Attorney Grievance v. Ash

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ATTORNEY GRIEVANCE COMMISSION OF MARYLAND * IN THE * COURT OF AP PEALS * OF MARYLAND Petitioner v. * JOHN DAVID ASH Respondent * Misc. Docket AG No. 5 and 45 * September Term 2005 ORDER Upon co nsideration of the Joint Petition for Disbarm ent by Con sent filed herein pursuant to Maryland Rule 16-772, it is this 27th day of December, 2005, ORDE RED, by th e Court of App eals of Maryla nd, that Joh n David Ash be, and is hereby, disbarred by consent from the further practice of law in the State of Maryland; effective im med iately, an d it is furth er , ORDERED, that the Clerk of this Court shall strike the name of John David Ash from the regis ter of attorn eys in th is Court, a nd pu rsuant t o Mary land R ule 16 -772( d) shal l certify to the Trustees o f the Client Protec tion Fund of the Bar of Ma ryland an d the Clerks of a ll judicial tribun als in this Sta te that the na me John David As h has bee n so stricken; an d it is further, ORDERED, that judgm ent is entered in favor of the Attorney Grievance Commission of Maryland against John David Ash for costs in the amount of $95.68. /s/ Irma S. R aker Judge