Ex Parte Davis

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Ex Parte Davis
1934 OK CR 39
31 P.2d 623
55 Okl.Cr. 380
Decided: 03/30/1934
Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals

Original proceeding by A. B. C. Davis for a writ of habeas corpus. Writ denied.

A. B. C. Davis, pro se.

J. Berry King, Atty. Gen., and Smith C. Matson, Asst. Atty. Gen., for the State.

PER CURIAM. This is an original proceeding in habeas corpus filed by petitioner in which he alleges, in substance, that he is unlawfully restrained by the state penitentiary. That he was convicted on a charge of murder caused by a criminal operation. That he appealed from such conviction to this court and the judgment was affirmed. Davis v. State, 30 Okla. Cr. 61, 234 P. 787. Petitioner alleges he is not guilty of the offense charged. He makes no claim that the trial court was without jurisdiction or that there was any lack of due process of law.