State Of Louisiana VS Robert J. Davis

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STATE OF LOUISIANA COURT OF APPEAL, FIRST CIRCUIT STATE OF LOUISIANA 2014 N0. KW 0062 VERSUS RQBERT In J. Re: Robert J. BEFORE: Court, HIGGINBOTHAM, GRANTED. The toward disposition relief filed copy or of the before of December AND trial relator' 12, trial court' 4, THERIOT, court 2012 on 2014 . April s action APPEAL, FIRST q CIRCUIT --- F l, DEP Y FOR CLER THE OF COURT OURT or shall JEK OF' writs, supervisory cf East Baton 19th Rouge, is JJ. instructed application s NIl2T COURT for Parish 06- 11- 0104 . KUHN, WRIT Davis, District Judicial No. 2 ? 201 FE DAVI S before be for March filed in to proceed postconviction 28, this 2014 . Court A on