53 F.3d - Volume 53 of the Federal Reporter, 3rd Series

Opinions 1 - 500 of 946

Beihua Sheng, Appellee, v. Starkey Laboratories, Inc., Appellant
Date: April 21, 1995
Citation: 53 F.3d 192
Alfred E. Myre, Appellant, v. State of Iowa, Appellee
Date: April 21, 1995
Citation: 53 F.3d 199
In Re Isiah James, Jr., Appellant
Date: May 10, 1995
Citation: 53 F.3d 328
Charles D. Nelson, Appellant, v. Crispus C. Nix, Appellee
Date: April 28, 1995
Citation: 53 F.3d 335
In Re Joan M. Noske, Petitioner
Date: July 22, 1994
Citation: 53 F.3d 335
No. 94-17117
Date: April 27, 1995
Citation: 53 F.3d 340
United States of America, Plaintiff, v. Royal N. Hardage; Advance Chemical Company; Allied-signal,inc.; at & T Technologies, Inc.; Ashland Oil, Inc.;atlantic Richfield Company; Borg-warner Corporation; Catooil & Grease Company; Dal-worth Industries, Inc.;double-eagle Refining Company; Exxon Corporation; Thefirestone Tire & Rubber Company; Foster Feed & Seed Co.;gencorp, Inc.; Bull Hn Information Systems, Inc.; J.o.c.oil Exploration Company, Inc.; Kerr-mcgee, Refiningcorporation; L & S Bearing Company; Magnetic Peripherals,inc.; Maremont Corporation; Mcdonnell-douglas Corporation;mobil Chemical Corporation; Nalco Chemical Company;oklahoma National Stockyards Company; the Oklahomapublishing Company; Rockwell International Corporation;texaco, Inc.; Texas Instruments, Inc.; Uniroyal Inc.;uop, Inc.; Westinghouse Electric Corporation; Weyerhaeusercompany; Powell Sanitation Service, Inc.; Samuel L.bishkin, Individually, and Doing Business As Eltex Chemical& Supply Company; United States Pollution Control, Inc., Defendants,hardage Steering Committee, Defendants-third-partyplaintiffs-appellees, v. Abco, Inc.; Acme Fence & Iron Co.; Advance Packaging,inc.; Agnew Auto Parts Co.; Amedco Steel, Inc.; Americantrailers, Inc.; Anthes, Inc., Doing Business As Antheshi-reach; Arrow Tank Trucks, Inc.; Arthur G. Mckee &company; B & J Tank Truck Service, Inc.; B.w. Solutions,inc.; Bacon Transport Company, Inc.; Beauty Craftvanities; Blackwell Industrial Authority; Paul Boone,individually, and Formerly Doing Business As Lawton Platingco.; Broadway Machine & Motor Supply, Inc.; the Bucketshop; C & H Services, Inc.; Cmi Corporation; Centraloklahoma Equipment Corporation; Cimarron Aircraftcorporation; Cimarron Manufacturing Company; Cliftco Inc.;cook Paint & Varnish Company; Consolidated Cleaningservice Co; Country Home Meat Company; Day Internationalcorporation; Del Paint Corporation, Doing Business As Delpaint Manufacturing; Diffee Motor Company; D-mac Leasing,inc.; Drillers Engine & Supply, Inc.; Dura-chromeindustries, Inc.; Eureka Tool Company; Ferris Resources,inc.; Fruehauf Corporation, Doing Business As Hobbstrailer; Hobbs Trailer; Vernon Garney, Individually, Anddoing Business As Auto Saver; Glidden Coating & Resins,division of Scm Corporation; Groendyke Transport, Inc.;hamm & Phillips Service Company; Industrial Fabricatingco.; Jackie Cooper Olds-gmc Inc.; James Bute Company;mrs. William Jenkins, Individually, and Doing Business Asfoster Septic Tank Cleaning; J.f. Smith & Sons, Inc.;kelsey-hayes Corporation, Also Known As Kelsey Axle & Brakesco.; Laidlaw Waste Systems, Inc.; Bill Lance, Anindividual; Larry Goad & Company; Lassiter Enterprises,inc.; Master Motor Rebuilders, Inc.; Materials Recoveryenterprises, Inc.; Mcalester Public Schools; Bob Mcbroom,individually, and Doing Business As American Furniturestripping; Ray Mcgee, Individually, and Doing Business Asquality Drum Service; George Mckiddie, Individually, Anddoing Business As Capitol Grease Company; Grease Company;medley Material Handling, Inc.; Metroplex Sanitation, Inc.;mistletoe Express Service; Morris Fixture Company; Napkocorporation; Newman Bros. Trucking Company; Noble Chemicalcorporation; the City of Norman, Oklahoma; Northropworldwide Aircraft Service, Inc.; Oklahoma Tank Service;oklahoma Transportation Company; Page Industries, Inc.;powell Electrical Manufacturing Company; George Powell,individually, and Doing Business As Powell Service Company;premier Industrial Corp., Doing Business As Kent Industries;rwr Steel Company; Rabar Enterprises, Inc.; Ramtransports, Inc.; Reliance Universal, Inc.; S & S Platingcompany; Sermatech International Inc.; Solventmanufacturing Company, Inc.; Sooner Oil Patch Services,inc.; Spector Red Ball, Inc.; Steelcraft, Inc.; Sublett &associates, Inc.; Sunwest Industries of Oklahoma, Inc.;raymond Switzer, Individually, and Doing Business As Switzer& Gypsum Lime Company; T.i.p., Inc.; Thermo King Sales &service of Oklahoma, Inc.; Triangle Engineering Company;trigg Drilling Company, Inc.; United Plating Works, Inc.;victor Equipment Co.; Waste Se
Date: May 5, 1995
Citation: 53 F.3d 343
Claude E. Holmes, Petitioner, v. Department of Defense, Respondent
Date: February 3, 1995
Citation: 53 F.3d 344
No. 94-1082
Date: March 10, 1994
Citation: 53 F.3d 344
Nordale, Inc. v. Samsco, Inc
Date: January 31, 1995
Citation: 53 F.3d 344
Nasatka v. Delta Scientific
Date: February 9, 1995
Citation: 53 F.3d 345
In Re Morrie Gasser, Andrew C. Goldstein and Charles W. Kaufman
Date: April 11, 1995
Citation: 53 F.3d 346
In Re Sunmarks, Inc
Date: April 11, 1995
Citation: 53 F.3d 346
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