits
32-2026 Licensure or certification by endorsement
32-2027 License or certificate renewal; suspension
32-2028 Reinstatement of license or certificate
32-2029 Fees
32-2030 Business entities; patient records; protocol; exemptions; rules
Article 3 Regulation of Physical Therapy
32-2041 Lawful practice
32-2042 Use of titles; restrictions; violation; classification
32-2043 Supervision; patient care management
32-2044 Grounds for disciplinary action
32-2045 Investigative powers; emergency action
32-2046 Informal and formal hearings
32-2047 Disciplinary actions; penalties
32-2048 Unlawful practice; classification; injunctive relief; deposit of civil penalties
32-2049 Disclosure prohibition
32-2050 Substance abuse recovery program
32-2051 Rights of consumers
32-2052 Judicial review
Article 1 Board of Psychologist Examiners
32-2061 Definitions
32-2062 Board; qualifications; appointments; terms; compensation; immunity
32-2063 Powers and duties
32-2064 Meetings; committees; quorum
32-2065 Board of psychologist examiners fund; account
32-2066 Directory; change of address; costs; civil penalty
32-2067 Fees; alternative payment methods
Article 2 Licensure
32-2071 Qualifications of applicant; education; training
32-2071.01 Requirements for licensure; remediation; credentials
32-2072 Examinations; exemptions
32-2073 Temporary licenses; inactive status; reinstatement to active status
32-2074 Active license; issuance; renewal; expiration; continuing education; cancellation of active license
32-2075 Exemptions from licensure
32-2076 Unauthorized practice of medicine
Article 3 Regulation
32-2081 Grounds for disciplinary action; duty to report; immunity; proceedings; board action; notice requirements; civil penalty
32-2082 Right to examine and copy evidence; subpoenas; right to counsel; appeal
32-2083 Injunction
32-2084 Violations; classification
32-2085 Confidential communications
32-2086 Treatment and rehabilitation program
Article 4 Behavior Analysts
32-2091 Definitions
32-2091.01 Fees
32-2091.02 Qualifications of applicant
32-2091.03 Educational and training qualifications for licensure
32-2091.04 Reciprocity
32-2091.05 Examinations
32-2091.06 Temporary licenses; inactive status; reinstatement to active status
32-2091.07 Active license; issuance; renewal; expiration; continuing education
32-2091.08 Exemptions from licensure
32-2091.09 Grounds for disciplinary action; duty to report; immunity; proceedings; board action; notice requirements; civil penalty
32-2091.10 Right to examine and copy evidence; subpoenas; right to counsel; confidentiality
32-2091.11 Injunction
32-2091.12 Violations; classification
32-2091.13 Confidential communications
Chapter 20 REAL ESTATE
Article 1 Real Estate Department
32-2101 Definitions
32-2102 Administration of chapter by real estate department; purpose
32-2103 Placement of monies collected; revision of fees
32-2104 Real estate advisory board; members; terms; qualifications; compensation; chairman; duties
32-2105 Meetings of the state real estate advisory board
32-2106 Real estate commissioner; appointment; qualifications
32-2107 Powers and duties of commissioner; compensation; administration of department; seal; revolving fund
32-2107.01 Recorded disclaimer of unlawful restrictions
32-2108 Powers and duties of commissioner to make investigations and require information
32-2108.01 License applicants; fingerprint clearance cards; definition
32-2109 Employment; compensation
32-2110 Interest of department officer or employee in real estate company prohibited
32-2111 Attorney general as legal adviser and representative of commissioner
32-2112 Admissibility of certified copies of department records in evidence
32-2113 Recorded disclosure for territory in the vicinity of a military airport or ancillary military facility
32-2114 Recorded disclosure for land under a military training route or restricted air space
32-2114.01 Military electronics range
32-2115 Department's website; military training route map; restricted air space map; military electronics range map
32-2116 Military training routes; contacts
32-2117 Earth fissure maps; posting; immunity
32-2118 Competition with private enterprise; prohibition
32-2119 Consumer education; water supply definitions; map
Article 2 Licensing
32-2121 Applicability of article; exemption
32-2122 License required of brokers and salespersons
32-2123 Application for license as broker or salesperson
32-2124 Qualifications of licensees
32-2125 Licenses for corporations, limited liability companies or partnerships
32-2125.01 Issuance of license; multiple licenses; use
32-2125.02 Nonresident licensees; service of process; employment
32-2125.03 Confidentiality of licensee's residential address, electronic mail address, residential telephone number and social security number
32-2126 Place of business required; notice of change in location; failure to give notice as cancellation of license; signs
32-2127 Licenses for additional places of business; branch office manager; broker's temporary absence
32-2128 Display and possession of license certificate
32-2129 Advance payment of license fees
32-2130; Version 2 Renewal of licenses; education requirements
32-2130 Renewal of licenses
32-2131 Reinstatement of license
32-2132 Fees
32-2133 Temporary broker's license
32-2134 Temporary cemetery salesperson's license
32-2134.01 Membership camping salesperson certificate of convenience
32-2135 Real estate schools; courses of study; instructors; certification
32-2136 Broker management clinics
