2006 Code of Virginia § 46.2-1220 - Parking, stopping, and standing regulations in counties, cities, or towns; parking meters; presumpt...

46.2-1220. Parking, stopping, and standing regulations in counties, cities,or towns; parking meters; presumption as to violation of ordinances; penalty.

The governing body of any county, city, or town may by ordinance provide forthe regulation of parking, stopping, and standing of vehicles within itslimits, including the installation and maintenance of parking meters. Theordinance may require the deposit of a coin of a prescribed denomination,determine the length of time a vehicle may be parked, and designate adepartment, official, or employee of the local government to administer theprovisions of the ordinance. The ordinance may delegate to that department,official, or employee the authority to make and enforce any additionalregulations concerning parking that may be required, including, but notlimited to, penalties for violations, deadlines for the payment of fines, andlate payment penalties for fines not paid when due. In a city having apopulation of at least 100,000, the ordinance may also provide that a summonsor parking ticket for the violation of the ordinance or regulations may beissued by law-enforcement officers, other uniformed city employees, or byuniformed personnel serving under contract with the city. Notwithstanding theforegoing provisions of this section, the governing bodies of Augusta, Bath,and Rockingham Counties may by ordinance provide for the regulation ofparking, stopping, and standing of vehicles within their limits, but no suchordinance shall authorize or provide for the installation and maintenance ofparking meters.

No ordinance adopted under the provisions of this section shall prohibit theparking of two motorcycles in single parking spaces designated, marked, andsized for four-wheel vehicles. The governing body of any county, city, ortown may, by ordinance, permit the parking of three or more motorcycles insingle parking spaces designated, marked, and sized for four-wheel vehicles.

If any ordinance regulates parking on an interstate highway or any arterialhighway or any extension of an arterial highway, it shall be subject to theapproval of the Transportation Commissioner.

In any prosecution charging a violation of the ordinance or regulation, proofthat the vehicle described in the complaint, summons, parking ticketcitation, or warrant was parked in violation of the ordinance or regulation,together with proof that the defendant was at the time the registered ownerof the vehicle, as required by Chapter 6 ( 46.2-600 et seq.) of this title,shall constitute in evidence a prima facie presumption that the registeredowner of the vehicle was the person who committed the violation. Violators oflocal ordinances adopted by Chesterfield County pursuant to this sectionshall be subject to a civil penalty not to exceed $75, the proceeds fromwhich shall be paid into the locality's general fund.

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