Darry Osborne v. Starrun, Inc., et al.

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Authoring Judge: Justice Sharon Lee

Trial Court Judge: Judge Brian Addington

A truck driver, whose employer had no workers compensation insurance coverage, was injured after falling from his employer s truck while tarping a load of goods at a manufacturer s facility. The truck driver filed a workers compensation claim against the manufacturer, asserting that the manufacturer was the truck driver s statutory employer under Tennessee Code Annotated section 50-6-113 (2014 & Supp. 2017). The Court of Workers Compensation Claims granted the manufacturer s motion for summary judgment, holding that the truck driver failed to establish that the manufacturer undertook work for an entity other than itself, retained the right of control over the conduct of the work, or that the truck driver s conduct in tarping the load was part of the manufacturer s regular business or the same type of work usually performed by its employees. After review, we affirm.