2010 Arizona Revised Statutes
Title 9 - Cities and Towns

Article 1 Incorporation, Disincorporation and Reincorporation
9-101 Incorporation; definition
9-101.01 Incorporation, urbanized area
9-101.02 Alternate method of incorporation for certain areas; definition
9-101.03 Alternate method of incorporation for an area containing a sanitary district and four road districts; definition
9-102 Disincorporation
9-103 Reincorporation of existing municipalities; effect of change
9-104 County services for newly incorporated city or town
Article 2 Consolidation of Towns
9-121 Consolidation of towns
9-122 Unification of a city and a town
Article 3 Incorporation, Annexation and Operation of a City or Town in More Than One County
9-131 Incorporation; definition
9-132 Disincorporation
9-133 Reincorporation
9-134 Annexation
9-135 Relations with county
9-136 State or county collected taxes
9-137 Powers and duties
Article 1 Government in Cities and Towns Not Organized Under This Chapter
9-201 Elective officers in cities and towns of less than six hundred voters; duties
9-202 Appointive officers; compensation
9-203 Vacancies; bonds
9-204 Officers in cities and towns of six hundred to eight hundred fifty voters; terms of office; elections; removal
Article 2 Board of Trustees Government After Disincorporation
9-211 Disincorporation and reincorporation by board of supervisors
9-212 Disincorporation; petition; notice; publication
9-213 Order for election; election officers; oath
9-214 Election; ballots; procedure
9-215 Qualifications of electors
9-216 Determination of election results; establishment of new corporation
9-217 Trustees; appointment; terms; oath; bond
9-218 Election of trustees and officers; vacancies
9-219 General powers of trustees; publication of ordinance; sale of property
9-220 Taxing power
9-221 Transfer of books and records; classification
9-222 Clerk; salary; duties
9-223 Marshal; deputies; oath; bond; compensation; duties
9-224 Treasurer; term; oath; bond; compensation; duties
9-225 Registration of voters; special elections
9-226 Effect of dissolution on existing rights
Article 3 Town Incorporated Under Common Council Government
9-231 Common council; date of election
9-232 Council; qualifications of members; oath; selection of mayor
9-232.01 Salaries
9-232.02 Permitting town councilmen to hold office for four‑year staggered terms
9-232.03 Alternative procedure for mayor to be directly elected by electors
9-232.04 District system as alternative organization
9-233 Council meetings; quorum; adjournment
9-234 Power of council to regulate proceedings; records
9-235 Vacancies in council
9-236 Mayor; duties
9-237 Appointive officers
9-238 Duties of appointive officers
9-239 Council powers relating to appointive officers
9-240 General powers of common council
9-241 Purchase and sale of property
9-242 Hospitals
9-243 Construction of streets and sidewalks; default of property owner; abatement of assessment; appeal; definitions
9-244 Levy of taxes
9-246 Publication of financial statement
9-247 Claims, warrants, substitute checks and vouchers
9-248 Warrants, substitute checks and vouchers; payee; form
9-249 Warrants, substitute checks and vouchers; presentment; payment; registry; definitions
9-250 Violation of provisions relating to warrants; classification
9-251 Survey and recording of town plats
9-252 Acknowledgment and filing of maps
9-253 Recording of maps and plats; preservation of originals
9-254 Title to streets
9-255 Unlawful act of officer; liability of council
Article 4 Change From Town to City Organization
9-271 Procedure for change; city officers
9-272 Classification of councilmen for purposes of election; terms of office
9-272.01 Alternative procedure for mayor to be directly elected by electors
9-273 District system as alternative organization
9-274 Powers of council; salaries
9-275 Applicability of certain provisions to specified cities
9-276 Additional powers of cities
Article 5 Adoption of Charter Government by City
9-281 Adoption procedure; board of freeholders; election
9-282 Proposed charter; publication; election; approval by governor
9-283 Approval of charter; recording and filing; amendment
9-284 Effect of charter on inconsistent laws
9-285 Expenses of board
Chapter 3 OFFICERS
Article 1 General Provisions
9-301 Terms of office
9-302 Bonds of officers
