2010 Arizona Revised Statutes
Title 49 - The Environment

Article 1 Department of Environmental Quality
49-101 Definitions
49-102 Department of environmental quality; director; deputy director; division directors; divisions
49-103 Department employees; legal counsel
49-104 Powers and duties of the department and director
49-106 Statewide application of rules
49-107 Local delegation of state authority
49-108 Hazardous materials emergency response operations
49-109 Certificate of disclosure of violations; remedies
49-110 Compliance order; hearing; judicial review; enforcement
49-111 Permit application; plan approval; notice to counties, cities or towns
49-112 County regulation; standards
49-113 Fees; unpaid amounts; penalties; audits
49-114 Appeals of agency decisions
49-115 Indirect cost fund; use; exemption
49-116 Informal appeals of agency decisions; technical appeals program fund; definitions
49-117 Supplemental environmental project; requirements; nexus
Article 3 Environmental Nuisances
49-141 Environmental nuisances
49-142 Abatement order; hearing; injunction
49-143 Abatement of environmental nuisances
49-144 Right to enter premises for inspection or abatement
Article 4 Remediation Standards
49-151 Definitions
49-152 Soil remediation standards; restrictions on property use
49-152.01 Engineering controls; financial assurance
49-152.02 Enforcement of engineering controls; civil penalty
49-158 Restrictions on property use; enforcement of engineering and institutional controls
49-159 Institutional and engineering control fund; purpose
Article 5 Voluntary Remediation Program
49-171 Definitions
49-172 Applicability
49-173 Application requirements
49-174 Application review and approval
49-175 Work plans
49-176 Community involvement requirements
49-177 Work plan review and approval
49-178 Termination and withdrawal
49-179 Application fees; reimbursement of costs of review
49-180 Modification of work plan
49-181 Requests for no further action determination
49-182 Approval of remediations for cost recovery
49-183 Insurance
49-184 Reservation of rights
49-185 Appeals and dispute resolution
49-186 Rules; program termination; no licensing
49-187 Voluntary remediation fund
49-188 Department access to private property
Article 6 Regulation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions
49-191 Greenhouse gas programs; definition
Article 1 General Provisions
49-201 Definitions
49-202 Designation of state agency
49-202.01 Surface water quality general grazing permit; best management practices for grazing activities; definition
49-203 Powers and duties of the director and department
49-204 Gray water reuse
49-205 Availability of information to the public
49-206 Preservation of rights
49-207 Discrimination prohibited
49-208 Public participation
49-209 Industrial discharges to community sewer systems; registration; fee
49-210 Water quality fee fund; appropriation; exemption; monies held in trust
Article 1.1 Brownfields Cleanup Revolving Loan Fund Program
49-218 Definitions
49-218.01 Brownfields cleanup revolving loan fund program; eligibility
49-218.02 Brownfields cleanup revolving loan fund
Article 2 Water Quality Standards
49-221 Water quality standards in general
49-222 Water quality standards for navigable waters
49-223 Aquifer water quality standards
49-224 Aquifer identification, classification and reclassification
49-225 Water quality monitoring
Article 2.1 Total Maximum Daily Loads
49-231 Definitions
49-232 Lists of impaired waters; data requirements; rules
49-233 Priority ranking and schedule
49-234 Total maximum daily loads; implementation plans
49-235 Rules
49-236 Report
49-237 Impact of successful judicial appeal of Arizona department of environmental quality decision
49-238 Program termination
Article 3 Aquifer Protection Permits
49-241 Permit required to discharge
49-241.01 Groundwater protection permit facilities; schedule; definition
49-241.02 Payment for aquifer protection permit fees; definitions
49-242 Procedural requirements for individual permits; annual registration of permittees; fee
49-243 Information and criteria for issuing individual permit; definition
49-243.01 Presumptive best available demonstrated control technology
49-244 Point of compliance
49-245 Criteria for issuing general permit
49-245.01 Storm water general permit
49-245.02 General permit for certain discharges associated with man-made bodies of water
