In re Judges & Lawyers Assistance Program (Per Curiam)

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Cite as 2012 Ark. 275 SUPREME COURT OF ARKANSAS No. IN RE JUDGES AND LAWYERS ASSISTANCE PROGRAM Opinion Delivered June 14, 2012 PER CURIAM On March 31, 2011, this court appointed Mr. Stan Langley, an attorney from Jonesboro, to replace Judge David Laser on the Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program Committee (Committee). Mr. Langley expressed great enthusiasm for participation in the good works of this Committee. Sadly, after an extended illness, Mr. Langley died in December 2011, just a few months after his appointment. As we now appoint a replacement for Mr. Langley, we take the opportunity to express our appreciation for Mr. Langley s willingness to serve on this Committee. We also extend our condolences to Mr. Langley s family as well as his friends and colleagues in and around Jonesboro. The Committee will miss the contribution he no doubt would have made. We appoint Jim Julian of Little Rock to serve as an attorney representative on the Committee. In accord with Rule 2 of the Arkansas Rules for the Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program, Mr. Julian shall serve the balance of Mr. Langley s term which will conclude on February 28, 2017. Again, we are grateful that Mr. Langley was willing to step Cite as 2012 Ark. 275 forward and offer assistance to his colleagues in the Bar and on the Bench. We thank Mr. Julian for his acceptance of appointment to this important Committee. 2