Kendall L. Williams VS 23rd Judicial District Court

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STATE OF LOUISIANA COURT OF APPEAL, FiRST CIRCUIT KENDALL L. N0. WILLIANS 2013 CW 2193 VERSUS 23rd In JUDICIAL DISTRICT Kendali Re: 23rd M R 2 4 2014 COURT applying + Jilliarns, L. for Court, Parish District Judicial supervisory of writs, Ascension, No. 20, 177 . BEFORE: FiSIPPIaE, WRIT Third WELGH ANLI CRP, IN, This Court has District Court that DENIED. Judicial G. J. , been on 7J. infcrmed March 4, motion for release or seized Droperty was denied. JEW W.TC VGW COURT OF APPEAL, FZRST CIRCUIT s- C pUTY rOR CLERK THE OF COURT COURT by the 2013, Twenty- relator' s