49-246 Criteria for developing best management practices
49-247 Agricultural general permits; best management practices for regulated agricultural activities
49-248 Agricultural best management practices advisory committee
49-249 Aquifer pollution information
49-250 Exemptions
49-251 Temporary emergency waiver
49-252 Closure notification and approval
Article 3.1 Arizona Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Program
49-255 Definitions
49-255.01 Arizona pollutant discharge elimination system program; rules and standards; affirmative defense; fees; exemption from termination
49-255.02 Pretreatment program; rules and standards
49-255.03 Sewage sludge program; rules and requirements
Article 4 Enforcement
49-261 Compliance orders; appeal; enforcement
49-262 Injunctive relief; civil penalties; recovery of litigation costs
49-263 Criminal violations; classification; civil penalties; definition
49-263.01 Arizona pollutant discharge elimination system program; violation; classification
49-263.02 Sewage sludge program; violation; classification
49-264 Private right of action; citizen suits
49-265 Venue
Article 5 Remedial Actions
49-281 Definitions
49-282 Water quality assurance revolving fund
49-282.01 Maximum annual payments of fees and taxes by mines to water quality assurance revolving fund; definitions
49-282.02 Water quality assurance revolving fund; emergency response use; definitions
49-282.03 Interim remedial actions; reimbursement of the fund; rules
49-282.04 Cross-contamination inspection; remedial measures
49-282.05 Agreements for work; suspension of remedial action
49-282.06 Remedial action criteria; rules
49-283 Responsible party liability exemptions; definitions
49-283.01 Remediated water; liability; definitions
49-283.02 Petroleum liability
49-284 Notice; reportable quantities; penalties
49-285 Liability for remedial actions costs; limitation of actions
49-285.01 Prospective purchaser agreements; assignment; notice; fees; rules
49-286 Mitigation of non-hazardous releases
49-287 Enforcement; use of fund; inspections and information gathering; civil penalties
49-287.01 Investigation scoring and site registry; no further action
49-287.02 Responsible party search
49-287.03 Remedial investigation and feasibility study
49-287.04 Proposed remedial action plan; preliminary list of responsible parties; opportunity to comment; record of decision; appeal
49-287.05 Notice of liability allocation; eligibility
49-287.06 Allocation hearing
49-287.07 Actions for allocation and recovery of remedial action costs; limitation of actions
49-288 Information gathering and access; enforcement; retaliatory action; civil penalties
49-289 Fund financed remedial action; definition
49-289.01 Site boundary adjustment petitions; rules
49-289.02 Community information; public notice and comment
49-289.03 Community involvement plan; community advisory boards; rules
49-289.04 Water quality assurance revolving fund advisory board; definitions
49-289.05 Water quality assurance revolving fund advisory board; evaluation; report
49-290 Exemption from permit requirements; definition
49-290.01 Applicability of requirements; Arizona department of water resources
49-290.02 Applicability of Arizona department of water resources requirements; metal mining facilities
49-292 Settlement; authority and effect
49-292.01 Qualified business settlements; definition
49-292.02 Financial hardship settlement
49-294 Use of monies obtained through consent decrees or litigation
49-295 Environmental liens
49-296 Settlement agreements
49-298 Appealable agency actions; licenses
Article 6 Pesticide Contamination Prevention
49-301 Definitions
49-302 Information submittal
49-303 Pesticide evaluation process; reporting requirements
49-304 Penalty for groundwater protection data gap
49-305 Groundwater protection list; regulation of pesticides on list
49-306 Groundwater protection data gap; cancellation of registration
49-307 Monitoring and testing
49-308 Enforcement
49-309 Cancellation of pesticide registration; hearing for reconsideration and continued use
49-310 New pesticides; conditional registration; reports
Article 7 Water Quality Appeals
49-321 Appeals
49-322 Water quality appeals board
49-323 Appeals to the board; judicial review
49-324 Stay pending appeal; standard of review
Article 8 Dry Wells
49-331 Definitions
49-332 Registration
49-333 Regulation of dry wells; license to drill
