2010 Pennsylvania Code
Chapter 75 - Other Offenses
7511 - Control of alarm devices and automatic dialing devices.

     § 7511.  Control of alarm devices and automatic dialing devices.
        (a)  Automatic dialing devices.--A person may not attach or
     use an automatic dialing device without doing all of the
            (1)  Providing the disclosure under subsection (b).
            (2)  Obtaining prior written approval from a public
        safety agency to use the automatic dialing device to alert
        the public safety agency of an alarm condition. The public
        safety agency shall not be responsible for any costs for the
        installation and maintenance of any dedicated telephone line
        or equipment associated with the alarm termination.
        (b)  Disclosure.--A person seeking approval under subsection
     (a) shall disclose the telephone number of a person to be
     contacted if the automatic dialing device is activated and all
     relevant facts concerning the design and layout of the premises
     to be protected by the automatic dialing device. The person
     shall inform the public safety agency of any change in the
     information required by this subsection as soon as practicable.
        (c)  False alarms prohibited.--
            (1)  A person that owns, uses or possesses an alarm
        device or automatic dialing device may not, after causing or
        permitting three false alarms to occur in a consecutive 12-
        month period, cause or permit a subsequent false alarm to
        occur in the same consecutive 12-month period. A person that
        violates this paragraph commits a summary offense and shall,
        upon conviction, be sentenced to pay a fine of not more than
            (2)  Venue for prosecution of an offense under this
        subsection shall lie at any of the following places:
                (i)  Where the alarm originated.
                (ii)  Where the alarm was received by the:
                    (A)  public service agency; or
                    (B)  third person designated to notify the public
                service agency.
            (3)  Notwithstanding 42 Pa.C.S. § 3733 (relating to
        deposits into account) or any other law, the disposition of
        fines shall be as follows:
                (i)  The fine shall be paid to the municipality if
            all of the following apply:
                    (A)  The public safety agency which responded to
                the false alarm serves the municipality.
                    (B)  The prosecution is initiated by the public
                safety agency under clause (A) or by the
                (ii)  The full amount of the fine shall be paid to
            the Commonwealth if all of the following apply:
                    (A)  The Pennsylvania State Police is the public
                safety agency which responded to the false alarm.
                    (B)  The prosecution is initiated by the
                Pennsylvania State Police.
                    (C)  There is no prosecution under subparagraph
        (d)  Suspension or revocation of approval.--The public safety
     agency may refuse, revoke or suspend the approval granted under
     subsection (a) if the public safety agency determines any of the
            (1)  The request for approval contains a statement of
        material fact which is false.
            (2)  The person failed to comply with this section.
            (3)  The person violated subsection (c).
        (e)  Local regulation of installers.--
            (1)  General rule.--Except as set forth in paragraph (2),
        nothing in this section shall prohibit a municipality from
        requiring any individual who installs or inspects alarm
        devices in such municipality to acquire a license, meet
        educational requirements or pass an examination relating to
        competence to perform such installations. Nothing in this
        section shall preclude municipalities from doing any of the
                (i)  Denying or revoking local permits for failure to
            comply with local ordinances.
                (ii)  Levying lawful taxes and fees.
                (iii)  Requiring the purchase of a business privilege
            (2)  Limitation.--A municipality may not require a
        licensed electrical contractor to acquire a separate or
        additional license or certification to install or inspect
        alarm devices if the electrical contractor is licensed by the
        municipality and has passed an examination in the National
        Electrical Code, a similar code or local electrical code and
        has at least two years' experience as an electrical
        (f)  Definitions.--As used in this section, the following
     words and phrases shall have the meanings given to them in this
        "Alarm."  A communication to a public safety agency
     indicating that a crime, fire or other emergency warranting
     immediate action by that public safety agency has occurred or is
        "Alarm device."  A device designed to automatically transmit
     an alarm:
            (1)  directly to a public safety agency; or
            (2)  to a person that is instructed to notify the public
        safety agency of the alarm.
        "Automatic dialing device."  A device which is interconnected
     to a telephone line and preprogrammed to transmit the coded
     signal of an alarm to a dedicated telephone trunk line or to
     dial a predetermined telephone number to an alarm to a public
     safety agency.
        "Dedicated telephone trunk line."  A telephone line or lines
     which serve a public safety agency which is dedicated to
     receiving transmissions from an automatic dialing device.
        "False alarm."  The activation of an alarm device to which a
     public safety agency responds when a crime, fire or other
     emergency has not occurred.
        "Person."  An individual, corporation, partnership,
     incorporated association or other similar entity.
        "Public safety agency."  The Pennsylvania State Police or any
     municipal police or fire department.
     (June 18, 1998, P.L.503, No.70, eff. 60 days; Dec. 21, 1998,
     P.L.1103, No.149, eff. 60 days)

        1998 Amendments.  Act 70 added section 7511 and Act 149
     amended subsec. (e).

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