2006 Ohio Revised Code - 4507.51. Application for identification card.

§ 4507.51. Application for identification card.

(A) (1)  Every application for an identification card or duplicate shall be made on a form furnished by the registrar of motor vehicles, shall be signed by the applicant, and by the applicant's parent or guardian if the applicant is under eighteen years of age, and shall contain the following information pertaining to the applicant: name, date of birth, sex, general description including the applicant's height, weight, hair color, and eye color, address, and social security number. The application also shall state whether an applicant wishes to certify willingness to make an anatomical gift under section 2108.04 of the Revised Code and shall include information about the requirements of that section that apply to persons who are less than eighteen years of age. The statement regarding willingness to make such a donation shall be given no consideration in the decision of whether to issue an identification card. Each applicant shall be photographed in color at the time of making application. 

(2) The application also shall state whether the applicant has executed a valid durable power of attorney for health care pursuant to sections 1337.11 to 1337.17 of the Revised Code or has executed a declaration governing the use or continuation, or the withholding or withdrawal, of life-sustaining treatment pursuant to sections 2133.01 to 2133.15 of the Revised Code and, if the applicant has executed either type of instrument, whether the applicant wishes the identification card to indicate that the applicant has executed the instrument. 

(3) The registrar or deputy registrar, in accordance with section 3503.11 of the Revised Code, shall register as an elector any person who applies for an identification card or duplicate if the applicant is eligible and wishes to be registered as an elector. The decision of an applicant whether to register as an elector shall be given no consideration in the decision of whether to issue the applicant an identification card or duplicate. 

(B)  The application for an identification card or duplicate shall be filed in the office of the registrar or deputy registrar. Each applicant shall present documentary evidence as required by the registrar of the applicant's age and identity, and the applicant shall swear that all information given is true. 

All applications for an identification card or duplicate shall be filed in duplicate, and if submitted to a deputy registrar, a copy shall be forwarded to the registrar. The registrar shall prescribe rules for the manner in which a deputy registrar is to file and maintain applications and other records. The registrar shall maintain a suitable, indexed record of all applications denied and cards issued or canceled. 

HISTORY: 136 v S 435 (Eff 8-24-76); 137 v H 90 (Eff 1-17-78); 140 v S 302 (Eff 10-1-84); 142 v H 165 (Eff 6-29-88); 143 v H 381 (Eff 7-1-89); 143 v H 529 Eff (10-30-89); 143 v H 21 (Eff 3-27-91); 144 v H 427 (Eff 10-8-92); 145 v S 300 (Eff 1-1-95); 147 v H 354 (Eff 7-9-98); 147 v S 213. Eff 7-29-98; 150 v H 230, § 1, eff. 9-16-04.

The provisions of § 10, H.B. 230 (150 v  - ), read as follows: 

SECTION 10. * * * Section 4507.51 of the Revised Code is presented in this act as a composite of the section as amended by both Sub. H.B. 354 and Am. Sub. S.B. 213 of the 122nd General Assembly. * * * The General Assembly, applying the principle stated in division (B) of section 1.52 of the Revised Code that amendments are to be harmonized if reasonably capable of simultaneous operation, finds that each composite is the resulting version of the section in effect prior to the effective date of the section as presented in this act. 


Effect of Amendments

150 v H 230, effective September 16, 2004, deleted "and at the option of the applicant the applicant's blood type. The application form shall state that an applicant is not required to furnish the applicant's blood type" following "social security number" in (A)(1); and made gender neutral changes. 

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