2006 Code of Virginia § 36-97 - Definitions

36-97. Definitions.

As used in this chapter, unless the context or subject matter requiresotherwise, the following words or terms shall have the meaning hereinascribed to them, respectively:

"Board" means the Board of Housing and Community Development.

"Review Board" means the State Building Code Technical Review Board.

"Building Code" means the Uniform Statewide Building Code and buildingregulations adopted and promulgated pursuant thereto.

"Code provisions" means the provisions of the Uniform Statewide BuildingCode as adopted and promulgated by the Board, and the amendments thereof asadopted and promulgated by such Board from time to time.

"Building regulations" means any law, rule, resolution, regulation,ordinance or code, general or special, or compilation thereof, heretofore orhereafter enacted or adopted by the Commonwealth or any county ormunicipality, including departments, boards, bureaus, commissions, or otheragencies thereof, relating to construction, reconstruction, alteration,conversion, repair, maintenance, or use of structures and buildings andinstallation of equipment therein. The term does not include zoningordinances or other land use controls that do not affect the manner ofconstruction or materials to be used in the erection, alteration or repair ofa building or structure.

"Municipality" means any city or town in this Commonwealth.

"Local governing body" means the governing body of any city, county or townin this Commonwealth.

"Local building department" means the agency or agencies of any localgoverning body charged with the administration, supervision, or enforcementof the Building Code and regulations, approval of plans, inspection ofbuildings, or issuance of permits, licenses, certificates or similardocuments.

"State agency" means any state department, board, bureau, commission, oragency of this Commonwealth.

"Building" means a combination of any materials, whether portable or fixed,having a roof to form a structure for the use or occupancy by persons, orproperty. The word "building" shall be construed as though followed by thewords "or part or parts thereof" unless the context clearly requires adifferent meaning. "Building" shall not include roadway tunnels and bridgesowned by the Department of Transportation, which shall be governed byconstruction and design standards approved by the Commonwealth TransportationBoard.

"Equipment" means plumbing, heating, electrical, ventilating,air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment, elevators, dumbwaiters,escalators, and other mechanical additions or installations.

"Farm building or structure" means a building or structure not used forresidential purposes, located on property where farming operations takeplace, and used primarily for any of the following uses or combinationthereof:

1. Storage, handling, production, display, sampling or sale of agricultural,horticultural, floricultural or silvicultural products produced in the farm;

2. Sheltering, raising, handling, processing or sale of agricultural animalsor agricultural animal products;

3. Business or office uses relating to the farm operations;

4. Use of farm machinery or equipment or maintenance or storage of vehicles,machinery or equipment on the farm;

5. Storage or use of supplies and materials used on the farm; or

6. Implementation of best management practices associated with farmoperations.

"Construction" means the construction, reconstruction, alteration, repairor conversion of buildings and structures.

"Owner" means the owner or owners of the freehold of the premises or lesserestate therein, a mortgagee or vendee in possession, assignee of rents,receiver, executor, trustee, or lessee in control of a building or structure.

"Director" means the Director of the Department of Housing and CommunityDevelopment.

"Structure" means an assembly of materials forming a construction foroccupancy or use including stadiums, gospel and circus tents, reviewingstands, platforms, stagings, observation towers, radio towers, water tanks,storage tanks (underground and aboveground), trestles, piers, wharves,swimming pools, amusement devices, storage bins, and other structures of thisgeneral nature but excluding water wells. The word "structure" shall beconstrued as though followed by the words "or part or parts thereof" unlessthe context clearly requires a different meaning. "Structure" shall notinclude roadway tunnels and bridges owned by the Department ofTransportation, which shall be governed by construction and design standardsapproved by the Commonwealth Transportation Board.

"Department" means the Department of Housing and Community Development.

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