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Hill v. Xerox Bus. Servs., LLC (Majority and Dissent)  
Date: September 20, 2018
Docket Number: 94860-7

Justia Opinion Summary: The dispute in this case concerned the correct characterization of Xerox's payment play under Washington law. Xerox had compensation formula fo call center employees based on "production minutes" - a unit of time during...

Washington v. Yelovich (Majority and Concurrence)  
Date: September 20, 2018
Docket Number: 95192-6

Justia Opinion Summary: Steven Yelovich and Faith De Armond dated for more than five years. Relevant to this appeal, Yelovich had an active restraining order against him, prohibiting him from coming near De Armond or having any contact with her...

Washington v. Ramirez (Majority)  
Date: September 20, 2018
Docket Number: 95249-3

Justia Opinion Summary: A jury convicted David Ramirez of third degree assault and possession of a controlled substance, and found by special verdict that he committed the assault with sexual motivation and displayed an egregious lack of remors...

Washington v. Sassen Van Elsloo (Majority, Concurrence and Dissent)  
Date: September 13, 2018
Docket Number: 94325-7

Justia Opinion Summary: Adrian Sassen Van Elsloo appealed the dismissal of an impaneled juror excused midtrial because she had a minor connection to an important defense witness. The Washington Supreme Court concluded the trial judge erred by d...

Washington v. Nguyen (Majority)  
Date: September 13, 2018
Docket Number: 94883-6

Justia Opinion Summary: Defendants Hai Nguyen and Dominique Norris' cases were consolidated for the Washington Supreme Court's review; the issue they shared was whether the community custody conditions imposed by their respective sentencing cou...

Southwick, Inc. v. Washington (Majority and Dissent)  
Date: September 13, 2018
Docket Number: 95237-0

Justia Opinion Summary: A cemetery operator challenged a fine imposed when it relocated cremains without giving prior notification of its actions to next of kin. The operator claimed it was acting under its own rules in disinterring 37 sets of...

Martin v. Gonzaga Univ. (Majority)  
Date: September 13, 2018
Docket Number: 95269-8

Justia Opinion Summary: David Martin's employment with Gonzaga University was terminated. He sued, alleging he was wrongfully discharged because of whistle-blowing, and asserted a private cause of action under RCW 49.12.250 for an alleged viola...

Olympic Peninsula Narcotics Enf't Team v. Junction City Lots 1 through 12 Inclusive (Majority and Dissent)  
Date: September 6, 2018
Docket Number: 95013-0

Justia Opinion Summary: The Washington civil forfeiture statute allows law enforcement agencies to seize and take ownership of property that had a sufficient factual nexus to certain controlled substance violations; if law enforcement cannot pr...

Puget Soundkeeper All. v. Dep't of Ecology (Majority and Dissent)  
Date: August 30, 2018
Docket Number: 94293-5

Justia Opinion Summary: The issue this case presented for the Washington Supreme Court's review centered on whether the state Department of Ecology's then-current wast discharge permitting process complied with RCW 90.48.520 and its requirement...

Eyman v. Wyman (Majority, Concurrence, Dissent and Concurrence/Dissent)  
Date: August 28, 2018
Docket Number: 95749-5

Justia Opinion Summary: Washington voters referred Initiative 940 ("I-940") to the Legislature; I-940 was an initiative concerning police reform. The legislature also passed a conditional bill, ESHB 3003, purporting to prospectively amend 1-940...

Ball v. Wyman (Majority and Order)
Date: August 24, 2018
Docket Number: 96191-3
Hill v. Garda CL Nw, Inc. (Majority, Concurrence and Dissent)  
Date: August 23, 2018
Docket Number: 94593-4

Justia Opinion Summary: Constant vigilance is a job requirement for Garda CL Northwest, Inc., a company that operates armored transportation services. Garda requires those employees to maintain vigilance even when they take lunch breaks. The Co...

In re Disciplinary Proceedings Against Cottingham (Majority)
Date: August 16, 2018
Docket Number: 201,704-5
Washington v. Curry (Majority and Concurrence)  
Date: August 16, 2018
Docket Number: 94681-7

Justia Opinion Summary: After unsuccessfully representing himself at trial, Jerome Curry Jr. appealed his drug convictions to the Court of Appeals, challenging the trial court's decision to allow Curry to represent himself. The Court of Appeals...

Washington v. Linville (Majority and Concurrence)  
Date: August 16, 2018
Docket Number: 94813-5

Justia Opinion Summary: Kenneth Linville, Jr. was charged with leading a wave of burglaries throughout Thurston County, Washington. The State charged Linville with one count of "leading organized crime," in addition to 137 other offenses. Some...

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