32-2137 Cancellation of active license
Article 3 Regulation
32-2151 Disposition of funds; trust money deposit requirements
32-2151.01 Broker requirements; record keeping requirements
32-2151.02 Real estate employment agreements; definition
32-2152 Action by broker or salesperson to collect compensation
32-2153 Grounds for denial, suspension or revocation of licenses; letters of concern; provisional license; retention of jurisdiction by commissioner; definitions
32-2153.01 Consent order; terms
32-2154 Cease and desist orders; hearing
32-2155 Restriction on employment or compensation of person as broker or salesperson
32-2156 Real estate sales and leases; disclosure
32-2157 Written notice of charges; summary suspension; hearing; voluntary surrender of license
32-2158 Hearing; witnesses; deposition; service of process
32-2159 Judicial review; costs; transcript
32-2160 Filing of complaint by commissioner; prosecution
32-2160.01 Civil penalties
32-2161 False statements or publications concerning land, subdivision or membership camping contract for sale or lease; classification; definition
32-2162 Sale of cemetery property for speculation unlawful
32-2163 Unlawful acts; out‑of‑state broker; cooperation agreement
32-2164 Unlawful subdivision lot sales
32-2165 Unlicensed activities; violation; classification
32-2166 Activities while incarcerated; violation; classification
Article 3.1 Property Management
32-2171 Definitions
32-2172 Scope of article
32-2173 Property management agreements; contents, termination
32-2174 Property management accounts
32-2175 Property management records; requirements; audits
32-2176 Payment of finder fees to apartment tenants; limits; prohibited activities; civil penalty; definitions
Article 4 Sale of Subdivided Lands
32-2181; Version 2 Notice to commissioner of intention to subdivide lands; unlawful acting in concert; exceptions; deed restrictions; definition
32-2181 Notice to commissioner of intention to subdivide lands; unlawful acting in concert; exceptions; deed restrictions; definition
32-2181.01 Power of commissioner to exempt certain subdivisions or fractional interests by special order
32-2181.02 Exempt sales and leases
32-2181.03 Lot reservations; expiration
32-2182 Examination of subdivision by commissioner; fee
32-2183; Version 2 Subdivision public reports; denial of issuance; unlawful sales; voidable sale or lease; order prohibiting sale or lease; investigations; hearings; summary orders
32-2183 Subdivision public reports; denial of issuance; unlawful sales; voidable sale or lease; order prohibiting sale or lease; investigations; hearings; summary orders
32-2183.01 Advertising material; contents; order prohibiting use; costs of investigation; drawings or contests
32-2183.02 Recording of actions
32-2183.03 Civil liabilities
32-2183.04 Surety bond requirement; form; cancellation; effective date; certificate of deposit
32-2183.05 Military training route disclosure; military electronics range disclosure; residential property
32-2183.06 Restricted air space disclosure; residential property
32-2184 Change of subdivision plan after approval by commissioner; notice
32-2185 Delivery of clear title by vendor on performance of contract by vendee
32-2185.01 Sale of unimproved lots or parcels; conditions precedent; methods
32-2185.02 Permanent access to subdivided land; rescindable sales
32-2185.03 Deposit of fees
32-2185.06 Contract disclosures; contract disclaimers
32-2185.07 Jurisdiction
32-2185.08 Recordable forms of contracts
32-2185.09 Civil penalties; limitation
Article 5 Real Estate Recovery Fund
32-2186 Real estate recovery fund; liability limits; definitions
32-2187 Payments to real estate recovery fund
32-2188 Statute of limitations; service of summons; application for payment; insufficient monies; definition
32-2188.01 Notice of claim to judgment debtor; response
32-2188.02 Correction of deficiencies in the application
32-2188.03 Investigation and discovery
32-2188.04 Final decision and order on claim; notice
32-2188.05 Claimant's right to appeal denial of claim; service of notice of appeal; response; failure to file response
32-2189 Management of fund
32-2191 Commissioner's standing in court
32-2192 Subrogation of rights; collection
32-2193 Waiver of rights
32-2193.01 Effect of article on disciplinary action
32-2193.02 Surety bond requirement; form; cancellation; effective date; certificate of deposit
Article 5.1 Condominium Recovery Fund
32-2193.31 Definitions
32-2193.32 Condominium recovery fund; award limits
32-2193.33 Payments to the condominium recovery fund
32-2193.34 Statute of limitations; service of summons; application for payment; insufficient monies; definition
32-2193.35 Notice of claim to judgment debtor; written response
32-2193.36 Correction of deficiencies in the application
32-2193.37 Investigation and discovery
32-2193.38 Final decision and order on claim; notice
32-2193.39 Claimant's right to appeal denial of claim; service of notice of appeal; response; failure to file response
32-2193.40 Management of fund
32-2193.41 Commissioner's standing in court
32-2193.42 Subrogation of rights
32-2193.43 Waiver of rights
Article 6 Organization and Regulation of Cemeteries
32-2194 Exceptions
32-2194.01 Notice to commissioner of intention to sell cemetery property; exceptions; restrictions
32-2194.02 Examination by commissioner; fee
32-2194.03 Issuance or denial of certificate of authority; voidable sale; order prohibiting sale; investigations by commissioner; public hearings; summary orders