49-334 Enforcement and penalties; appeals
49-335 Rules
49-336 Exemption; golf courses
Article 9 Potable Water Systems
49-351 Designation of responsible state agency
49-352 Classifying systems and certifying personnel; limitation
49-353 Duties of director; rules; prohibited lead use
49-353.01 Duties of director; rules; standards; water supply; definition
49-354 Enforcement; violation; classification; compliance orders; judicial review; injunctive relief; civil administrative penalties; civil penalties
49-355 Small water systems fund
49-356 Water systems; designating lead agency; coordinating council
49-357 Joint monitoring and testing
49-358 Water system compliance assistance program
49-360 Monitoring assistance program for public water systems; monitoring assistance fund; rules
Article 10 Sewage Treatment Plants
49-361 Sewage treatment plants; operator certification
49-362 Calculation of wastewater treatment capacity; gray water; definition
Article 11 Local Stormwater Quality Programs
49-371 Local stormwater quality programs; authority; limitations; fee; civil penalty; definition
49-372 Administrative director; enforcement
Article 12 Local Water Pretreatment
49-391 Local enforcement of water pretreatment requirements; civil penalties
Article 1 General Provisions
49-401 Declaration of policy
49-401.01; Version 2 Definitions
49-401.01 Definitions
49-402 State and county control
49-403 General permits and individual permits; issuance; definition
49-404 State implementation plan
49-405 Attainment area designations
49-406 Nonattainment area plan
49-407 Private right of action; citizen suits
49-408 Air quality conformity; definition
49-409 Chlorofluorocarbons; permitted use; retaliation prohibited
49-410 Arizona emissions bank; program termination
49-412 Alternative fuel delivery systems; standardized waivers
49-413 Clean burning alternative fuels; public refueling
Article 2 State Air Pollution Control
49-421 Definitions
49-422 Powers and duties; definition
49-424 Duties of department
49-425 Rules; hearing
49-426 Permits; duties of director; exceptions; applications; objections; fees
49-426.01 Permits; changes within a source; revisions
49-426.02 Permit shield
49-426.03 Enforcement of federal hazardous air pollutant program; definitions
49-426.04 State list of hazardous air pollutants
49-426.05 Designation of sources of hazardous air pollutants
49-426.06 State program for control of hazardous air pollutants
49-426.07 Imminent and substantial endangerment
49-426.08 Research program on hazardous air pollutants
49-427; Version 2 Grant or denial of applications; revisions
49-427 Grant or denial of applications; revisions
49-428 Appeals of permit actions
49-429 Permit transfers; notice; appeal
49-430 Posting of permit
49-431 Notice by building permit agencies
49-432 Classification and reporting; confidentiality of records
49-433 Special inspection warrant
49-435 Hearings on orders of abatement
49-437 Conditional orders; standards; rules
49-438 Petition for conditional order; publication; public hearing
49-439 Decisions on petitions for conditional order; terms and conditions
49-440 Term of conditional order; effective date
49-441 Suspension and revocation of conditional order
49-442 Appeal of county decisions
49-443 Court apppeals; procedures
49-444 Notice of hearing; publication; service
49-447 Motor vehicle and combustion engine emission; standards
49-448 Limitations
49-453 Air quality impact reports; filing
49-454 Adjusted work hours
49-455 Permit administration fund
49-456 Technical assistance for small business; compliance advisory panel
49-457 Agricultural best management practices committee; members; powers; permits; enforcement; preemption; definitions
49-457.01 Leaf blower use restrictions and training; leaf blower equipment sellers; informational material; outreach; applicability
49-457.02 Dust-free developments program; certification; seal
49-457.03 Off-road vehicles; pollution advisory days; applicability; penalties
49-457.04 Off-highway vehicle and all-terrain vehicle dealers; informational material; outreach; applicability
49-458 Regional haze program; authority
49-458.01 State implementation plan revision; regional haze; rules
49-460 Violations; production of records
49-461 Violations; order of abatement
49-462 Violations; injunctive relief
49-463 Violations; civil penalties
49-464 Violation; classification; penalties; definition
