New Mexico Supreme Court Decisions

The New Mexico Supreme Court meets in the Supreme Court Building in Santa Fe, which is on the National Register of Historic Places. It holds direct jurisdiction over appeals of convictions involving sentences of life imprisonment, and it may hear direct appeals regarding writs of habeas corpus. The Court also reviews appeals of cases involving challenges to elections and appeals of decisions by the Public Regulation Commission. In addition, the Court has the discretion to issue certain types of writs, such as writs of mandamus, prohibition, and certiorari.

Five justices comprise the New Mexico Supreme Court, including a Chief Justice. To serve on the Supreme Court, a candidate must be at least 35 years old and must have been a resident of New Mexico for at least three years. A candidate also must have practiced law for at least 10 years. New Mexico uses a combination of gubernatorial selection and partisan elections in selecting justices for the Supreme Court. When a vacancy arises, a commission will compile a list of candidates for the Governor of New Mexico to review. The Governor will appoint one of the candidates, but then the justice must run in the next partisan election to retain their seat. While the election is partisan, the ballot on which the justice appears is non-partisan, so their party affiliation is not revealed. They must receive at least 57 percent of the vote to retain their seat.

Each justice serves a term of eight years. A justice may face removal before the end of their term if they are impeached by the New Mexico House of Representatives and then convicted by the New Mexico Senate. Alternatively, the New Mexico Supreme Court may remove a justice if the judicial standards commission recommends their removal.

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Recent Decisions From the New Mexico Supreme Court
El Paso Elec. Co. v. PRC (Unpublished Opinion)
Date: September 26, 2022
Docket Numbers: S-1-SC-38874, S-1-SC-38891
State v. Natonabah (Unpublished Opinion)
Date: August 15, 2022
Docket Number: S-1-SC-38787
New Mexico v. Mascareno-Haidle (Published Opinion)  
Date: June 30, 2022
Citation: 2022-NMSC-015
Docket Number: S-1-SC-38743

Justia Opinion Summary: Defendant-respondent Jesse Mascareno-Haidle was charged committing a series of burglaries of residential homes in Albuquerque. The State filed a motion for pretrial detention, and to support its motion, the State…

State v. Griego (Unpublished Opinion)
Date: June 16, 2022
Docket Number: S-1-SC-38209
New Mexico v. Jesenya O. (Published Opinion)  
Date: June 16, 2022
Citation: 2022-NMSC-014
Docket Number: S-1-SC-38769

Justia Opinion Summary: Child, then age seventeen, became Facebook friends with a former schoolmate, Jeremiah Erickson (Erickson), then age nineteen. The two conversed primarily through their respective Facebook Messenger accounts. Child and…

In re Peirez (Unpublished Opinion)
Date: June 6, 2022
Docket Number: S-1-SC-38985
State v. Garcia (Unpublished Opinion)
Date: May 26, 2022
Docket Number: S-1-SC-37719
State v. Riley (Unpublished Opinion)
Date: May 26, 2022
Docket Number: S-1-SC-37721
State v. Talk (Unpublished Opinion)
Date: May 26, 2022
Docket Number: S-1-SC-37727
State v. Harrison (Unpublished Opinion)
Date: May 26, 2022
Docket Number: S-1-SC-37774
State v. Jaramillo (Unpublished Opinion)
Date: May 26, 2022
Docket Number: S-1-SC-37775
Morga v. FedEx Ground Package Sys., Inc. (Published Opinion)  
Date: May 19, 2022
Citation: 2022-NMSC-013
Docket Number: S-1-SC-36918

Justia Opinion Summary: A jury awarded four Plaintiffs a total of more than $165 million in damages to compensate them for a tragic accident that claimed half of a young family in a single instant, and left surviving family members physically…

Qwest Corp. v. N.M. Pub. Regul. Comm'n (Unpublished Opinion)
Date: May 2, 2022
Docket Number: S-1-SC-38225
State v. Deal (Unpublished Opinion)
Date: May 2, 2022
Docket Number: S-1-SC-38568
Enough v. Flores (Unpublished Opinion)
Date: March 21, 2022
Docket Number: S-1-SC-37744
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