2021 Georgia Code
Title 1 - General Provisions
Chapter 2 - Persons and Their Rights
§ 1-2-6. Rights of Citizens Generally

Universal Citation: GA Code § 1-2-6 (2021)
  1. The rights of citizens include, without limitation, the following:
    1. The right of personal security;
    2. The right of personal liberty;
    3. The right of private property and the disposition thereof;
    4. The right of the elective franchise;
    5. The right to hold office, unless disqualified by the Constitution and laws of this state;
    6. The right to appeal to the courts;
    7. The right to testify as a witness;
    8. The right to perform any civil function; and
    9. The right to keep and bear arms.
  2. All citizens are entitled to exercise all their rights as citizens, unless specially prohibited by law.

(Orig. Code 1863, §§ 1585, 1586; Code 1868, §§ 1648, 1649; Code 1873, §§ 1654, 1655; Code 1882, §§ 1654, 1655; Civil Code 1895, §§ 1808, 1809; Civil Code 1910, §§ 2165, 2166; Code 1933, §§ 79-205, 79-206.)

Cross references.

- Sentencing of defendants guilty of crimes involving bias or prejudice, § 17-10-17.

Law reviews.

- For article, "Disability Constitutional Law," see 63 Emory L.J. 527 (2014). For article, "An Essay on Illusion and Reality in the Conflict of Laws," see 70 Mercer L. Rev. 819 (2019).



  • General Consideration
  • Personal Property
  • Elective Franchise
  • Right to Hold Office
  • Courts
  • Witness
  • Exercise of Rights

Citizen has right to hold office as general rule, ineligibility being the exception, and a citizen may not be deprived of this right without proof of some disqualifications specifically declared by law. 1979 Op. Att'y Gen. No. U79-24.

Disqualification for holding office strictly construed.

- The right to hold office unless disqualified by the Constitution and laws is one of the rights of Georgia citizens, and any purported disqualification for holding office must be strictly construed and any ambiguity resolved in favor of the citizen's right to run for and hold office. 1975 Op. Att'y Gen. No. 75-18.

City's residency requirements.

- The time during which an individual resided in an area prior to its annexation to a city is creditable towards the residency requirements for mayor and city councilman of that city. 1978 Op. Att'y Gen. No. U78-42.

Public office not barred by liquor conviction.

- A conviction of the crime of "having liquor" does not render a person disqualified from holding public office under the laws of this state. 1967 Op. Att'y Gen. No. 67-26.

Blindness alone not a bar to holding office of sheriff.

- A person otherwise possessing the qualifications to hold the office of sheriff, as specified by former Code 1933, § 24-2801 (see now O.C.G.A. § 15-16-1), may not be barred from such office because the person is blind. 1980 Op. Att'y Gen. No. U80-1.

One person may hold offices of city and probate court judge.

- There is no prohibition against one person's holding both the offices of judge of a city court and ordinary of a county (now probate court judge). 1970 Op. Att'y Gen. No. U70-60.

Councilperson keeps office after moving to different ward.

- Where a councilperson is elected from a particular ward, but by the voters of the entire city, the councilperson is not required to forfeit one's office if one moves to a different ward in the same city. 1975 Op. Att'y Gen. No. U75-39.

Deputy sheriff is not required to resign the deputy's office prior to running for sheriff. 1979 Op. Att'y Gen. No. U79-24.


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