2019 Wyoming Statutes
Title 40 - Trade and Commerce
Chapter 14 - Wyoming Uniform Consumer Credit Code
Article 1 - General Provisions and Definitions
Section 40-14-142 - Index of Definitions.

Universal Citation: WY Stat § 40-14-142 (2019)

40-14-142. Index of definitions.

(a) Definitions in this act and the sections in which they appear are:

(i) "Actuarial method"-W.S. 40-14-140(a)(i);

(ii) "Administrator"-W.S. 40-14-140(a)(ii);

(iii) "Administrator"-W.S. 40-14-603;

(iv) "Agreement"-W.S. 40-14-140(a)(iii);

(v) "Agricultural purpose"-W.S. 40-14-140(a)(iv);

(vi) "Amount financed"-W.S. 40-14-211;

(vii) Repealed By Laws 2008, Ch. 116, § 2.

(viii) Repealed By Laws 2008, Ch. 116, § 2.

(ix) "Cash price"-W.S. 40-14-210;

(x) "Closing costs"-W.S. 40-14-140(a)(v);

(xi) "Conspicuous"-W.S. 40-14-140(a)(vi);

(xii) "Consumer credit insurance"-W.S. 40-14-403(a)(i);

(xiii) "Consumer credit sale"-W.S. 40-14-204;

(xiv) "Consumer lease"-W.S. 40-14-206;

(xv) "Consumer loan"-W.S. 40-14-304;

(xvi) "Consumer related loan"-W.S. 40-14-355;

(xvii) "Consumer related sale"-W.S. 40-14-257;

(xviii) Repealed By Laws 2012, Ch. 98, § 2.

(xix) Repealed By Laws 2012, Ch. 98, § 2.

(xx) "Credit"-W.S. 40-14-140(a)(vii);

(xxi) "Credit Insurance Act"-W.S. 40-14-403(a)(ii);

(xxii) "Credit service charge"-W.S. 40-14-209;

(xxiii) "Earnings"-W.S. 40-14-140(a)(viii);

(xxiv) "Federal Consumer Credit Protection Act"-W.S. 40-14-141;

(xxv) "Goods"-W.S. 40-14-205(a);

(xxvi) "Home solicitation sale"-W.S. 40-14-251;

(xxvii) "Lender"-W.S. 40-14-307(a);

(xxviii) "Lender credit card or similar arrangement"-W.S. 40-14-140(a)(ix);

(xxix) "Loan"-W.S. 40-14-306;

(xxx) "Loan finance charge"-W.S. 40-14-309;

(xxxi) "Loan primarily secured by an interest in land"-W.S. 40-14-305;

(xxxii) Repealed By Laws 2013, Ch. 124, § 3.

(xxxiii) "Merchandise certificate"-W.S. 40-14-205(b);

(xxxiv) "Official fees"-W.S. 40-14-140(a)(xi);

(xxxv) "Organization"-W.S. 40-14-140(a)(xii);

(xxxvi) "Payable in installments"-W.S. 40-14-140(a)(xiii);

(xxxvii) "Pawnbroker"-W.S. 40-14-359(a)(i);

(xxxviii) "Pawn finance charge"-W.S. 40-14-359(a)(ii);

(xxxix) "Pawn transaction"-W.S. 40-14-359(a)(iii);

(xl) "Person"-W.S. 40-14-140(a)(xiv);

(xli) "Person related to"-W.S. 40-14-140(a)(xv);

(xlii) "Post-dated check or similar arrangement"-W.S. 40-14-362(a)(i);

(xliii) "Post-dated check casher"-W.S. 40-14-362(a)(ii);

(xliv) "Precomputed" (loan)-W.S. 40-14-307(b);

(xlv) "Precomputed" (sale)-W.S. 40-14-205(g);

(xlvi) "Presumed" or "presumption"-W.S. 40-14-140(a)(xvi);

(xlvii) "Principal"-W.S. 40-14-307(c);

(xlviii) "Revolving charge account"-W.S. 40-14-208;

(xlix) "Revolving loan account"-W.S. 40-14-308;

(l) "Rule of 78's"-W.S. 40-14-140(a)(xvii);

(li) "Sale of goods"-W.S. 40-14-205(d);

(lii) "Sale of an interest in land"-W.S. 40-14-205(f);

(liii) "Sale of services"-W.S. 40-14-205(e);

(liv) "Seller"-W.S. 40-14-207;

(lv) "Seller credit card"-W.S. 40-14-140(a)(xviii);

(lvi) "Services"-W.S. 40-14-205(c);

(lvii) "Supervised financial organization"-W.S. 40-14-140(a)(xix);

(lviii) "Supervised lender"-W.S. 40-14-341(b);

(lix) "Supervised loan"-W.S. 40-14-341(a);

(lx) "Channeling agent" W.S. 40-14-140(a)(xxiii);

(lxi) "Clerical or support duties" W.S. 40-14-640(a)(ii);

(lxii) "Depository institution" W.S. 40-14-640(a)(iii);

(lxiii) "Dwelling" W.S. 40-14-640(a)(iv);

(lxiv) "Federal banking agency" W.S. 40-14-640(a)(v);

(lxv) "Immediate family member" W.S. 40-14-640(a)(vi);

(lxvi) "Individual" W.S. 40-14-640(a)(vii);

(lxvii) "Licensee" W.S. 40-14-140(a)(xx);

(lxviii) "Loan processor or underwriter" W.S. 40-14-640(a)(viii);

(lxix) "Mortgage loan originator" W.S. 40-14-640(a)(ix);

(lxx) "Nontraditional mortgage product" W.S. 40-14-640(a)(x);

(lxxi) "Real estate brokerage activity" W.S. 40-14-640(a)(xi);

(lxxii) "Registered mortgage loan originator" W.S. 40-14-640(a)(xii);

(lxxiii) "Registry" W.S. 40-14-140(a)(xxiv);

(lxxiv) "Residential mortgage loan" W.S. 40-14-640(a)(xiv);

(lxxv) "Timeshare plan" W.S. 40-14-640(a)(xv);

(lxxvi) "Unique identifier" W.S. 40-14-640(a)(xvi);

(lxxvii) "Incident to the extension of credit" W.S. 40-14-140(a)(xxi);

(lxxviii) "Regulation Z" W.S. 40-14-140(a)(xxii);

(lxxix) "This act" - W.S. 40-14-140(a)(xxv).

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