• Section 22-1-1 — "State Health Department" defined.
  • Section 22-1-2 — Conflicts between municipal and general health laws.
  • Section 22-1-3 — Control of public health work under county and state boards of health.
  • Section 22-1-4 — Appointment of subordinate officers and employees; control of expenditures.
  • Section 22-1-5 — Salaries of public health dentists.
  • Section 22-1-6 — Public dispensaries treating communicable diseases.
  • Section 22-1-7 — Procedure when county health officer, etc., resisted.
  • Section 22-1-8 — Penalty for violation of health or quarantine law.
  • Section 22-1-9 — Certain county and local laws unaffected by title.
  • Section 22-1-11 — Making false statement or representation of material fact in claim or application for payments on medical benefits from Medicaid Agency generally; kickbacks, bribes, etc.; exceptions; multiple offenses.
  • Section 22-1-12 — Cardiac arrest survival.
  • Section 22-2-1 — State Board of Health - How constituted.
  • Section 22-2-2 — State Board of Health - Authority and jurisdiction.
  • Section 22-2-3 — State Board of Health - Annual report to Governor.
  • Section 22-2-4 — State Committee of Public Health - How constituted.
  • Section 22-2-5 — State Committee of Public Health - Prerogatives, powers and duties.
  • Section 22-2-6 — When state committee to act for state board; meetings of state committee.
  • Section 22-2-7 — Annual report to Legislature by state committee; requests by same for information.
  • Section 22-2-8 — State Health Officer.
  • Section 22-2-9 — Council on Dental Health, Council on Animal and Environmental Health, Council on Prevention of Disease and Medical Care and Council on Health Costs, Administration and Organization - Creation; duties; composition; appointment and terms of members.
  • Section 22-2-10 — Council on Dental Health, Council on Animal and Environmental Health, Council on Prevention of Disease and Medical Care and Council on Health Costs, Administration and Organization - Chairmen; vacancies; meetings; quorum; compensation.
  • Section 22-2-11 — Compensation of State Health Department personnel.
  • Section 22-2-12 — How salaries, costs and expenses to be paid.
  • Section 22-2-13 — Recovery of expenses by health officer, sheriff or bond constable.
  • Section 22-2-14 — Penalty for violation of State Board of Health rules or regulations.
  • Section 22-2A-1 — Legislative findings.
  • Section 22-2A-2 — Definitions.
  • Section 22-2A-3 — Program and procedures; exceptions; competitive bidding.
  • Section 22-2A-4 — Applicability of chapter.
  • Section 22-2A-5 — Access to medications by certain clients.
  • Section 22-2A-6 — Medicaid Agency exempt.
  • Section 22-2A-7 — Disposition of funds.
  • Section 22-3-1 — County boards of health - How constituted.
  • Section 22-3-2 — County boards of health - Duties generally.
  • Section 22-3-3 — County boards of health - Authority to receive, hold, etc., money, real estate, etc.
  • Section 22-3-4 — County health officers - Powers.
  • Section 22-3-5 — County health officers - Duties generally.
  • Section 22-3-6 — County health officers - Salary.
  • Section 22-3-7 — County health officers - Bond.
  • Section 22-3-8 — County quarantine officers.
  • Section 22-3-9 — Appointment of sanitary officers.
  • Section 22-3-10 — Tax to establish and maintain county health officer and health department.
  • Section 22-3-11 — Appropriations by municipalities for public health work.
  • Section 22-3-12 — Payment of health department claims, etc., out of county or municipal budgets.
  • Section 22-3A-1 — Legislative findings and declarations.
  • Section 22-3A-2 — Definitions.
  • Section 22-3A-3 — Creation of corporation; members.
  • Section 22-3A-5 — Certificate of incorporation.
  • Section 22-3A-4 — Application.
  • Section 22-3A-6 — Members; officers; terms; records; meetings; appointment of Governor's designee.
  • Section 22-3A-7 — Powers of authority.
  • Section 22-3A-8 — Issuance of bonds.
  • Section 22-3A-9 — Form of bonds; redemption option.
  • Section 22-3A-10 — Authentication of bonds.
  • Section 22-3A-11 — Sale of bonds.
  • Section 22-3A-12 — Nature of bonds.