9-303 City or town manager
9-304 Compensation of alderman or councilman; failure to comply; classification
Article 1 Purchase, Sale or Lease of Property
9-401 Acquisition of land by city; extent and notice of city jurisdiction
9-402 Sale and disposition of property; advertising for bids; publication; donation; easements
9-403 Sale of real property valued at more than five hundred thousand dollars; special election; sale at auction
9-404 Payment of outstanding taxes, penalties and interest on acquiring property
9-405 Sale, lease or exchange of surplus property to federal government
9-406 Sale, lease or conveyance of land by city or town incorporated pursuant to congressional enabling legislation
9-407 Exchange and sale of real property; notice of intent
9-408 Home equity conversion program; authorization; use of proceeds
9-409 Condemnation actions; interest
Article 2 Public Library
9-411 Tax levy for library purposes
9-412 Receipt of gifts for library
9-413 Library fund
9-414 Trustees; terms; compensation
9-415 Trustees; organization; appointment of librarian
9-416 Powers of trustees
9-417 Audit and payment of claims
9-418 Annual reports by trustees
9-419 Regulation of library use; use of land for library
9-420 Contracts between city or town and the Arizona state library; expenditure of public monies
Article 3 Remote Municipal Property as Water Source
9-431 Finding of statewide concern; preemption of city charter
9-432 Remote municipal property as water source; payments in lieu of property taxes required to transport water
9-433 Voluntary contributions; payment; interest on delinquent payments
Article 4 Housing Development
9-441 Definitions
9-441.01 Public purpose; declaration of housing development area by local governing body
9-441.02 Powers of municipalities
9-441.03 Issuance of bonds
9-441.04 Additional security for bonds
9-441.05 Construction of bond provisions
9-441.06 Certification of bonds by attorney general
9-441.07 Use of municipal revenue powers to provide monies for  project
Article 5 Cemeteries
9-451 Procedure for vacating cemeteries
9-452 Conveyance of title to vacated cemetery
9-453 Cemetery maintenance fund
Article 6 Municipal Planning
9-461 Definitions
9-461.01 Planning agency; powers and duties
9-461.02 Planning commission; creation; limitations
9-461.03 Planning department
9-461.04 Financing
9-461.05 General plans; authority; scope
9-461.06 Adoption and amendment of general plan; expiration and readoption
9-461.07 Administration of general plan
9-461.08 Authority, scope of specific plans
9-461.09 Procedure for adoption of specific plans and regulations
9-461.10 Administration of specific plans and regulations
9-461.11 Extraterritorial jurisdiction; development plans
9-461.12 Joint action; cooperation with state agencies; land and facilities use
9-461.13 Prohibited urban growth management requirements
Article 6.1 Municipal Zoning
9-462 Definitions; general provisions concerning evidence
9-462.01; Version 2 Zoning regulations; public hearing; definitions
9-462.01 Zoning regulations; public hearing; definitions
9-462.02 Nonconformance to regulations; outdoor advertising change; enforcement
9-462.03 Amendment procedure
9-462.04 Public hearing required
9-462.05 Enforcement
9-462.06 Board of adjustment
9-462.07 Extraterritorial jurisdiction
9-462.08 Hearing officer
Article 6.2 Municipal Subdivision Regulations
9-463 Definitions
9-463.01 Authority
9-463.02 Subdivision defined; applicability
9-463.03 Violations
9-463.04 Extraterritorial jurisdiction
9-463.05 Development fees; imposition by cities and towns; infrastructure improvements plan; annual report; limitation on actions; definitions
9-463.06 Standards for enactment of moratorium; land development; limitations; definitions
Article 6.3 Open Space Conservation
9-464 Definition
9-464.01 Open space land acquisition
Article 6.4 Building Permits
9-467 Building permits; issuance; distribution of copies; subsequent owner
9-468 Solar construction permits; standards
Article 7 Extension of Corporate Limits; Platting Adjacent Subdivisions
9-471 Annexation of territory; procedures; notice; petitions; access to information; restrictions
9-471.01 Dates of signatures on petition; time limitation for validity of signatures
9-471.02 Deannexation of land from one municipality and annexation to another municipality
