2020 Georgia Code
Title 48 - Revenue and Taxation
Chapter 4 - Tax Sales



- Tax title as affected by fact that tax had been paid before sale, 26 A.L.R. 622.

Tax deed and recitals therein as evidence of regularity of tax proceedings as to advertising and notice of sale, and as to time, manner, and place of sale, 30 A.L.R. 8; 88 A.L.R. 264.

Holder of invalid tax title as within occupying claimant's act, 44 A.L.R. 479.

Assessment for local improvements as taxes within statute providing for payment of taxes out of proceeds of judicial sale, 73 A.L.R. 1227.

Quantum of estate acquired by purchaser at tax sale of property which is subject to successive estates or different interests, 75 A.L.R. 416.

Right of holder of tax title or certificate of sale to reimbursement by taxing authorities where sale proves invalid, 77 A.L.R. 824; 116 A.L.R. 1408.

Sale of property at tax sale for more or less than the amount of taxes, penalties, and costs as affecting its validity, 97 A.L.R. 842; 147 A.L.R. 1141.

Rights and remedies of purchaser at tax sale as affected by delay in payment of bid, 104 A.L.R. 823.

Statutory enactment or repeal subsequent to tax sale or issuance of tax certificates as affecting rights of holders of tax certificates or purchasers at tax sale, 111 A.L.R. 237.

What informalities, irregularities, or defects in respect to the execution of a tax deed prevent the running of the statute of limitations or period of adverse possession, 113 A.L.R. 1343.

Right of holder of tax title or certificate of sale to reimbursement by taxing authorities where tax sale proves invalid, 116 A.L.R. 1408.

Effect of failure to make report, return, or record of tax sale within time prescribed by statute, 117 A.L.R. 726.

Right of holder of bond or other instrument representing or based upon assessment for benefits or improvement, to purchase at tax sale, or acquire tax title and hold same in his own right as against owner of land, 123 A.L.R. 398.

Constitutionality, construction, and application of statute giving former owner right to purchase tax-acquired property while in public ownership, 126 A.L.R. 649.

Measure of recovery for improvements made by purchaser of invalid tax title, 129 A.L.R. 1354.

Lien for tax imposed by one taxing unit as affected by lien or sale for tax imposed by another taxing unit of same state, 135 A.L.R. 1464.

Right of mortgagee or other lienor to acquire and hold tax title in his own right as against persons owning other interests in or liens upon property, 140 A.L.R. 294.

Personal liability of tax official or his bond to purchaser at tax sale, 149 A.L.R. 220.

Discretion of court to refuse confirmation of, or to set aside, tax sale, where all proceedings are in compliance with statutory requirements, 152 A.L.R. 887.

Acquisition by state or other governmental body of title to land, otherwise than at tax sale, as affecting prior tax lien on land, or validity of sale for such taxes, 158 A.L.R. 563.

Respective rights and estates of persons claiming real property through sales from different agencies to enforce taxes or assessments, as between which there is parity of lien, 167 A.L.R. 1001.

Easement or servitude or restrictive covenant as affected by sale for taxes, 168 A.L.R. 529.

Who are entitled to notice, or are necessary parties, in order to perfect tax title, 169 A.L.R. 686.

Statutory limitation of period for attack on tax deed as affected by failure to comply with statutory requirement as to notice before tax deed, 5 A.L.R.2d 1021.

Tax sale as freeing property from possibility of further assessments for benefits to land, 11 A.L.R.2d 1133.

Effect of misnomer of landowner or delinquent taxpayer in notice, advertisement, etc., of tax foreclosure or sale, 43 A.L.R.2d 967.

Validity of notice of tax sale or of tax sale proceeding which fails to state tax year or kind or type of taxes covered by tax assessments, 43 A.L.R.2d 988.

Tax sales or forfeitures by or to governmental units as interrupting adverse possession, 50 A.L.R.2d 600.

Property owner's liability for unpaid taxes following acquisition of property by another at tax sale, 100 A.L.R.3d 593.

Right of interested party receiving due notice of tax sale or of right to redeem to assert failure or insufficiency of notice to other interested party, 45 A.L.R.4th 447.

Doctrine of marshaling assets or sale in inverse order of alienation as applicable to tax sale, 131 A.L.R.4th 79.

Easement, servitude, or covenant as affected by sale for taxes, 7 A.L.R.5th 187.

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