  • Section 22-3A-13 — Tax exemption; use of bonds as security; investment in bonds.
  • Section 22-3A-14 — Refunding bonds.
  • Section 22-3A-15 — Disposition of proceeds of bonds; Public Health Facilities Building Fund; powers of authority; improvement and construction defined; supervision; bidding.
  • Section 22-3A-16 — Appropriation made; debt service reserve fund established.
  • Section 22-3A-17 — Obligations, etc., as obligations of authority and not state.
  • Section 22-3A-18 — Investment of proceeds from bond sale; when authorized; application of income.
  • Section 22-3A-19 — Certain public health facilities as primary obligation of authority; reimbursement to counties; refinancing or refunding of obligations.
  • Section 22-3A-20 — Authority as nonprofit corporation.
  • Section 22-3A-21 — Dissolution of authority.
  • Section 22-3A-22 — Payment by State Treasurer authorized; records.
  • Section 22-3A-23 — Approval of allocations other than those in Section 22-3A- 19(a) to be unanimous.
  • Section 22-3A-24 — Payments and investment agreements to ensure federal tax exemption.
  • Section 22-4-1 — Short title.
  • Section 22-4-2 — Definitions.
  • Section 22-4-3 — State Board of Health designated as State Health Planning and Development Agency; powers and duties generally.
  • Section 22-4-4 — Establishment of internal divisions or bureaus and professional staff by State Board of Health.
  • Section 22-4-5 — Adoption, revision, etc., of rules, regulations, standards, etc., by State Board of Health; appeals therefrom; State Board of Health not to discriminate among branches of healing arts in administration of funds.
  • Section 22-4-6 — Appropriations to State Board of Health.
  • Section 22-4-7 — Statewide Health Coordinating Council - Establishment; composition; qualifications, appointment and terms of office of members; officers; meetings; vacancies; appointment of consultants and task forces; compensation of members of council and members of task forces.
  • Section 22-4-8 — Statewide Health Coordinating Council - Functions.
  • Section 22-4-9 — Health systems agencies.
  • Section 22-4-10 — Cooperation of officers, agencies, etc., of state, etc., with State Board of Health and Statewide Health Coordinating Council.
  • Section 22-4-11 — Preparation, adoption, etc., of preliminary state health plan generally; provision in plan for visual care.
  • Section 22-4-12 — Designation of State Board of Health as state agency for receipt, administration, etc., of funds for preparation, administration, etc., of State Health Plan.
  • Section 22-4-13 — Preparation, review and revision of State Medical Facilities Plan.
  • Section 22-4-14 — Construction, operation, etc., of public hospitals, health centers, etc., by State Board of Health; power of State Board of Health to cooperate and enter into contracts with federal government, nonprofit associations, etc., in construction, operation, etc., of public hospitals, health centers, etc.
  • Section 22-4-15 — Designation of State Board of Health as state agency for receipt and administration of funds, gifts, etc., for construction, maintenance, etc., of public health care facilities; power of State Board of Health to enter into contracts with agencies for said purposes.
  • Section 22-4-16 — Acquisition, purchase, sale, etc., by State Board of Health of land, buildings, etc., for carrying out health care facility construction and operation program.
  • Section 22-4-17 — Construction and implementation of provisions of chapter.
  • Section 22-4A-1 — Legislative findings and declarations.
  • Section 22-4A-2 — Family Practice Rural Health Board created; members; chairman and officers; per diem and mileage.
  • Section 22-4A-3 — Determination and prioritization of medically underserved areas.
  • Section 22-4A-4 — Accreditation of residing program prerequisite to allocation of funds.
  • Section 22-4A-5 — Allocation and distribution of funds; purposes.
  • Section 22-4A-6 — Identification of unmet needs and resources; annual report.
  • Section 22-4A-7 — No authority over other programs.
  • Section 22-4B-1 — Definitions.
  • Section 22-4B-2 — Legislative intent.
  • Section 22-4B-3 — Loans for nursing degree - Eligibility - Contract - Cancellation of loan - Recovery of unpaid balance.
  • Section 22-4B-4 — Maximum loan amount - Repayment by working for department or Federally-funded Community Health Center - Balance due and payable upon demand for failure to remain employed or for withdrawal from school.
