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Seven justices serve on the Illinois Supreme Court, which is located in Springfield. The Court generally reviews appeals from the Illinois Appellate Court at its discretion, but it must hear an appeal when a case involves the constitutionality of a law. It also holds original jurisdiction over matters related to writs of mandamus and habeas corpus, as well as certain other narrow situations. The Chief Justice and the staff of the Supreme Court oversee the other Illinois courts. The Court works together with the Illinois legislature in making rules for the judicial branch.

To be qualified to serve as a justice on the Illinois Supreme Court, a candidate must be a U.S. citizen who is licensed to practice law in the state. They also must be a resident of the district in which they run for election. The Illinois legislature formerly required all justices (and other judges) to retire at the age of 75, but the Illinois Supreme Court struck down this rule in 2009. Justices serve 10-year terms, for which they are elected in partisan elections. Illinois is divided into five judicial districts for the purposes of these elections. The district that contains Chicago and Cook County elects three justices, while each of the other districts elects one justice. At the end of their term, a justice will receive another term if they secure at least 60 percent of the votes in a retention election. The justices of the Court elect the Chief Justice to serve a three-year term.

When a vacancy arises on the Court, the remaining justices will appoint an interim justice to fill the seat. Illinois is the only state in the U.S. that allows its state Supreme Court to make interim appointments to its own seats. To retain their seat, the interim justice must seek a full term in the first general election that is held more than 60 days after they are appointed.

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Recent Decisions From the Supreme Court of Illinois
People v. Murray
Date: October 18, 2019
Citation: 2019 IL 123289
Docket Number: 123289
People v. Austin  
Date: October 18, 2019
Citation: 2019 IL 123910
Docket Number: 123910

Justia Opinion Summary: Defendant and Matthew lived together along with her children and shared an iCloud account. Matthew was aware of this data-sharing arrangement but did not disable it. Text messages between Matthew and the victim, who was...

People v. Custer  
Date: September 19, 2019
Citation: 2019 IL 123339
Docket Number: 123339

Justia Opinion Summary: Custer had already been convicted of several crimes when entered an open plea of guilty to unlawful possession of a controlled substance in 2010. Before his sentencing hearing, Custer was arrested again after an attack o...

Carmichael v. Union Pacific Railroad Co.  
Date: September 19, 2019
Citation: 2019 IL 123853
Docket Number: 123853

Justia Opinion Summary: Carmichael was an employee of the Railroad, which contracted with PTI to transport its employees to and between job sites. Plaintiff was riding in a PTI van in the course of her employment when the van collided with anot...

People v. Smith  
Date: September 19, 2019
Citation: 2019 IL 123901
Docket Number: 123901123902

Justia Opinion Summary: In 2009, Burtner, a 65-year-old veteran, went to deposit VFW receipts at a Midlothian bank. A teller saw Burtner approach and saw a man in a hooded sweatshirt walk quickly behind him. After briefly losing sight of both m...

Accettura v. Vacationland, Inc.  
Date: September 19, 2019
Citation: 2019 IL 124285
Docket Number: 124285

Justia Opinion Summary: Plaintiffs purchased a recreational vehicle (RV) from Vacationland for $26,000.25. When it leaked during a rainstorm, they brought it in for repair. When it leaked again, causing extensive damage, they brought it back. A...

People v. Johnson  
Date: August 1, 2019
Citation: 2019 IL 123318
Docket Number: 123318

Justia Opinion Summary: The Supreme Court of Illinois reversed the appellate court's reversal of defendant's conviction of burglary. The court held that the appellate court erred in its analysis of the limited-authority doctrine and in holding...

County of Will v. Pollution Control Board  
Date: June 20, 2019
Citation: 2019 IL 122798
Docket Numbers: 122798, 122813

Justia Opinion Summary: In 2010, the Illinois General Assembly directed the Pollution Control Board to adopt rules for the use of clean construction or demolition debris (CCDD) and uncontaminated soil (US) as fill material at clean construction...

McCarthy v. Taylor (Amended Opinion)
Date: June 20, 2019
Citation: 2019 IL 123622
Docket Number: 123622
McCarthy v. Taylor  
Date: June 20, 2019
Citation: 2019 IL 123622
Docket Number: 123622

Justia Opinion Summary: Plaintiff sued Defendant for tortious interference with Plaintiff’s share of the trust by making false statements and presenting misleading evidence against Plaintiff in earlier litigation. Both parties were licensed att...

McIntosh v. Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc.  
Date: June 20, 2019
Citation: 2019 IL 123626
Docket Number: 123626

Justia Opinion Summary: Plaintiff’s class action complaint alleged that Walgreens violated the Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act, 815 ILCS 505/1, by unlawfully collecting a municipal tax imposed by Chicago on purchases of bott...

Ward v. Decatur Memorial Hospital  
Date: June 20, 2019
Citation: 2019 IL 123937
Docket Number: 123937

Justia Opinion Summary: In December 2007, the decedent had gastric bypass surgery and developed a bed sore that became infected. The Hospital discharged him four days after the procedure. In January 2008, the decedent died from complications as...

Nichols v. Fahrenkamp  
Date: June 20, 2019
Citation: 2019 IL 123990
Docket Number: 123990

Justia Opinion Summary: In 2004, Nichols, age 11, received $600,000 in a settlement for injuries she suffered in a motor vehicle accident. The court appointed her mother as her guardian to administer her estate and appointed attorney Fahrenkamp...

People v. Clark  
Date: June 6, 2019
Citation: 2019 IL 122891
Docket Number: 122891

Justia Opinion Summary: Clark pled guilty to charges of burglary and unlawful use of a credit card and was released on bond pending the imposition of sentence. While awaiting sentencing, Clark was found guilty of violating 720 ILCS 5/31-6(a) fo...

LMP Services, Inc. v. City of Chicago  
Date: May 23, 2019
Citation: 2019 IL 123123
Docket Number: 123123

Justia Opinion Summary: Chicago Ordinance 2012-4489 provides that “[n]o operator of a mobile food vehicle shall park or stand such vehicle within 200 feet of any principal customer entrance to a restaurant which is located on the street level.”...

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