Duckworth v. Deane

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IN THE COURT OF APPEALS OF MARYLAND No. 101 September Term, 2004 ROBERT P. DUCKWORTH et al. v. GITANJALI DEANE et al. Bell, C.J. Raker Cathell Harrell Battaglia Eldridge, John C. (Retired, Specially Assigned) Rodowsky, Lawrence F. (Retired, Specially Assigned), JJ. PER CURIAM ORDER Filed: March 11, 2005 ROBERT P. DUCKWORTH et al. Court of Appeals * of Maryland * GITANJALI DEANE et al. In the * v. * No. 101 * September Term, 2004 PER CURIAM ORDER For reasons to be stated in an opinion later to be filed, it is this 11th day of March, 2005, ORDERED, by the Court of Appeals of Maryland, that the judgment of the Circuit Court for Baltimore City be, and it is hereby, affirmed. Costs to be paid by the appellants. to issue forthwith. /s/ ROBERT M. BELL Chief Judge Mandate