  • Section 22-4B-5 — Loans and salaries to department employees authorized.
  • Section 22-4B-6 — Paid educational leave - Duties in the health department - Attendance reports.
  • Section 22-4B-7 — Disbursal of loan funds - Educational institution reimbursed.
  • Section 22-5-1 — "Physical fitness" defined.
  • Section 22-5-2 — Creation and purpose of commission.
  • Section 22-5-3 — Composition; compensation.
  • Section 22-5-4 — Meetings; rules and regulations.
  • Section 22-5-5 — Duties of commission.
  • Section 22-5-6 — Executive director; application of merit system to commission employees.
  • Section 22-5-7 — Personnel.
  • Section 22-5-8 — Annual report.
  • Section 22-5-9 — Acceptance of gifts or grants.
  • Section 22-5A-1 — Short title.
  • Section 22-5A-2 — Definitions.
  • Section 22-5A-3 — Duties of State Ombudsman and commission.
  • Section 22-5A-4 — Selection of community ombudsmen; training; certification; duties; area plan to describe program; notification of commission as to prospective ombudsmen; advisory committee on program.
  • Section 22-5A-5 — Procedures for receiving complaints; informing recipients of ombudsman program.
  • Section 22-5A-6 — Procedures for resolving complaints.
  • Section 22-5A-7 — Limited immunity of person or agency making report, etc.
  • Article 1 General Provisions.
    Article 2 Long Term Quality Health Care Act.
    Article 3 Health Care Trust Fund.
    Article 4 Obstetrics, Pediatrics, and Family Practice Financing and Insurance Premium Adjustments.
    Article 5 Medicaid Program Funding.
    Article 6 Medicaid Trust Fund.
    Article 7 Medicaid Revenue Use Act.
    Article 8 Medicaid Preferred Drug Plan.
    Article 1 General Provisions.
    Article 2 Human Immunodeficiency Virus and AIDS.
    Article 3 Infected Health Care Worker.
    Article 4 AIDS Task Force of Alabama, Incorporated.
    Article 1 General Provisions.
    Article 2 Alabama Statewide Cancer Registry.
    Article 1 Regulation of Sources of Ionizing Radiation.
    Article 1A Regulation and Certification of Volume Reduction of Low-Level Radioactive Wastes.
    Article 2 Employee Background Investigations.
    Article 1 Training, Qualification and Licensing.
    Article 2 Alabama Emergency Medical Services Education Commission.
    Article 3 Emergency Medical Services.
    Article 1 General Provisions.
    Article 2 Distribution of Unclaimed Bodies for Scientific Study.
    Article 3 Uniform Anatomical Gift Act.
    Article 3A Alabama Uniform Anatomical Gift Act
    Article 4 Anatomical Gifts by Holders of Drivers' Licenses or Nondriver Identification Cards.
    Article 5 Taking of Blood and Urine Samples From Certain Dead Bodies.
    Article 6 Eye Enucleation.
    Article 7 Acquisition and Transportation of Donor Organs, Bones and Tissues.
    Article 8 Lifesaving Organ Procurement Act.
    Article 1 General Provisions.
    Article 2 Licensing of Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Other Health Care Institutions.
    Article 2A Review of New Construction, Addition, or Alteration of Hospital or Health Care Facility by Board of Health.
    Article 3 Public Hospital Associations.
    Article 4 County Hospital Boards and Corporations.
    Article 5 Municipal Hospital Building Authorities.
    Article 6 County and Municipal Hospital Authorities.
    Article 7 Hospital Service Program for Indigents.
    Article 8 Trusts for Payment of Liability Claims Against Hospitals, Dentists, etc.
    Article 9 Control and Regulation of Development of Certain Health Care Facilities.
    Article 10 Financial Responsibility for Indigent Health Care.
    Article 11 Health Care Authorities.
    Article 11A Additional Power of Health Care Authorities.
    Article 12 Dental Services Corporations.
    Article 1 General Provisions.
    Article 2 Safe Drinking Water Act.
    Article 1 Solid Wastes Disposal Act.
    Article 2 Financing Solid Waste Collection and Disposal Facilities.
    Article 3 Solid Waste Management Plan.
    Article 4 Disposal of Waste Cooking Grease and Animal Byproducts.
    Article 4A

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