In re Bailey

Annotate this Case
                                ENTRY ORDER

                      SUPREME COURT DOCKET NO. 90Ä543

                            DECEMBER TERM, 1991

In re Thomas B. Bailey, Esq.      }          Original Jurisdiction
                                  }          FROM:
                                  }          Professional Conduct Board
                                  }          DOCKET NOS. 89.56, 89.56.1
                                                         and 89.56.2

             In the above entitled cause the Clerk will enter:

     The December 6, 1991, decision of the Professional Conduct Board, which
accepted the stipulation between bar counsel and respondent of the same
date, is hereby approved.

     Pursuant thereto:

     (1) respondent has complied with the terms of this Court's October 11,
1991, suspension order;

     (2) respondent is suspended for an additional period, which began on
November 11, 1991, and shall expire on February 10, 1992; and

     (3) respondent is on probation for a period of two years, during which
respondent's trust account will be maintained by a bookkeeper or accountant
and during which respondent will be required to demonstrate, by prompt sub-
mission of quarterly reports prepared by an independent accountant, that
his records conform to the requirements of DR 9Ä102(C).

                                   BY THE COURT:

                                   Frederic W. Allen, Chief Justice

                                   Ernest W. Gibson III, Associate Justice

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                                   James L. Morse, Associate Justice

                                   Denise R. Johnson, Associate Justice