New Jersey Advisory Committee on Professional Ethics Decisions 1977

Nationwide Group Legal Services Plan
Date: December 29, 1977
Docket Number: acp383-1
Stopping Payment on Attorney's Trust Check To Seller
Date: December 29, 1977
Docket Number: acp384-1
Successor to Deceased Attorney - Publishing Notice to Contact Clients
Date: December 8, 1977
Docket Number: acp382-1
Announcements To Clients of Former Employer
Date: November 10, 1977
Docket Number: acp380-1
Do-It-Yourself No-Fault Divorce Kits
Date: October 6, 1977
Docket Number: cua20-1
Office Relationship Municipal Magistrate, School Board Solicitor
Date: August 11, 1977
Docket Number: acp376-1
Judge Sitting Where Counsel is Brother of Partner
Date: July 21, 1977
Docket Number: acp375-1
Conflict of Interest Suing Former Client in Unrelated Matter
Date: May 12, 1977
Docket Number: acp367-1
Revealing Client's Confidences in Action for Fees
Date: April 7, 1977
Docket Number: acp365-1
Conflict of Interest Representing Labor Union and Member Too
Date: January 6, 1977
Docket Number: acp362-1
PBA Attorney's Private practice Where Police Member is Witness
Date: January 1, 1977
Docket Number: acp320-1
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