2021 Georgia Code
Title 46 - Public Utilities and Public Transportation
Chapter 8 - Railroad Companies
Article 10 - Liability of Companies for Damages Generally
§ 46-8-290. Liability of Railroad Companies and Their Officers, Agents, and Employees for Injuries to Individuals and for Damage or Destruction of Property Generally

Universal Citation: GA Code § 46-8-290 (2021)

In all cases where an individual is injured, or his property damaged or destroyed, by the carelessness, negligence, or improper conduct of any railroad company or an officer, agent, or employee of such company, in or by the running of the cars or engines of the company, such company shall be liable to pay damages to anyone whose person or property may be so injured, damaged, or destroyed, notwithstanding any bylaws, rules, regulations, or notices which may be made, passed, or given by such company and which purport to limit the company's liability.

(Ga. L. 1855-56, p. 154, § 2; Code 1863, § 3280; Code 1868, § 3292; Code 1873, § 3368; Code 1882, § 3368; Civil Code 1895, § 2320; Civil Code 1910, § 2779; Code 1933, § 94-702.)

Law reviews.

- For article, "Actions for Wrongful Death in Georgia Part Three and Four," see 21 Ga. B.J. 339 (1959). For comment on Atlantic C.L.R.R. v. Dolan, 84 Ga. App. 734, 67 S.E.2d 243 (1951), see 3 Mercer L. Rev. 349 (1952).



  • General Consideration
  • Nature of Duties and Standard of Care
  • Duties to Persons
  • Injuries to Animals
  • Defenses
  • Practice and Pleading


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Validity of release of prospective right to wrongful death action, 92 A.L.R.3d 1232.

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Width or design of lateral space between passenger loading platform and car entrance as affecting carrier's liability to passenger for injuries incurred from falling into space, 28 A.L.R.4th 748.

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Measure and elements of damages for injury to bridge, 31 A.L.R.5th 171.

Liability of owner or operator of shopping center, or business housed therein, for injury to patron on premises from criminal attack by third party, 31 A.L.R.5th 550.

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