Section V-5

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Section V-5: Reservation of powers to voters of counties and districts - Manner of exercising.

  The powers of the initiative and referendum reserved to the
people by this Constitution for the State at large, are hereby
further reserved to the legal voters of every county and district
therein, as to all local legislation, or action, in the
administration of county and district government in and for their
respective counties and districts.  The manner of exercising said
powers shall be prescribed by general laws, except that Boards of
County Commissioners may provide for the time of exercising the
initiative and referendum powers as to local legislation in their
respective counties and districts.
  The requisite number of petitioners for the invocation of the
initiative and referendum in counties and districts shall bear
twice, or double, the ratio to the whole number of legal voters
in such county or district, as herein provided therefor in the
State at large.

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