Attorney Grievance v. Sobo

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ATTORNEY GRIEVANCE COMMISSION OF MARYLAND * IN THE * COURT OF AP PEALS * OF MARYLAND Petitioner v. * MARK O. SOBO * * Respondent Misc. Docket AG No. 52 September Term 2004 ORDER Upon consideration of the Joint Petition for Sixty - Day Suspension of Respondent by Consent filed herein pursuant to Maryland Rule 16-772, it is this 31st day of March, 2005, ORDERED, by the Court of Appeals of Maryland, that Mark O. Sobo be, and he hereby is, suspended from the p ractice of law in this State for a period of sixty (60) days, comm encing May 2 , 2005 ; and it is further , ORDERED, as a condition precedent to the Respondent s reinstatement, that the Respo nden t shall pa y Sidn ey Gom ez the su m of $1 ,207.0 0 in reim bursem ent of a m onetary sanctio n entere d agai nst Mr. G omez by the D istrict Cou rt of Maryl and; a nd it is furt her ORDERED, that the Clerk of this Court shall strike the name of Mark O. Sobo from the register of a ttorneys in this C ourt effectiv e May 2 , 2005 , until furth er Order o f this Cou rt, and pursuant to Maryland Rule 16-772(d) shall certify to the Trustees of the Client Protection Fu nd of the Ba r of Maryland and the C lerks of all judicial tribu nals in this S tate that the nam e of Mark O. Sobo has bee n so strick en.. /s/ Irma S. R aker Judge