State of Utah, in the interest of R.L.L.

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State of Utah, in the interest of R.L.L., a person under eighteen years of age., Case No. 20000270-CA, Filed March 29, 2001 IN THE UTAH COURT OF APPEALS


State of Utah, in the interest of R.L.L.,
a person under eighteen years of age.



State of Utah,

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Case No. 20000270-CA

March 29, 2001 2001 UT App 102  -----

Sixth District Juvenile, Kanab Department
The Honorable Louis G. Tervort

John E. Hummel, St. George, for Appellant
Mark L. Shurtleff and Carol L.C. Verdoia, Salt Lake City, for Appellee
Martha Pierce, Salt Lake City, Guardian Ad Litem


Before Judges Bench, Billings, and Orme.


R.L., the father of R.L.L., appeals the juvenile court's March 23, 2000 findings and order resulting from the permanency hearing. The juvenile court terminated reunification services for R.L. and determined that R.L.L.'s permanency plan would be termination of his parents' rights and adoption. R.L. subsequently agreed to have R.L.L.'s permanency goal changed to long term foster care with his current foster parents. In return, DCFS agreed to make reasonable efforts to keep R.L. informed of R.L.L.'s progress, and the State dismissed its petition to terminate parental rights. This agreement was memorialized in the juvenile court's September 22, 2000 findings and order.

Because the parties resolved the issues R.L. raises on appeal, there is nothing left for this court to consider. See Franklin Fin. v. New Empire Dev. Co., 659 P.2d 1040, 1043 (Utah 1983) ("An appeal is moot if during the pendency of the appeal circumstances change so that the controversy is eliminated, thereby rendering the relief requested impossible or of no legal effect.").

Accordingly, we dismiss R.L.'s appeal as moot.

Russell W. Bench, Judge

Judith M. Billings, Judge

Gregory K. Orme, Judge