32-2194.04 Contract disclosures; contract disclaimers
32-2194.05 Advertising material; contents; order prohibiting use
32-2194.06 Records of transactions
32-2194.07 Recording of actions
32-2194.08 Administrative penalties
32-2194.09 Civil liabilities
32-2194.10 Change of cemetery plan after approval by commissioner; notice; fee
32-2194.11 Delivery of clear title by cemetery of cemetery plots
32-2194.12 Permanent access to cemetery land
32-2194.13 Deposit of fees
32-2194.14 Cemetery brokers; disclosures
32-2194.15 Jurisdiction
32-2194.16 Sale of undeveloped cemetery property
32-2194.17 Transaction of cemetery business
32-2194.18 Application for authority to open and operate cemeteries
32-2194.19 Investigation of applicant before granting of certificate of authority where needed
32-2194.20 Right of cemetery to make rules and regulations
32-2194.21 Survey of property; maps and plats
32-2194.22 Filing maps and declaration of dedication
32-2194.23 Nonapplication of law against perpetuities
32-2194.24 Trust fund to be established before certificate of authority granted
32-2194.25 Trust fund to be established before existing cemetery can advertise as endowed‑care cemetery
32-2194.26 Initial deposit required in endowment‑care fund
32-2194.27 Restrictive use of income from endowed‑care fund; obligation
32-2194.28 Deposit in endowed-care fund from sales
32-2194.29 Posting of signs by cemeteries
32-2194.30 Restriction on use of care funds
32-2194.31 Crematories
32-2194.32 Opening and closing of burial places
32-2194.33 Cemetery property owners; address notification reclamation; abandoned cemetery plot
Article 7 Sale of Unsubdivided Lands
32-2195 Notice to commissioner of intention before offering for sale or lease of unsubdivided land; definition
32-2195.01 Power of commissioner to exempt certain unsubdivided land by special order
32-2195.02 Examination of unsubdivided land by commissioner; fee
32-2195.03 Unsubdivided land reports; denial of issuance; order prohibiting sale or lease; investigations; hearings; summary orders
32-2195.04 Sale of lots or parcels of unsubdivided lands; conditions precedent; methods
32-2195.05 Advertising material; contents; order prohibiting use; costs of investigation
32-2195.06 Civil liabilities
32-2195.07 Jurisdiction
32-2195.09 Recordable forms of contracts
32-2195.10 Change of plan after approval by commissioner; notice
32-2195.11 Civil penalties; limitation
32-2195.12 Recording of actions
Article 9 Real Estate Timeshares
32-2197 Definitions
32-2197.01 Creation of timeshare plans; ratio
32-2197.02 Notice of intent to sell; application for timeshare plan public report; authorization for pre‑sales
32-2197.03 Rescission of contract or agreement
32-2197.04 Notification of material change
32-2197.05 Escrow or trust account; agreement; evidence of completion; financial assurance
32-2197.06 Declaration of dedication
32-2197.07 Examination of plan by commissioner; fees
32-2197.08; Version 2 Issuance of public report by commissioner on timeshare plan; denial of issuance; additional information; use of another state's public report
32-2197.08 Issuance of public report by commissioner on timeshare plan; denial of issuance; additional information; use of another state's public report
32-2197.09 Rescindable sale or lease
32-2197.10 Timeshare interest reservations
32-2197.11 Developer supervisory duties
32-2197.12 Blanket encumbrance; lien; alternative assurance
32-2197.13 Hearing on denial of public report
32-2197.14 Investigations; orders; hearings
32-2197.15 Order; appointment of receiver; writ of ne exeat
32-2197.17 Advertising and promotional requirements; telemarketing and promotional employees; presentations and tours, drawings and contests; commissioner’s authority; disclosures
32-2197.18 Recording of actions
32-2197.19 Civil liabilities; prohibitions; limitations
32-2197.20 Civil penalty
32-2197.21 Payment of finder fees; limits; prohibited activities; records; definition
32-2197.22 Exemptions; disclosures; exempt communications
32-2197.23 Power of commissioner to exempt timeshare plans
32-2197.24 Applicability of article
Article 10 Membership Camping
32-2198 Unlawful offer or sale of membership camping contract
32-2198.01 Application for membership camping public report; signature; amendment
32-2198.02 Issuance of public report; representations prohibited
32-2198.03 Exemptions
32-2198.04 Examination of project by commissioner
32-2198.05 Contracts; cancellation
32-2198.06 Execution of notes; assignment; purchaser's defenses retained
32-2198.08 Denial, suspension or revocation of a public report
32-2198.09 Fees
32-2198.10 Advertising plans; disclosures; lotteries and drawings
32-2198.11 Purchaser's remedies
32-2198.13 Construction of this article
32-2198.14 Advertising availability of campgrounds to campground members; blanket encumbrances
Article 1 Administration
32-2201 Definitions
32-2202 Board; appointment; term; qualifications; officers; compensation
32-2203 Reports
32-2204 Meetings; quorum
32-2205 Veterinary medical examining board fund
32-2206 Board personnel
32-2207 Veterinary board; powers and duties
32-2208 Immunity from personal liability
Article 2 Licensing
32-2211 Exceptions from application of chapter
32-2212 Issuance of license; previous licenses qualified; use of designations
32-2213 Application for license; retention of examination materials
32-2214 Examination of applicants; confidentiality
32-2215 Qualifications for license
32-2216 Issuance of temporary permits