9-471.03 Return of certain land to county; procedures
9-472 Annexed territory as part of adjoining district
9-473 Redistricting; representation
9-474 Subdivision plats; projection of street and alley lines; approval; survey
9-475 Filing of map; hearing; approval; recording
9-476 Amendments to plat
9-477 Subdivision name; limitation; title to streets
9-478 Acceptance of plat by recorder
9-479 Conveyance by reference to plat; restriction; violation; classification
Article 7.1 Audit Provisions
9-481 Audits of cities and towns
9-482 Expense of audits
Article 8 Miscellaneous
9-491 Unpaid license taxes; recovery
9-492 Investment of sinking funds and surplus or idle funds of municipality
9-493 Appropriation for advertising
9-494 Parks; tax for parks within reclamation projects
9-495 Tax levy for municipal band; authorization
9-496 Expenditures in federal areas
9-497 Authority to procure liability insurance covering officers, agents and employees
9-498 Authority for county to furnish services to city or town
9-499 Removal of rubbish, trash, weeds, filth, debris and dilapidated structures; removal by city; costs assessed; collection; priority of assessment; definitions
9-499.01 Powers of charter and general law cities
9-499.02 Standards for curb ramps
9-499.03 Participation in medical clinics
9-499.04 Animal control officers; appointment; authority; powers and duties
9-499.05 Authority to set rates for private towing carrier; notice of parking violations; violation; classification; definition
9-499.06 Fire insurance premium tax revenues; cities and towns and fire districts utilizing private fire companies
9-499.07 Prisoner work, community restitution work and home detention program; eligibility; monitoring; procedures; home detention for persons sentenced for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
9-499.08 Ability to build, finance and operate toll roads
9-499.09 Indigent defendants; appointment of counsel; fee
9-499.10 Infill incentive districts
9-499.11 Lighting standards for municipal buildings; life cycle costing; evaluation standards; shielding
9-499.12 Municipal social workers; exemption
9-499.13 Sign walkers; regulation; definition
9-499.14 Renewable energy incentive districts; definition
9-499.15 Proposed municipal taxes and fees; notification required; exception
9-500 Authority for providing for tax deferred annuity and deferred compensation plans for employees
9-500.01 Arson investigators; duties; powers; limitation
9-500.02 Emergency medical aid; assistance to other public bodies; limitation on liability
9-500.03 Maintenance and protection of parks; park rangers
9-500.04 Air quality control; definitions
9-500.05 Development agreements; public safety; definitions
9-500.06 Hospitality industry; discrimination prohibited; use of tax proceeds; exemption; definitions
9-500.07 Recycling and waste reduction
9-500.08 Enforcement of water conservation plumbing requirements
9-500.09 Fair housing
9-500.11; Version 2 Expenditures for economic development; requirements; definitions
9-500.11 Expenditures for economic development; definitions
9-500.12 Appeals of municipal actions; dedication or exaction; excessive reduction in property value; burden of proof; attorney fees
9-500.13 Compliance with court decisions
9-500.14 Use of city or town resources or employees to influence elections; prohibition
9-500.15 Referral of public transportation questions to voters
9-500.16 Clean burning fireplace ordinance
9-500.17 Acceleration agreements; loan repayment agreements
9-500.18 School district construction fees; prohibition
9-500.19 Vehicle refueling apparatus
9-500.20 Outside emergency services; costs
9-500.21 Civil enforcement of municipal ordinances
9-500.22 Prosecution diversion programs
9-500.23 Authority to provide fire protection and emergency services outside corporate limits
9-500.24 Federal patent easements; city and town abandonment
9-500.25 Work centers; aliens; prohibition
9-500.26 Authority to regulate the entry of minors into Mexico; exemption from liability
9-500.27 Off-road vehicle ordinance; applicability; violation; classification
9-500.28 Disclosure of filings; military electronics range; definition
9-500.29 Federal and state regulations; local coordination; standing; definitions
Article 1 Franchise by Municipality
