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Seven justices serve on the Illinois Supreme Court, which is located in Springfield. The Court generally reviews appeals from the Illinois Appellate Court at its discretion, but it must hear an appeal when a case involves the constitutionality of a law. It also holds original jurisdiction over matters related to writs of mandamus and habeas corpus, as well as certain other narrow situations. The Chief Justice and the staff of the Supreme Court oversee the other Illinois courts. The Court works together with the Illinois legislature in making rules for the judicial branch.

To be qualified to serve as a justice on the Illinois Supreme Court, a candidate must be a U.S. citizen who is licensed to practice law in the state. They also must be a resident of the district in which they run for election. The Illinois legislature formerly required all justices (and other judges) to retire at the age of 75, but the Illinois Supreme Court struck down this rule in 2009. Justices serve 10-year terms, for which they are elected in partisan elections. Illinois is divided into five judicial districts for the purposes of these elections. The district that contains Chicago and Cook County elects three justices, while each of the other districts elects one justice. At the end of their term, a justice will receive another term if they secure at least 60 percent of the votes in a retention election. The justices of the Court elect the Chief Justice to serve a three-year term.

When a vacancy arises on the Court, the remaining justices will appoint an interim justice to fill the seat. Illinois is the only state in the U.S. that allows its state Supreme Court to make interim appointments to its own seats. To retain their seat, the interim justice must seek a full term in the first general election that is held more than 60 days after they are appointed.

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Recent Decisions From the Supreme Court of Illinois
People v. Lusby  
Date: October 22, 2020
Citation: 2020 IL 124046
Docket Number: 124046

Justia Opinion Summary: In 2002, Lusby was convicted of first-degree murder, aggravated criminal sexual assault, and home invasion and sentenced to 130 years’ imprisonment. Though he was 23 years old at the time of the trial, he was only 16 yea...

Tabirta v. Cummings  
Date: October 22, 2020
Citation: 2020 IL 124798
Docket Number: 124798

Justia Opinion Summary: Tabirta was driving a truck in Ohio, when another truck, driven by Cummings, collided with his vehicle. Plaintiff suffered severe injuries, including the amputation of both legs. Cummings’s vehicle was owned by his emplo...

Goral v. Dart  
Date: October 22, 2020
Citation: 2020 IL 125085
Docket Number: 125085

Justia Opinion Summary: Cook County Sheriff Dart instituted disciplinary proceedings against several Sheriff’s officers (plaintiffs) by filing charges with the Cook County Sheriff’s Merit Board under Counties Code, 55 ILCS 5/3-7011. The plainti...

People v. Deleon  
Date: September 24, 2020
Citation: 2020 IL 124744
Docket Number: 124744

Justia Opinion Summary: Deleon was charged with four counts of criminal sexual assault. The conditions of Deleon’s bond release prohibited him from contacting the victim or visiting her home, school, or workplace. Under 725 ILCS 5/112A-11.5, th...

Department of Human Rights v. Oakridge Healthcare Center, LLC  
Date: September 24, 2020
Citation: 2020 IL 124753
Docket Number: 124753

Justia Opinion Summary: In 2014, a $30,880 judgment covering backpay and pre-judgment interest was entered against Oakridge Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, LLC, for its age and disability discrimination against a former employee, in violation...

People v. Stoecker  
Date: September 24, 2020
Citation: 2020 IL 124807
Docket Number: 124807

Justia Opinion Summary: In 1998, a jury convicted Stoecker of first-degree murder and aggravated criminal sexual assault of a 15-year-old girl. His convictions and sentences were affirmed. Stoecker filed numerous unsuccessful petitions for coll...

McAllister v. Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission  
Date: September 24, 2020
Citation: 2020 IL 124848
Docket Number: 124848

Justia Opinion Summary: McAllister injured his knee while working as a sous chef for a restaurant. The injury occurred as he stood up from a kneeling position while attempting to retrieve food that had been misplaced in the cooler. He had prev...

Sharpe v. Westmoreland  
Date: September 24, 2020
Citation: 2020 IL 124863
Docket Number: 124863

Justia Opinion Summary: Sharpe and Westmoreland were married and had a child, A.S. The marriage was dissolved in 2013. Sharpe and Westmoreland agreed to a joint parenting agreement. The parents shared equal parenting time. A.S.’s legal residenc...

Berry v. City of Chicago  
Date: September 24, 2020
Citation: 2020 IL 124999
Docket Number: 124999

Justia Opinion Summary: Named plaintiffs filed a two-count class-action complaint on behalf of “all residents of the City of Chicago who have resided in an area where the City has replaced water mains or meters between January 1, 2008, and the...

People v. Hollahan  
Date: September 24, 2020
Citation: 2020 IL 125091
Docket Number: 125091

Justia Opinion Summary: Hollahan was charged with aggravated DUI. His initial jury trial ended in a mistrial when a video recording of the traffic stop was inadvertently played beyond the point of admissible evidence. During a second jury tria...

People v. Gaines  
Date: September 24, 2020
Citation: 2020 IL 125165
Docket Number: 125165

Justia Opinion Summary: After a dispute at his parents’ house, Gaines was charged with criminal damage to property, criminal trespass to a residence, misdemeanor criminal damage to property, misdemeanor domestic battery, and misdemeanor aggrava...

United States v. Glispie  
Date: September 24, 2020
Citation: 2020 IL 125483
Docket Number: 125483

Justia Opinion Summary: Glispie has four Illinois convictions for residential burglary, having pled guilty to knowingly and without authority entering into other people’s dwelling places to commit thefts. He subsequently pled guilty to possessi...

People v. Sophanavong  
Date: August 20, 2020
Citation: 2020 IL 124337
Docket Number: 124337

Justia Opinion Summary: In 2013, the defendant was indicted on three counts of first-degree murder and single counts of aggravated kidnapping and violating an order of protection. The defendant pled guilty to one count of first-degree murder; t...

People v. Robinson  
Date: June 18, 2020
Citation: 2020 IL 123849
Docket Number: 123849

Justia Opinion Summary: Robinson and two others were charged with the 1997 shooting death of Giles. Tucker testified that Robinson told him that he had killed Giles and had given details about the killing and the disposal of the body and of evi...

People v. Radford  
Date: June 18, 2020
Citation: 2020 IL 123975
Docket Number: 123975

Justia Opinion Summary: Following the death of his 26-month-old daughter from traumatic brain injuries, Radford was convicted of endangering the life or health of a child, 720 ILCS 5/12-21.6(a) in Kankakee County. His conviction and sentence we...

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