Attorney Grievance v. Rosenberg

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ATTORNEY GRIEVANCE COMMISSION OF MARYLAND * IN THE * COURT OF AP PEALS * OF MARYLAND Petitioner v. * KEITH A. ROSENBERG Respondent * Misc. Docket AG No. 43 * September Term 2005 ORDER Upon consideration of the Joint Petition for Indefinite Suspension by Consent filed herein pursuant to Maryland Rule 16-772, it is this 20th day of September, 2005, ORDE RED, by th e Court of App eals of Maryla nd, that Ke ith A. Rosen berg, be, and is hereby, indefinitely suspended by consent from the further practice of law in the State of Maryla nd, effectiv e imm ediately , and it is fu rther , ORDERED, that judgm ent shall be entered in favor of Petitioner, The Attorney Grievan ce Com missio n of Ma ryland , in the am ount of T welve H undre d ($12 00.00 ) Dollars for costs ag ainst K eith A. R osenb erg, Resp onden t and it is fu rther ORD ERED , that the Clerk of th is Court s hall strik e the na me of K eith A. R osenb erg from the regis ter of attorneys, pursu ant to Mary land Ru le 16-772 (d) shall certify tha t fact to the Trustees of th e Client Protectio n Fund and the C lerks of all judicial tribu nals in this State. /s/ Irma S. R aker Judge