9-501 Grant of franchise
9-502 Petition for franchise; publication; election; term; expenditures
Article 1.1 Cable Television Systems
9-505 Definitions
9-506 Authority to issue license; limitations
9-507 Application for license; hearing; terms; conditions
9-508 License required before construction; provisions existing systems
9-509 Municipal ownership
9-510 Control of programming
Article 2 Municipal Ownership
9-511 Power to engage in business of public nature; outside water rates; right of eminent domain
9-511.01 Water and wastewater business; rates; procedures
9-511.02 Utility user fees; lien enforcement; procedures; definition
9-511.03 Outside waste or garbage collection services; requirements
9-512 Issuance of bonds; service rates
9-513 Lease of privately owned utility
9-514 Authority to engage in utility business
9-515 Purchase of existing utility plant and property; valuation; appeal
9-516 Declaration of public policy; eminent domain
9-517 Exception to purchase requirement
9-518 Compensation for taking public utility; procedure for determining
9-519 Common carriers; duplication of service prohibited
9-520 Provision of electric generation services; competition; definitions
Article 3 Municipal Bonds for Financing Utilities
9-521 Definitions
9-521.01 Recreational facilities
9-522 Power to issue bonds
9-523 Bond election
9-524 Election order and call; publication; posting
9-525 Registration of voters
9-526 Form of ballot
9-527 Canvass of votes
9-528 Application of election laws
9-529 Form of bonds; payment and call; interest; sale; bids; interim receipts; rates and procedures; definition
9-530 Service charges; taxation and budgeting; computation
9-531 Provisions of resolution for bond issue; covenants
9-532 Utility receipts and bond proceeds; handling and disposition
9-533 Validity of bonds
9-534 Certification of bonds by attorney general
9-535 Prior lien of bonds
9-535.01 Refunding bonds and revenue‑producing undertaking; refunding utility purchase contracts; form; sale and investment of proceeds; limitation on amount issued
9-536 Payment of bonds
9-537 Supplemental nature of article
9-538 Validation of prior bonds
9-539 General powers of municipality under article
9-540 Validation of prior acts and proceedings; criterion for compliance
Article 4 Industrial Gas Pipelines
9-551 Definitions
9-552 Authority to issue license
9-553 Application for license; hearing; terms; conditions
9-554 License required before construction
Article 6 Financial Assistance from the Water Infrastructure Finance Authority of Arizona
9-571 Wastewater treatment and drinking water treatment facilities and nonpoint source projects; financial assistance loan repayment agreements; definitions
Article 7 Charges for Use of Public Highways by Telecommunications Providers
9-581 Definitions
9-582 Taxes and other charges; telecommunications facilities; limitations
9-583 Issuance of license or franchise; use of public highways; limitations
Article 1 Arizona Convention Center Development Fund
9-601 Arizona convention center development fund; purpose
9-602 Fund operation
9-603 Use of fund monies
9-604 Eligible cities
9-605 Eligible projects
Article 2 Development
9-621 Authority to receive and spend distributions
9-622 Certification of completion of construction
9-623 Certification of satisfaction of annual obligations
9-624 Request for state lease purchase
9-625 Tax exemption
9-626 Construction progress reports; auditor general performance measures
Article 1 Enactment of Code or Public Record by Reference
9-801 Definitions
9-802 Procedure for adoption by reference
9-803 Limitation on enactment of penalty clauses
9-804 Ratification of certain enactments by reference
9-805 Building code moratorium on residential and commercial buildings
9-806 Wildland-urban interface code
Article 2 Publication of Proceedings and Ordinances
9-811 Publication of record of proceedings of governing body
9-812 Publication of notices and ordinances
9-813 Posting of penal ordinances
Article 3 Elections and Voters
9-821 Law governing municipal elections
9-821.01 Declaration of statewide concern; nonpartisan city and town elections; districts; optional procedure
9-822 Qualifications of voters
9-823 Registration of voters; change of registration
9-824 Registration for elections
9-825 Election boards; appointment
Article 1 Minimum Wages