49-465 Air pollution emergency
49-466 Precedence of actions
49-467 Preservation of rights
Article 3 County Air Pollution Control
49-471 Definitions
49-471.01 Regulatory bill of rights
49-471.02 Fees; express authority
49-471.03 Inspections
49-471.04 Notice of proposed rule or ordinance making
49-471.05 Contents of preamble
49-471.06 Public participation; written statements; oral proceedings
49-471.07 Time and manner of rule or ordinance making
49-471.08 Expedited rule or ordinance making
49-471.09 County rule or ordinance making record
49-471.10 Invalidity of rules or ordinances; prohibited agency action
49-471.11 Substantive policy statements; directory of rules and policy statements
49-471.12 Petition for rule or ordinance making or review of practice or policy
49-471.13 Permitting time frames
49-471.14 Reporting; compliance with time frames
49-471.15 Administrative appeals
49-471.16 Waiver
49-472 Department studies
49-473 Board of supervisors
49-474 County control boards
49-474.01 Additional board duties in vehicle emissions control areas; definitions
49-474.02 Voluntary lawn and garden equipment emissions reduction program; voluntary lawn and garden equipment emissions reduction fund; criteria
49-474.03 Voluntary vehicle repair and retrofit program; criteria; fund; report
49-474.04 Voluntary vehicle repair and retrofit program advisory committee
49-474.05 Dust control; training; site coordinators
49-474.06 Dust control; subcontractor registration; fee
49-474.07 Voluntary diesel equipment retrofit program; criteria; inventory; permits
49-475 Powers and duties
49-476 Authorization to accept funds or grants
49-476.01 Monitoring
49-477 Advisory council
49-478 Hearing board
49-479 Rules; hearing
49-480 Permits; fees
49-480.01 Permits; changes within a source; revisions
49-480.02 Appeals of permit actions
49-480.03 Federal hazardous air pollutant program; date specified by administrator; prohibition
49-480.04 County program for control of hazardous air pollutants
49-481 Grant or denial of applications
49-482 Appeals to hearing board
49-483 Permit transfers; notice; appeal
49-484 Expiration of permit
49-485 Posting of permit
49-486 Notice by building permit agencies
49-487 Classification and reporting; confidentiality of records
49-488 Special inspection warrant
49-490 Hearings on orders of abatement
49-491 Conditional orders; standards; rules
49-492 Petition for conditional order; publication; public hearing
49-493 Decisions on petitions for conditional order; terms and conditions
49-494 Term of conditional order; effective date
49-495 Suspension and revocation of conditional order
49-496 Decisions of hearing board; subpoenas; effective date
49-497 Declaratory judgment
49-497.01 Judicial review of hearing board or administrative law judge decisions
49-497.02 Judicial review of appealable agency action not subject to review by hearing board or administrative law judge
49-498 Notice of hearing; publication; service
49-501 Unlawful open burning; exceptions; civil penalty; definition
49-502 Violation; classification
49-503 Defenses
49-504 Limitations
49-506 Voluntary no-drive days
49-507 Technical assistance to small businesses
49-510 Violations; production of records
49-511 Violations; order of abatement
49-512 Violations; injunctive relief
49-513 Violations; civil penalties
49-514 Violation; classification; definition
49-515 Precedence of actions
49-516 Preservation of rights
Article 5 Annual Emissions Inspection of Motor Vehicles
49-541 Definitions
49-542; Version 2 Emissions inspection program; powers and duties of director; administration; periodic inspection; minimum standards and rules; exceptions; definition
49-542; Version 3 Emissions inspection program; powers and duties of director; administration; periodic inspection; minimum standards and rules; exceptions; definition
49-542; Version 4 Emissions inspection program; powers and duties of director; administration; periodic inspection; minimum standards and rules; exceptions; definition
49-542 Emissions inspection program; powers and duties of director; administration; periodic inspection; minimum standards and rules; exceptions; definition
49-542.02 Mechanic education program
49-542.03 Motor vehicle dealer; emissions testing; remedies; definition
49-542.04 Off-road vehicle and engine standards
49-542.05 Alternative fuel vehicles
