Section V-5a

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Section V-5a: Township organization or government - Abolition and restoration.

  Each county in the State of Oklahoma may by a majority of the
legal voters of such county voting upon the proposition, abolish
township organization or government.  The Board of County
Commissioners of such county, upon a petition signed by sixteen
per centum of the total number of votes cast at the last general
election for the county office receiving the highest number of
votes, praying that the question of abolishing township
organization or government be submitted to a vote of the county,
shall within thirty days after the regular meeting of such board
next convening after the filing of such petition, call a special
election for such purpose, or the board may in their discretion
submit such question at the next general election held after the
filing of such petition. If such question shall be carried,
township organization or government shall cease in such county,
and all the duties theretofore performed by the township officers
shall be cast upon and be performed by such county officers
having like duties to perform in relation to the county at large
as such township officers performed in relation to the township
at large.  At any general election after the abolition of
township organization or government the question of returning to
township government may be submitted as provided for the
submission of the question of abolishing such government, and if
a majority of the votes cast upon such question be in favor of
township government the same shall thereupon be established, and
the Board of County Commissioners shall appoint the full quota of
township officers, who shall hold their offices and perform the
duties thereof until their successors shall have been elected at
the next general election and until they have been qualified.
Except as otherwise specifically provided by this section, the
law relating to carrying into effect the initiative and
referendum provisions of the Constitution shall govern.  

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