32-2217 Employees of the state or political subdivisions; license
32-2217.01 Issuance of permit to nonresident
32-2218 License renewal and reinstatement
32-2219 Veterinary license fees
Article 3 Regulation
32-2231 Acts constituting the practice of veterinary medicine; exceptions; definitions
32-2232 Unprofessional or dishonorable conduct
32-2233 Revocation or suspension of license or permit; civil penalty; report of perjury
32-2234 Informal and formal hearings; censure or probation; notice; consent agreements; rehearing; judicial review
32-2235 Complaints
32-2236 Refusal to issue or renew license; reapplication
32-2237 Committee to investigate violations; referral to county attorney or attorney general; inspection of records; subpoenas; civil penalty; injunctions; cease and desist orders; confidentiality
32-2238 Violations; classification
32-2239 Duty of veterinarian to report suspected abuse, cruelty, neglect or animal fighting; immunity
32-2240 Reporting of unprofessional conduct; immunity
32-2240.01 Burial in landfill; notification requirement; licensed crematory
Article 4 Certification of Veterinary Technicians
32-2241 Certified veterinary technician; services performed
32-2242 Application for certification as veterinary technician; qualifications
32-2243 Examination
32-2244 Certificate
32-2245 Certified veterinary technician; services; rules and regulations
32-2246 Duration of certificate
32-2247 Renewal of expired certificates
32-2248 Renewal of certification; certificates expired three years or more
32-2249 Revocation or suspension of certificate; grounds; emergency care by technician; letter of concern
32-2250 Veterinary technician certificate fees
Article 5 Emergency Aid
32-2261 Emergency aid; nonliability
Article 6 Registration of Veterinary Medical Premises
32-2271 License required; inspections
32-2272 Veterinary premises license; application; nontransferability; expiration; renewal; civil penalty
32-2273 Premises license fees
32-2274 Grounds for refusal to issue or renew license or for disciplinary action; procedure
32-2275 Rules; adoption; considerations
32-2276 Retention of jurisdiction
Article 7 Dispensing of Drugs and Devices
32-2281 Dispensing of drugs and devices; conditions; definition
Article 8 Licensure of Animal Crematories
32-2291 License requirements; inspections
32-2292 Animal crematory license; application; nontransferability; expiration; renewal
32-2293 Animal crematory license fees
32-2294 Grounds for refusal to issue or renew license or for disciplinary action; procedure; civil penalty
32-2295 Rules
32-2296 Retention of jurisdiction
Article 1 General Provisions
32-2301 Definitions
32-2302 Office of pest management; acting director
32-2304 Powers and duties
32-2305 Pest management fund; exemption
32-2306 Annual and informational reports
32-2307 Notification of pesticide applications to schools and child care facilities; exemptions; definitions
32-2308 Joint responsibility for supervised persons
Article 2 Certification, Registration and Licensure
32-2311 Persons not required to be licensed; civil penalties; definition
32-2312 Applicator licenses; application; categories; renewal; inactive licenses
32-2313 Business license; renewal; financial security; definition
32-2314 Qualifying party; license; examination; inactive status; temporary license
32-2317 Fees
32-2319 Continuing education
Article 3 Regulation
32-2321 Disciplinary action; grounds; procedure; judicial review
32-2323 Wood‑destroying insects; treatment proposal; registration form; fee
32-2324 Wood‑destroying insect inspection reports
32-2324.01 Fungi inspection reports
32-2325 Unlawful acts
32-2327 Injunctive relief
32-2329 Summary suspension
Article 1 Administration
32-2351 Definitions
32-2352 Enforcement; contract with private entity
32-2353 Exemptions; reporting requirement; immunity
Article 2 Licensing
32-2371 License for schools; requirements
32-2371.01 License for agents; requirements
32-2372 License for instructors; requirements; temporary license
32-2373 Refusal to issue or renew license of school, agent or instructor
32-2374 Fees
32-2375 Disposition of fees
Article 3 Regulation
32-2391 Suspension and revocation of license; determination; appeal
32-2392 Violation; classification
32-2393 Liability insurance required; amount
32-2394 Cease and desist orders
Article 1 General Provisions
32-2401 Definitions
32-2402 Administration by director; duty to keep records; rules; criminal history records checks
32-2404 Private investigator and security guard hearing board; qualifications; appointments; terms; compensation; immunity
32-2405 Power and duties of hearing board
32-2406 Hearings and special meetings; quorum
32-2407 Fees; renewal of license or registration certificate
32-2408 Department of public safety licensing fund
32-2409 Exemptions
32-2410 Power of local authorities
32-2411 License required; violation; classification
32-2412 Good cause exceptions for felony offenses
32-2413 Reciprocal agreements
Article 2 Agency Licenses
32-2421 Qualifying party
32-2422 Qualification of applicant for agency license; substantiation of work experience
32-2423 Application for agency license; financial responsibility; notice and opportunity to supply additional information
32-2425 Issuance of license and identification card; deadline for completing application; transfer of license prohibited
32-2426 Branch office certificate
Article 3 Registration Certificates
32-2441 Qualification of applicant for associate or employee registration
