Vermont Case Law

The Vermont state court system is divided into two levels. The only appellate court in Vermont is the Vermont Supreme Court, which consists of five justices. The Supreme Court reviews appeals of decisions by the lower courts in the state. It also administers the state court system and crafts rules of procedure. Decisions by the Vermont Supreme Court are final unless the U.S. Supreme Court agrees to review an appeal of a decision.

The lower level of the Vermont state court system consists primarily of the Vermont Superior Courts. The Superior Courts hold general jurisdiction over civil and criminal cases. Each of the 14 counties in Vermont has a Superior Court. They are divided into civil, criminal, family, and probate divisions. The Superior Courts also contain a single environmental division, which reviews cases related to land use that arise across the state.

Vermont also has a specialized court known as the Vermont Judicial Bureau. This court reviews cases that involve citations issued by the state or local law enforcement officers. Decisions by the Judicial Bureau may be appealed to the criminal division of a Superior Court.

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