49-542.06 Roadside testing of diesel vehicles; contract; test standards; cut points
49-542.07 Civil penalties
49-543 Emissions inspection costs; disposition; fleet inspection; certificates
49-544 Emissions inspection fund; composition; authorized expenditures; exemptions; investment
49-545 Agreement with independent contractor; qualifications of contractor; agreement provisions
49-546 Fleet emissions inspection stations; certificates of inspection; dealer's inventory; investigations; revocation or suspension of permit
49-547 Authority of director to acquire enforcement equipment
49-548 Improper representation
49-549 False certificates
49-550 Violation; classification; civil penalty
49-551 Air quality fee; air quality fund; purpose
49-551.01 Diesel vehicle low emissions incentive grants; criteria
49-552 Enforcement on city, town, county, school district or special district property
49-553 Vehicle emissions; research; equipment; cost analysis
49-554 Technical assistance review
49-555 Retrofit of diesel vehicles
49-556 Low emission vehicle program
49-557 Government vehicles; emissions inspections; noncompliance; vehicle operation privilege suspension
49-558 Voluntary accelerated purchase of tier 2 and 3 equipment; definitions
49-558.01 Voluntary implementation of ultra low sulfur diesel fuel; definition
Article 7 Emissions Control
49-571 Clean burning or alternative fuel requirements for new buses; definitions
49-572 Joint use of clean burning or alternative fuel refueling stations
49-573 Emissions controls; federal vehicles
Article 8 Travel Reduction Programs
49-581 Definitions
49-582 Travel reduction program regional task force; composition
49-583 Duties and powers of the task force
49-584 Staff duties
49-587 Voluntary participation
49-588 Requirements for major employers
49-589 Variances
49-590 Requirements for high schools, community colleges and universities
49-591 Exemptions
49-592 Appeals
49-593 Violations; civil penalties
Article 1 General Provisions
49-701 Definitions
49-701.01 Definition of solid waste; exemptions
49-701.02 Exemptions from definition of solid waste; soils; seller's duty to disclose
49-702 Authorization to accept funds or grants
49-703 Joint operation
49-704 Applicability of chapter to local regulations and services
49-705 Integration of solid waste programs
Article 2 Planning and Assistance
49-721 Statewide solid waste management plan
49-722 Planning and technical assistance
49-723 Research and development
49-724 Distribution of appropriated funds to local governments
Article 3 Solid Waste Services
49-741 Local public facilities for solid waste management
49-742 User fees
49-743 Commercial permits
49-744 Salvaging
49-745 Ownership of solid waste
49-746 Private enterprise recycling and solid waste management
49-747 Annual registration of solid waste landfills; fee; disposition of revenue
Article 4 Regulation of Solid Waste
49-761 Rule making authority for solid waste facilities; financial assurance; recycling facilities
49-762 Facilities requiring solid waste facility plans
49-762.01 Facilities requiring self-certification
49-762.02 Facilities subject to best management practices; rules
49-762.03 Solid waste facility plan approval
49-762.04 Solid waste facility plan review procedures
49-762.05 Self-certification procedures; rules
49-762.06 Changes to solid waste facilities and amended plans
49-762.07 Notices; exemptions; extensions; enforcement; operating standards
49-762.08 Corrective actions; application
49-763 Inspections
49-763.01 Variances
49-764 Orders; monitoring; pollution control devices
49-765 Local regulation of solid waste collection
49-766 Agricultural landfills; notice
49-767 Government owned solid waste facilities; permission; notice of site to property owners; hearing; exemption
49-768 Civil penalties
49-769 Agency orders; appeal
49-770 Financial assurance requirements for solid waste facilities
49-771 Restrictive covenants for solid waste landfills
49-772 Location restrictions for solid waste landfills; definitions
49-773 Disposal of waste; definition
49-774 Landfill washout; abatement costs; definitions
Article 5 Enforcement
49-781 Compliance orders; appeal; enforcement
49-782 Actions on approval to operate
49-783 Injunctive relief; civil penalties; costs
49-784 Venue
49-785 Agency orders; appeal
Article 6 Violations and Penalties
49-791 Violation; classification; penalties
Article 7 Management of Used Oil
49-801 Definitions