32-2442 Application for employee registration certificate; registration period cancellation
32-2443 Employee identification card required; denial
Article 4 Regulation
32-2451 Impersonation of a public officer; display of identification
32-2452 Authority required to operate under fictitious name
32-2453 Business address; posting of license
32-2454 Advertising
32-2455 Divulging investigative information; false reports prohibited
32-2456 Authority to investigate complaint; filing; response; retention of records
32-2457 Grounds for disciplinary action; emergency summary suspension; judicial review
32-2458 Violation; classification
32-2459 Grounds for refusal to issue agency license; associate and employee registration and identification; judicial review; good cause exceptions
32-2460 Authority to employ unlicensed persons; duty to maintain records
32-2461 Identification card; form
Article 1 General Provisions
32-2501; Version 2 Definitions
32-2501 Definitions
32-2502 Arizona regulatory board of physician assistants; membership; appointment; terms
32-2503 Organization; meetings; compensation
32-2504; Version 2 Powers and duties; subcommittees
32-2504 Powers and duties; subcommittees
32-2505 Personnel; consultants; compensation
32-2506 Arizona medical board fund
32-2507 Licensee profiles; civil penalty
Article 2 Licensure
32-2521; Version 2 Qualifications
32-2521 Qualifications
32-2522 Applications; interview; withdrawal
32-2523 Licensure; renewal; continuing education; expiration
32-2524; Version 2 Exemption from licensure
32-2524 Temporary licensure
32-2525 Cancellation of license
32-2526; Version 2 Fees
32-2526 Fees
32-2527 Change of address; penalty
32-2528; Version 2 Inactive license; application; prohibited activities
32-2528 Inactive license; application; prohibited activities
Article 3 Scope of Practice and Approval of Employment
32-2531; Version 2 Physician assistant scope of practice; health care tasks; supervising physician duties; civil penalty
32-2531 Health care tasks; scope of practice; restrictions; civil penalty
32-2532 Prescribing, administering and dispensing drugs; limits and requirements; notice
32-2533; Version 2 Supervising physician; responsibilities
32-2533 Supervising physician; supervising physician's agent; responsibilities
32-2534; Version 2 Initiation of practice
32-2534 Employment of physician assistant; application
32-2535 Emergency medical care; supervision
Article 4 Regulation
32-2551; Version 2 Grounds for disciplinary action; duty to report; immunity; proceedings; board action; notice; civil penalty
32-2551 Grounds for disciplinary action; duty to report; immunity; proceedings; board action; notice; civil penalty
32-2552 Right to examine and copy evidence; subpoena authority; right to counsel; confidentiality of records
32-2553 Judicial review
32-2554 Violation; classification
32-2555 Injunctions
32-2556 Human immunodeficiency virus; disclosure; immunity; definition
32-2557 Disciplinary action; reciprocity
32-2558 Reinstatement of revoked license
Article 1 General Provisions
32-2601 Definitions
32-2602 Administration by director; duty to keep records; rules; criminal history records checks
32-2605 Power of local authorities
32-2606 Exceptions
32-2607 Fees; renewal of license or registration certificate
32-2608 License or registration required; violation; classification
32-2609 Good cause exceptions for felony offenses
32-2610 Reciprocal agreements; recognition
Article 2 Agency Licensing
32-2611 Necessity of an agency license
32-2612 Qualifications of applicant for agency license; substantiation of work experience
32-2613 Application for agency license; financial responsibility; notice and opportunity to supply additional information
32-2614 Issuance of an agency license and identification card; deadline for completing application
32-2616 Qualifying party; responsibilities
32-2617 Branch office certificate
Article 3 Registration Certificates
32-2621 Necessity of security guard registration
32-2622 Qualifications of applicant for associate, security guard or armed security guard registration certificate
32-2623 Application for employee registration certificate
32-2624 Issuance of security guard registration certificate and identification card
Article 4 Regulation
32-2632 Duty of licensee to provide training of security guards; records; firearms training
32-2633 Identification cards
32-2634 Authority; limitations
32-2635 Uniform and insignia
32-2636 Grounds for disciplinary action; emergency summary suspension; judicial review
32-2637 Violations; classification
32-2638 Disclosure of information to law enforcement officer or county attorney
32-2639 Authority to investigate complaint; filing and response to complaints; retention of records
32-2640 Grounds for refusal to issue or renew an agency license; judicial review; good cause exceptions
32-2641 Grounds for refusal to issue a security guard identification card or registration certificate; judicial review; good cause exceptions
32-2642 Notice of arrest
Article 1 Administration
32-2801 Definitions
32-2802 Medical radiologic technology board of examiners; appointment; terms; compensation; meetings; removal; employees; immunity
32-2803 Radiation regulation agency; rules
32-2804 School approval; standards; considerations
Article 2 Certification
32-2811 Prohibitions and limitations; exceptions
32-2812 Application for certificate; qualifications; fee; exceptions
32-2813 Examination; contents; subsequent examinations
