HANGARTNER v. INTEL CORPORATION , No. 15-1293 (Fed. Cir. 2016)

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NOTE: This disposition is nonprecedential. United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit ______________________ RICKY D. HANGARTNER, Plaintiff-Appellant v. INTEL CORPORATION, Defendant-Appellee ______________________ 2015-1293 ______________________ Appeal from the United States District Court for the District of Oregon in No. 3:14-cv-00141-MO, Judge Michael W. Mosman. ______________________ JUDGMENT ______________________ PHILIP P. MANN, Mann Law Group, Seattle, WA, argued for plaintiff-appellant. Also represented by TIMOTHY JOHN BILLICK, I; JOHN WHITAKER, Whitaker Law Group, Seattle, WA. DAVID JOHN BURMAN, Perkins Coie, LLP, Seattle, WA, argued for defendant-appellee. Also represented by JONATHAN LEE MCFARLAND, CHRISTINA JORDAN MCCULLOUGH; DAVID R. PEKAREK KROHN, Madison, WI. ______________________ THIS CAUSE having been heard and considered, it is ORDERED and ADJUDGED: PER CURIAM (MOORE, O’MALLEY, and TARANTO, Circuit Judges). AFFIRMED. See Fed. Cir. R. 36. ENTERED BY ORDER OF THE COURT January 8, 2016 Date /s/ Daniel E. O’Toole Daniel E. O’Toole Clerk of Court