KUTT v. APPLE INC. , No. 20-1757 (Fed. Cir. 2022)

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Case: 20-1757 Document: 200 Page: 1 Filed: 11/09/2022 NOTE: This disposition is nonprecedential. United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit ______________________ MERS KUTT, Plaintiff-Appellant v. APPLE INC., INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORPORATION, INTEL CORPORATION, NVIDIA CORPORATION, GOOGLE LLC, LENOVO GROUP LIMITED, ACER, INC., DELL, INC., TOSHIBA CORPORATION, VERIZON COMMUNICATIONS, INC., SPRINT CORPORATION, AT&T CORP., T-MOBILE USA, INC., BLACKBERRY LIMITED, FKA RESEARCH IN MOTION INC., BEST BUY CO., INC, SCOTIABANK, FKA BANK OF NOVA SCOTIA, JPMORGAN CHASE & CO., JONES DAY, SEASONS CONDOMINIUMS, THE TRAVELERS COMPANIES, INC., PAMELA MARY DEVINS, ELLEN AZEVEDO, CAROL CLAY, BRANCH BANKING & TRUST CO., NKA TRUIST BANK, ADVANCED MICRO DEVICES, ARM LTD., Defendants-Appellees ARM HOLDINGS PLC, SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD., MICROSOFT CORPORATION, HEWLETT-PACKARD COMPANY, QUALCOMM INCORPORATED, HTC CORPORATION, NOKIA CORPORATION, ASUSTEK COMPUTER, INC., SONY CORPORATION, FUJITSU LIMITED, AMAZON.COM, INC., EBAY, INC., ATMEL CORPORATION, EDWARD FRANCIS Case: 20-1757 Document: 200 Page: 2 Filed: 11/09/2022 OCONNOR,LLP, CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION, STORAGE POST INC, ROBERT GREENE, RHEA GREENE, MR. STUART SMITH LLP, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA GOVERNMENTS, Defendants ______________________ 2020-1757 ______________________ Appeal from the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas in No. 2:19-cv-00316-RWS, Judge Robert Schroeder, III. ______________________ JUDGMENT ______________________ MERS KUTT, North York, Ontario, Canada, pro se. BENJAMIN ELACQUA, Fish & Richardson P.C., Houston, TX, for defendant-appellee Apple Inc. Also represented by ASHLEY BOLT, Atlanta, GA; ANDREW THOMPSON GORHAM, Gillam & Smith LLP, Tyler, TX; MELISSA R. SMITH, Marshall, TX. MICHAEL EDWIN JONES, Potter Minton, Tyler, TX, for defendants-appellees International Business Machines Corporation, Verizon Communications, Inc. DAN L. BAGATELL, Perkins Coie LLP, Hanover, NH, for defendant-appellee Intel Corporation. Also represented by DAVID FOLSOM, Jackson Walker LLP, Texarkana, TX. DAVID M. HOFFMAN, Fish & Richardson P.C., Austin, TX, for defendant-appellee NVIDIA Corporation. Also represented by ASHLEY BOLT, Atlanta, GA. Case: 20-1757 Document: 200 Page: 3 Filed: 11/09/2022 MICHAEL SOONUK KWUN, Kwun Bhansali Lazarus LLP, San Francisco, CA, for defendant-appellee Google LLC. ERIC H. FINDLAY, Findlay Craft PC, Tyler, TX, for defendants-appellees Lenovo Group Limited, Acer, Inc., Best Buy Co., Inc. Defendants-appellees Lenovo Group Limited, Best Buy Co., Inc. also represented by ROGER BRIAN CRAFT. MICHAEL HAWES, Baker Botts, LLP, Houston, TX, for defendants-appellees Dell, Inc., Toshiba Corporation, Advanced Micro Devices. Defendant-appellee Dell, Inc. also represented by ROGER FULGHUM. MARTIN GILMORE, Perkins Coie LLP, Austin, TX, for defendants-appellees Sprint Corporation, T-Mobile USA, Inc. SCOTT W. BREEDLOVE, Carter Arnett, PLLC, Dallas, TX, for defendant-appellee AT&T Corp. Also represented by MINGHUI YANG, Carmichael IP, PLLC, Tysons Corner, VA. SHAUN WILLIAM HASSETT, Potter Minton PC, Tyler, TX, for defendant-appellee BlackBerry Limited. Also represented by JASON W. COOK, McGuireWoods LLP, Dallas, TX; BRIAN DAVID SCHMALZBACH, Richmond, VA. ERIC JOSEPH KLEIN, Vinson & Elkins LLP, Dallas, TX, for defendant-appellee Scotiabank. Also represented by MATTHEW WALTER MORAN, JEFFREY R. SWIGART. ROSE CORDERO PREY, Greenberg Traurig, LLP, New York, NY, for defendant-appellee JPMorgan Chase & Co. Also represented by JOSHUA LEE RASKIN. MARGARET ISABEL LYLE, Jones Day, Dallas, TX, for defendant-appellee Jones Day. Case: 20-1757 Document: 200 Page: 4 Filed: 11/09/2022 MIA BREAUX LORICK, Robert Markel Weinberg Butler Hailey PC, Houston, TX, for defendants-appellees Seasons Condominiums, Pamela Mary Devins, Ellen Azevedo, Carol Clay. ALAN I. BECKER, Litchfield Cavo LLP, Chicago, IL, for defendant-appellee The Travelers Companies, Inc. MATIAS FERRARIO, Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP, Winston-Salem, NC, for defendant-appellee Branch Banking and Trust Company. KEVIN PAUL ANDERSON, Duane Morris LLP, Washington, DC, for defendant-appellee ARM Ltd. ______________________ THIS CAUSE having been heard and considered, it is ORDERED and ADJUDGED: PER CURIAM (NEWMAN, REYNA, and CHEN, Circuit Judges). AFFIRMED. See Fed. Cir. R. 36. ENTERED BY ORDER OF THE COURT November 9, 2022 Date /s/ Peter R. Marksteiner Peter R. Marksteiner Clerk of Court
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