49-802 Federal used oil program; incorporation by reference; rule making
49-803 Prohibited practices
49-810 Violation; classification
49-811 Violation; civil penalty
49-812 Compliance orders; injunctive relief
49-813 Program of education
49-817 Enforcement powers of the director and inspectors
49-818 Used oil fund
Article 8 Arizona Recycling Program
49-831 Definitions
49-832 Administration and enforcement by department of environmental quality; powers and duties
49-833 Public education
49-834 Use of recycled newsprint
49-835 Recycling of plastics; labels
49-836 Solid waste landfill disposal fees
49-837 Recycling fund; use; advisory committee
Article 9 Management of Special Waste
49-851 Definitions; applicability
49-852 Statutory list of special wastes; best management practices rules; applicability of hazardous waste designation
49-854 Designation of special wastes; criteria; notice; rules
49-855 Best management practices; criteria
49-856 Special waste handling requirements; manifest; exemption
49-857 Special waste management plans; director; approval; fee
49-857.01 Plan; approval; deadline; judicial review
49-858 Interim use facilities; special waste
49-859 Application to water quality permits
49-860 Annual reporting requirements; inspections
49-861 Violation; classification; civil penalty
49-862 Compliance orders; injunctive relief
49-863 Special waste management fee; exemption
49-865 Inspections
49-866 Orders; monitoring; pollution control devices
49-867 Importation of special waste
49-868 Agency orders; appeal
Article 10 Solid Waste Fee Fund
49-881 Solid waste fee fund; uses; exemption
Article 1 Hazardous Waste Disposal at State Sites
49-901 Definitions
49-902 Acquisition of site; powers and duties of director; criteria applicable to future sites
49-903 Development of facility
49-904 State facility trust fund; fees
49-905 Rules; duty of director
Article 2 Hazardous Waste Management
49-921 Definitions
49-922 Department rules and standards; prohibited permittees
49-922.01 Hazardous waste manifest errors; penalty; disposition of monies
49-923 Compliance orders; civil penalties; injunctive relief
49-924 Violations; civil penalty
49-925 Violation; classification; definition
49-926 Enforcement
49-927 Hazardous waste management fund
49-928 Availability of information to the public
49-929 Annual registration of hazardous waste treatment, storage and disposal facilities, transporters and generators; fee; disposition of revenue
49-930 Annual registration of hazardous waste resource recovery facilities; fee; maximum annual payment of fees and taxes; disposition of revenue; definitions
49-931 Hazardous waste fees; definitions
49-932 Hazardous waste fuel penalty; disposition of revenue
Article 3 Sites for Waste Facilities; Notification
49-941 Hazardous waste facilities; notice of site to property owners; time and area requirements
49-942 Site selection by political subdivision; hearing; notice
49-943 Agency grant of final permit; prerequisites
49-944 Exemption
Article 4 Pollution Prevention
49-961 Definitions
49-962 Toxic data report; progress report; exemption
49-963 Pollution prevention plan; progress report; exemption
49-964 Review of reports and plans; enforcement; contempt
49-965 Pollution prevention technical assistance program
49-967 Availability of information to the public
49-968 Department rules
49-969 Consumer product information
Article 5 Pollution Prevention for State Agencies
49-972 Pollution prevention plan for state agencies; definition
49-973 Toxic data report; progress report
Article 1 General Provisions
49-1001 Definitions
49-1001.01 Definition of owner; rules
49-1002 Notification requirements; exemptions
49-1003 Detection of releases; record keeping requirements
49-1004 Reporting requirements
49-1005 Corrective action
49-1006 Statement of financial responsibility
49-1007 Liability of guarantors
49-1008 Closure
49-1009 Tank performance standards
49-1010 Preemption of local regulation; delegation of administrative authority
49-1011 Right to inspect records, tanks and equipment
49-1012 Confidentiality of records
49-1013 Enforcement and penalties
49-1014 Rules; policies; guidelines
49-1015 Underground storage tank revolving fund; regulatory account; use; purpose
49-1015.01 Regulated substance fund; purpose
49-1016 Responsibilities of owners and operators
49-1017 Powers of director; corrective actions