32-2814 Issuance of certificates; temporary certificates; special permits
32-2815 Additional board duties; bone densitometry certification; nuclear medicine; continuing education
32-2816 Certificates; terms; registration; renewal; cancellation; waiver
32-2817 Use of title; display of certificate or permit
32-2818 Lapsed certification; inactive status; reinstatement
32-2819 Radiologist assistants; certification; rules; scope of practice
Article 3 Regulation
32-2821 Revocation or suspension of certificate; other disciplines; grounds; procedures; penalty; judicial review
32-2822 Unlawful acts; classification
32-2823 State radiologic technologist certification fund
32-2824 Inspection
32-2825 Injunctive relief
Article 4 Mammography
32-2841 Mammographic technologists; certification
32-2842 Mammographic images; physicians; requirements
32-2843 Facilities; requirements
Article 1 Board of Homeopathic and Integrated Medicine Examiners
32-2901 Definitions
32-2902 Board of homeopathic and integrated medicine examiners; membership; duties; removal; immunity
32-2903 Board meetings; organization; compensation
32-2904 Powers and duties
32-2905 Executive director; compensation; duties
32-2906 Board of homeopathic and integrated medicine examiners' fund
32-2907 Jurisdiction arbitration panel; members; procedures; duties
Article 2 Licensing
32-2911 Persons and acts not affected by chapter
32-2912 Qualifications of applicant; applications
32-2913 Examination; reexamination
32-2914 Fees
32-2915 Licensure; issuance; duplicate licenses; renewal; continuing education; expiration; cancellation
32-2916 Directory; change of address; civil penalty; fees
32-2917 Locum tenens registration
Article 3 Regulation
32-2931 Violation; classification
32-2932 Use of title or abbreviation by a homeopathic physician
32-2933 Definition of unprofessional conduct
32-2934 Grounds for suspension or revocation of license; duty to report; unprofessional conduct hearing; decision of board
32-2935 Right to examine and copy evidence; summoning witnesses and documents; taking testimony; right to counsel; court aid; process
32-2936 Patient records
32-2937 Judicial review
32-2939 Medical assistants
32-2940 Injunctive relief
32-2941 Substance abuse and treatment rehabilitation program; private contract; funding
Article 4 Dispensing of Drugs and Devices
32-2951 Dispensing drugs and devices; conditions; definition
Article 1 General Provisions
32-3001 Definitions
32-3002 State board for private postsecondary education; committees
32-3003 Powers and duties
32-3004 Board for private postsecondary education fund
Article 2 Licensure
32-3021 Private vocational program license; qualifications; provision of information; exemptions
32-3022 License to grant degrees
32-3023 Letters of credit, bonds or cash deposits; fund
32-3025 Application for license; nontransferability; display
32-3027 Fees
Article 3 Regulation
32-3051 Grounds for disciplinary action
32-3052 Types of disciplinary action; definition
32-3053 Persons doing business without a license
32-3054 Hearing; rehearing or review; surrender of license
32-3055 Judicial review
32-3056 Violation; classification
32-3057 Cease and desist order; injunctive relief; civil penalty
32-3058 Preservation of records
Article 4 Student Tuition Recovery Fund
32-3071 Definitions
32-3072 Student tuition recovery fund
32-3073 Powers and duties of board over fund
32-3074 Deposit of assessments
32-3075 Statute of limitations; recovery from fund; eligibility
32-3076 Subrogation
32-3077 Violation; penalties
Article 1 General Provisions
32-3101 Definitions
32-3102 Nonapplicability of chapter
32-3103 Regulation of health profession legislation
32-3104 Applicant groups; written report
32-3105 Applicants for regulation; factors
32-3106 Applicants for increase in scope of practice; factors
32-3107 Continuing education requirements; evidence of effectiveness
32-3108 Grievance process; public testimony
Article 1 General Provisions
32-3201 Definitions
32-3202 License or certificate suspension
32-3203 Malpractice claim investigation
32-3204 Experimental diagnosis, therapy or treatment; implied consent; definition
32-3205 Board disciplinary action; voting requirements
32-3206 Disciplinary action; information; disclosure
32-3207 Health professionals disease hazard; testing; petition; definition
32-3208 Criminal charges; mandatory reporting requirements; civil penalty
32-3209 Release of information; fees
32-3210 Billing for laboratory costs; unprofessional conduct; definition
32-3211 Medical records; protocol; unprofessional conduct; corrective action; exemptions
32-3212 Umbilical cord blood; patient information; definition
32-3213 Health professionals; disclosure; unprofessional conduct; definition
32-3214 Board actions; records; website; compliance deadline
Article 2 Cosmetic Laser and Injection Procedures
32-3231 Definitions
32-3232 Supervision
32-3233 Lasers; IPL devices; authorized use; authorized supervision
32-3234 Laser safety fund
Article 1 Board of Behavioral Health Examiners
32-3251 Definitions
32-3252 Board of behavioral health examiners; appointment; qualifications; terms; organization; compensation; immunity
32-3253 Powers and duties
32-3254 Board of behavioral health examiners fund
Article 2 Professional Credentialing Committees
32-3261 Credentialing committees; appointment; qualifications; terms; compensation; organization; immunity
32-3262 Credentialing committees; duties
Article 3 Licensure
32-3271 Exceptions to licensure; jurisdiction
32-3272 Fees
32-3273 License renewal; continuing education