9-901 Definitions
9-903 Coverage of article
9-904 Violations; classification
Article 2 Police Pensions
9-911 Definitions
9-912 Police pension fund
9-913 Administration of fund; police pension board; membership
9-914 Election of departmental members of board
9-915 Terms of departmental members
9-916 Vacancies in departmental membership
9-917 Oath of office
9-918 Compensation of pension board members; liability on bonds
9-919 Organizational meeting
9-920 Meetings of pension board
9-921 Powers and duties of the board; audit
9-922 Annual report of board
9-923 Contents of fund; choice of method of payment by municipality
9-924 Payment of pensions
9-925 Computation of pension upon voluntary retirement or upon mandatory retirement; limitation
9-926 Computation of pension upon permanent or temporary retirement for injury or disease
9-927 Benefits to dependents upon death of member
9-928 Effect of service as public officer upon pension
9-929 Fund requirements precedent to payment of pensions
9-930 Payments from fund
9-931 Exemption of pensions from process; prohibition on assignments; exception
9-932 Physical examination of active or temporarily retired member
9-933 Effect of military service
9-934 Inapplicability of article
Article 3 Fire Fighters' Relief and Pension Fund
9-951 Disposition of fire insurance premium tax proceeds; composition of fund
9-951.01 Definition
9-952 Disposition of fire insurance premium tax
9-953 Fire districts or departments; certification by state fire marshal
9-954 Board of trustees of fund; membership
9-955 Officers of board; meetings; procedure for disbursements
9-956 Annual audit; report of secretary; sanction
9-957 Powers and duties of board; investments; review of decisions
9-963 Grant of temporary relief by board; procedures for immediate pension relief
9-965 Termination of benefits
9-967 Pension for volunteer fire fighter
9-967.01 Paid fire fighters who are also volunteers; eligibility for pension benefits
9-968 Exemption of pension from process; prohibition of assignments; exception
9-969 Applicability of workers' compensation law
9-970 Effect of military service
9-971 Reinstatement after military service
9-972 Inapplicability of article
9-973 Disability insurance for volunteer fire fighters
Article 4 Alternate Pension and Benefit Plan
9-981 Authority to purchase alternative pension and benefit plan
Article 5 Fire Fighters' Training
9-991 Training requirement
Chapter 10 TOWNSITES
Article 1 General Provisions
9-1101 Entry at federal land office of land for townsites
9-1102 Trustee's bond; keeping of accounts and records
9-1103 Survey and plat of townsite; approval; recording
9-1104 Notice of entry of land as townsite; statement and filing of claims to land
9-1105 Financial statement of trustee; disposition of funds
9-1106 Index of claimants and property
9-1107 Limitations on claims of land
9-1108 Proof of nonconflicting claims; execution of deed
9-1109 Referral to court of conflicting claims; trial; appeal
9-1110 Payment of purchase price by claimants
9-1111 Trustee as claimant
9-1112 Selection and conveyance of sites for public purposes
9-1113 Execution of deed to cemetery association
9-1114 Rights of lienholders
9-1115 Claims against trustee or municipality
9-1116 Obtaining funds to pay expenses
9-1117 Disposal of unclaimed lots
9-1118 Accounting by trustee to successor
Article 2 Sale of Lands Acquired Prior to Statehood
9-1131 Disposal of unclaimed lots acquired prior to statehood
9-1132 Procedure to establish right of preference
9-1133 Disposition of proceeds from sale
Article 3 Subdivision of Private Lands in Townsite
9-1141 Procedure for subdivision of private lands into townsite
Article 1 General Provisions
9-1201 Definitions
9-1202 Protected development right; establishment; plan requirements; variance
9-1203 Duration of a protected development right; termination
9-1204 Subsequent changes prohibited; exceptions
9-1205 Protected development right; exercise; agreements
Article 1 General Provisions
9-1301 Definitions
9-1302 Individual property inspections
9-1303 Material affect on health and safety of occupants
9-1304 Adoption of citywide residential rental property licensing, registration or inspection program; requirements
9-1305 Inspection fees; penalties

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