49-1017.01 Settlement authority; participation; financial information; process; payment; notice
49-1018 Corrective action; enforcement; priority
49-1019 Release of regulated substance; causes of action; limitation; liability
49-1020 Fees
49-1021 Applicability
49-1022 Regulated substance migration off site; responsibility; corrective action; notice; appeal; coverage
49-1023 Delivery prohibition; stop use tag; definitions
Article 2 Underground Storage Tank Tax
49-1031 Imposition of tax
49-1032 Return and payment of tax; due date
49-1033 Extensions; abatement
49-1034 Audits
49-1035 Interest; penalty; lien
49-1036 Remission and disposition of revenues
Article 3 Assurance Account
49-1051 The assurance account
49-1052 Coverage of corrective action costs
49-1053 Preapproval options; process; requirements; schedules; corrective action priority
49-1054 Extent of coverage; insurance
49-1055 Intergovernmental agreements
Article 4 Grant Account
49-1071 The grant account
49-1072 Grants; purposes; priority
49-1073 County and municipal tank closure and corrective action program; account
Article 5 Certification
49-1081 Definitions
49-1082 Certification of underground storage tank service providers; rules; suspension or revocation of certification
49-1083 Designation; training; record keeping requirements; rules
Article 6 Underground Storage Tank Informal Appeals and Underground Storage Tank Policy Commission
49-1091 Underground storage tank informal appeals
49-1091.01 Fee and cost reimbursement; application; limitations
49-1092 Underground storage tank policy commission; membership; powers; definitions
49-1093 Underground storage tank technical appeals panel
Article 1 General Provisions
49-1101 Definitions
49-1102 Shielding of outdoor light fixtures; exemptions
49-1103 Nonconforming light fixtures
49-1104 Use of mercury vapor light fixtures
49-1105 Airport lighting
49-1106 Exemption of cities, towns and counties
Article 1 General Provisions
49-1201 Definitions
49-1202 Water infrastructure finance authority of Arizona; board; water supply development fund committee; violation; classification
49-1203 Powers and duties of authority; definition
49-1204 Annual audit and report
Article 2 Clean Water Revolving Fund, Drinking Water Revolving Fund and Hardship Grant Fund Financial Provisions
49-1221 Clean water revolving fund
49-1222 Clean water revolving fund; administration
49-1223 Clean water revolving fund; purposes; capitalization grants
49-1224 Clean water revolving fund financial assistance; procedures; rules
49-1225 Clean water revolving fund financial assistance; terms
49-1226 Enforcement; attorney general
49-1241 Drinking water revolving fund
49-1242 Drinking water revolving fund; administration; capitalization grant transfer account
49-1243 Drinking water revolving fund; purposes; capitalization grants
49-1244 Drinking water revolving fund financial assistance; procedures
49-1245 Drinking water revolving fund financial assistance; terms
49-1246 Enforcement; attorney general
49-1261 Water quality bonds
49-1262 Water quality bonds; purpose
49-1263 Bond obligations of the authority
49-1264 Certification of bonds by attorney general
49-1265 Water quality bonds as legal investments
49-1266 Agreement of state
49-1267 Hardship grant fund
49-1268 Hardship grant financial assistance
49-1269 Short-term emergency loan agreements; conditions
Article 3 Water Supply Development Revolving Fund Financial Provisions
49-1271 Water supply development revolving fund; legislative intent
49-1272 Water supply development revolving fund; administration
49-1273; Version 2 Water supply development revolving fund; purposes; limitation
49-1273 Water supply development revolving fund; purposes; limitation
49-1274 Water supply development revolving fund financial assistance; procedures
49-1275 Water supply development revolving fund financial assistance; terms
49-1276 Enforcement; attorney general
49-1277 Water supply development bonds
49-1278 Water supply development bonds; purpose
49-1279 Bond obligations of the authority
49-1280 Certification of bonds by attorney general
49-1281 Water supply development bonds as legal investments
49-1282 Agreement of state
Article 1 General Provisions
49-1301 Definition of natural gas storage facility
49-1302 Natural gas storage facilities; limitation
49-1303 Exemption of political subdivisions

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