32-3274 Reciprocity
32-3275 Requirements for licensure
32-3276 Notice of address and telephone number changes; penalties
32-3277 Expired licenses; reinstatement
32-3278 Inactive license
32-3279 Probationary and temporary licenses
32-3280 Fingerprinting
Article 4 Regulation
32-3281 Disciplinary action; hearings; civil penalty
32-3282 Right to examine and copy evidence; summoning witnesses and documents; taking testimony; right to counsel
32-3283 Confidential relationship; privileged communications; clients with legal guardians; treatment decisions
32-3284 Cease and desist orders; injunctions
32-3285 Judicial review
32-3286 Unlawful practice; unlawful use of title; violation; classification; civil penalty; exception
Article 5 Social Work
32-3291 Licensed baccalaureate social worker; licensure; qualifications; supervision
32-3292 Licensed master social worker; licensure; qualifications; supervision
32-3293 Licensed clinical social worker; licensure; qualifications
Article 6 Counseling
32-3301 Licensed professional counselor; licensure; requirements
32-3303 Licensed associate counselor; licensure; requirements; supervision
Article 7 Marriage and Family Therapy
32-3311 Licensed marriage and family therapist; qualifications
32-3313 Licensed associate marriage and family therapist; licensure; requirements; supervision
Article 8 Substance Abuse Counseling
32-3321 Licensed substance abuse technician; licensed associate substance abuse counselor; licensed independent substance abuse counselor; licensure; qualifications; supervision
Article 1 Board of Occupational Therapy Examiners
32-3401 Definitions
32-3402 Board of occupational therapy examiners; members; qualifications; terms; compensation
32-3403 Executive director; personnel; duties; compensation
32-3404 Powers and duties; commissioners
32-3405 Occupational therapy fund; deposit of receipts by board
Article 2 Licensure
32-3421 Practicing without a license; prohibition; use of titles
32-3422 Persons and practices not required to be licensed
32-3423 Application for licensure; qualifications; examination
32-3424 Examination for licensure of occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants
32-3425 Licensure by endorsement
32-3426 Renewal of license; inactive status; notice of address or name change
32-3427 Fees
32-3428 Limited license
32-3429 Foreign trained applicants
32-3430 Fingerprinting
Article 3 Regulation of Occupational Therapists
32-3441 Proper use of title or designation of occupational therapists; license display; supervision; responsibility
32-3442 Disciplinary action; informal meetings; formal interviews; hearings; penalties; files
32-3443 Hearings and investigations; subpoenas
32-3444 Judicial review
32-3445 Violations; classification
Article 1 General Provisions
32-3501 Definitions
32-3502 Board of respiratory care examiners; membership, appointment, qualifications
32-3503 Meetings; organization; compensation
32-3504 Powers and duties; inspection of records; personnel examinations; immunity
32-3505 Board of respiratory care examiners fund
32-3506 Executive director; duties; compensation
Article 2 Licensure
32-3521 Temporary licensure; exemptions; transactions by medical equipment dealers
32-3522 Application for licensure
32-3523 Qualifications
32-3524 Licensure without examination
32-3525 Renewal of license
32-3526 Fees
Article 3 Regulation
32-3551 Use of title; initials; prohibited acts
32-3552 Grounds for denial of licenses or disciplinary action; judicial review
32-3553 Disciplinary action; duty to report; immunity; proceedings; board action
32-3554 Reinstatement of license; modification of probation
32-3555 Hearings and investigations; subpoenas; representation
32-3556 Unlawful acts
32-3557 Injunctive relief; bond; service of process
32-3558 Violation; classification
Article 1 General Provisions
32-3601 Definitions
32-3602 Applicability of chapter
32-3603 License or certificate use; exception
32-3604 State board of appraisal
32-3605 State board of appraisal; duties
32-3606 Executive director; duties
32-3607 Fees
32-3608 Board of appraisal fund
32-3609 Confidential records
Article 2 Licensing and Certification
32-3611 Licensure and certification process
32-3612 Classifications of licensure and certification
32-3613 Application and qualification requirements for issuance of license
32-3614 Application and qualification requirements for certification
32-3615 Experience requirement for licensure or certification
32-3616 Terms of license or certificate
32-3617 Nonresident temporary licensure or certification
32-3618 Nonresident licensure or certification by reciprocity
32-3619 Renewal of license or certificate; fees
32-3620 Basis for denial of a license or certificate
32-3621 Addresses; telephone numbers; notification of change
32-3622 Licenses and certificates
32-3623 Use of term
32-3624 Professional corporations and partnerships
32-3625 Continuing education
32-3626 Scarcity determination; resident temporary licenses and certificates; exemption
32-3627 Inactive license or certificate status; reactivation application; renewal application and fee; continuing education
32-3628 Inactive license or certificate status during military duty; reactivation application; renewal application and fee; continuing education
Article 3 Regulation
32-3631 Disciplinary proceedings
32-3632 Hearing and judicial review
32-3633 Undue influence; classification
32-3634 Prohibition against discrimination
32-3635 Standards of practice
32-3636 Contingent fees
