2023 Revised Code of Washington
Title 11 - Probate and Trust Law
Chapter 11.98 - Trusts.


Assignment for the benefit of creditors: Chapter 7.08 RCW.

Assignments to trustees, priority of wages: RCW 49.56.010.

Banks and trust companies: Title 30A RCW.


endowment and nonendowment care: Chapter 68.40 RCW.

endowment care fund: Chapter 68.44 RCW.

Conveyances and encumbrances of realty when held in trust: RCW 64.04.010.


powers of trust companies, bond liability, securities, etc.: RCW 30A.08.150 through 30A.08.170.

seals, effect of absence from instrument: RCW 64.04.105.


articles to state if trust company: RCW 30A.08.020.

sole, property held in trust: RCW 24.12.030.

Costs against trustees, civil actions: RCW 4.84.150.

Employee benefit plans, trusts, duration, etc.: Chapter 49.64 RCW.

Employees' benefit deductions from wages are trust funds: RCW 49.52.010.

Execution against property in trustee's hands: RCW 6.17.110.

Fiduciary bonds: RCW 48.28.020.

Gifts for benefit of trust: RCW 11.12.250.

Guardianship: Chapter 73.36 RCW.


deposits held in trust: RCW 48.16.020, 48.16.070.

trustee group life insurance: RCW 48.24.070.

Investment of trust funds: Chapter 11.100 RCW.

Investment of trust funds in certain federally secured obligations: RCW 39.60.010.

Loan agencies: Title 31 RCW.

Loans to officers of trust corporation from trust funds prohibited: RCW 30A.12.120.

Mandamus: Chapter 7.16 RCW.

Married persons and domestic partners, property rights and liabilities: Chapter 26.16 RCW.

Massachusetts trusts: Chapter 23.90 RCW.

Mortgages and trust receipts: Title 61 RCW.

Partnerships: Title 25 RCW.

Personal property: Title 63 RCW.

Pleadings, setoff against beneficiary or trustee of trust estate: RCW 4.32.120, 4.32.140.

Powers of appointment, powers in trust: Chapter 11.95A RCW.

Private seals abolished: RCW 64.04.090.

Proceedings to impeach: RCW 42.04.040.

Prohibition: Chapter 7.16 RCW.

Property taxes

exemptions: Chapter 84.36 RCW.

generally: Title 84 RCW.

Prudent person rule: Chapter 11.100 RCW.

Recording, county auditor's duties: Chapter 65.04 RCW.

Recording and publication: Title 65 RCW.

Resulting state bank, provisions when not exercising trust powers: RCW 30A.49.100.

Retail sales tax, "buyer" includes trust, business trust, etc.: RCW 82.08.010.

Savings banks

limitation on deposits: RCW 32.12.010.

not to locate in same room with trust company: RCW 32.04.030.

State depositaries: Chapter 43.85 RCW.

Statute of frauds: Chapter 19.36 RCW.

Trust business to be kept separate: RCW 30A.04.240.

Trust companies

capital requirements: RCW 30A.08.010.

limitation to act as executor or administrator: RCW 11.36.010.

Trust company

as legal representative, advertising: RCW 30A.04.260, 30A.12.130.

defined: RCW 30A.04.010.

Trust provisions may relieve trustee from duty, restriction, or liability imposed by statute: RCW 11.97.010.

Trustees' accounting act: Chapter 11.106 RCW.

Trusts and monopolies: State Constitution Art. 12 § 22.

Unclaimed property in hands of city police: Chapter 63.32 RCW.


common trust fund act: Chapter 11.102 RCW.

revised uniform unclaimed property act: Chapter 63.30 RCW.

transfers to minors act: Chapter 11.114 RCW.

Use tax, "purchaser" includes trust, business trust, etc.: RCW 82.12.010.

Washington savings association act: Title 33 RCW.

Washington savings bank act: Title 32 RCW.

Wills, generally: Chapter 11.12 RCW.

Witnesses, competency in actions involving fiduciaries: RCW 5.60.030.

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