32-3637 Retention of records; definition
32-3638 Violation; classification
32-3639 Damages; injunctive relief
Article 4 Property Tax Agents
32-3651 Definitions
32-3652 Registration; renewal; fees
32-3653 Property tax agent conduct
32-3654 Disciplinary actions
32-3655 Rules
32-3656 Confidential records
Article 5 Appraisal Management Companies
32-3661 Definitions
32-3662 Registration
32-3663 Exemptions
32-3664 Registration forms
32-3665 Expiration of registration
32-3666 Consent to service of process
32-3667 Fee; bond
32-3668 Owner requirements
32-3669 Controlling person
32-3670 Employee requirements
32-3671 Agreements with independent appraisers; limitations
32-3672 Annual certifications
32-3673 Disclosure of fees
32-3674 Appraiser independence; prohibitions
32-3675 Payment
32-3676 Appraisal reports; alteration; use
32-3677 Adjudication of disputes
32-3678 Enforcement
32-3679 Disciplinary hearings
32-3680 Rule making authority
Article 1 General Provisions
32-3701 Child support arrearages; suspension of license or certificate; applicability; definition
Article 1 General Provisions
32-3801 Personal information maintained by professional boards; confidentiality
Article 1 Acupuncture Board of Examiners
32-3901 Definitions
32-3902 Acupuncture board of examiners; members; qualifications; terms; removal; compensation
32-3903 Powers and duties of the board
32-3904 Executive director; personnel; duties; compensation
32-3905 Acupuncture board of examiners fund
32-3906 Third party reimbursements
Article 2 Licensure
32-3921 Licensure; acts and persons not affected
32-3922 Auricular acupuncture for chemical dependency; definition
32-3923 Use of title or abbreviation by licensee; prohibited acts; posting of license
32-3924 Qualifications for licensure
32-3925 Renewal of license; continuing education
32-3926 Visiting professor certificate
32-3927 Fees
Article 3 Regulation
32-3951 Denial, revocation or suspension of license; hearings; alternative sanctions
32-3952 Right to examine and copy evidence
32-3953 Injunctive relief; bond; service of process
32-3954 Violation; classification
Article 1 General Provisions
32-4001 Scope of chapter
32-4002 Definitions
32-4003 Reporter certification; violation
32-4004 Board of certified reporters
32-4005 Program administration; duties
32-4006 Enforcement and disciplinary procedures
32-4007 Certified reporters fund; report
32-4008 Fees
Article 2 Certification
32-4021 Standard certification qualifications; application
32-4022 Examination; requirements; exemption
32-4023 Certificate renewal
32-4024 Certificate denial
32-4025 Administration of oaths
Article 3 Regulation
32-4041 Revocation or suspension of certificate
32-4042 Certificate reinstatement
Article 1 General Provisions
32-4101 Definitions
32-4102 Board; membership; duties; immunity
32-4103 Board; powers and duties; direction of athletic trainers; continuing education requirements; civil immunity
32-4104 Executive director; personnel
32-4105 Athletic training fund
Article 2 Licensure
32-4121 Persons and activities not required to be licensed
32-4122 Qualifications for licensure
32-4123 Application; statement of deficiencies; hearing
32-4124 License renewal; changes of name or address
32-4125 Reinstatement of license
32-4126 Fees
32-4127 Temporary licenses
32-4128 Fingerprinting
Article 3 Regulation
32-4151 Lawful practice
32-4152 Use of titles; restrictions; violation; classification
32-4153 Grounds for disciplinary action
32-4154 Investigative powers; emergency action; hearing officers
32-4155 Informal interviews; hearings
32-4156 Disciplinary actions; penalties
32-4157 Unlawful practice; classification; civil penalties; injunctive relief
32-4158 Reporting violations; immunity
32-4159 Substance abuse recovery program
32-4160 Public, confidential and privileged information; exception; display of license
32-4161 Judicial review
Article 1 General Provisions
32-4201 Definitions
32-4202 Board; membership; terms; immunity
32-4203 Board; powers and duties
32-4204 Executive director; personnel
32-4205 Deposit and use of monies received by board
Article 2 Licensure
32-4221 Licensure; persons and activities not required to be licensed
32-4222 Qualifications for licensure
32-4223 Reciprocity
32-4224 Application; temporary licensure
32-4225 License renewal; changes in personal information; notification; continuing education
32-4226 Renewal of an expired license; reinstatement of a lapsed license
32-4227 Fees
32-4228 Massage therapy schools; recognition
Article 3 Regulation
32-4251 Lawful practice
32-4252 Use of title; restrictions; violation; classification
32-4253 Disciplinary action; grounds; definitions
32-4254 Investigative powers; emergency action; disciplinary proceedings; formal interview; hearing; civil penalty
32-4255 Unlawful practice; classification; civil penalties; injunctive relief
32-4256 Reporting violations; immunity
32-4257 Third party reimbursement
32-4258 Regulation by county or municipality
32-4259 Access to information; confidential information; display of license
Article 1 General Provisions
32-4301 License, certificate or registration expiration; military active duty; one hundred eighty day extension
Article 1 General Provisions
32-4401 Regulating nonhealth professions and occupations; criteria
32-4402 Applicant groups nonhealth professions and occupations; written report
32-4403 Applicants for regulation; factors
32-4404 Board actions; records; website; compliance deadline

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