HARVEST INST FREEDMAN FED v. US , No. 12-5118 (Fed. Cir. 2013)

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NOTE: This disposition is nonprecedential. United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit ______________________ WILLIAM WARRIOR AND LEATRICE TANNER BROWN, Plaintiffs-Appellants, AND HARVEST INSTITUTE FREEDMAN FEDERATION AND BLACK INDIANS LEGAL DEFENSE AND EDUCATIONAL FUND, Plaintiffs, v. UNITED STATES, Defendant-Appellee. ______________________ 2012-5118 ______________________ Appeal from the United States Court of Federal Claims in No. 06-CV-907, Senior Judge Robert H. Hodges, Jr. ______________________ JUDGMENT ______________________ WILLIAM C. WILKINSON, of Columbus, Ohio, argued for plaintiffs-appellants. ELIZABETH ANN PETERSON, Attorney, Environment & Natural Resources Division, United States Department of Justice, of Washington, DC, argued for defendantappellee. With her on the brief was ROBERT G. DREHER, Acting Assistant Attorney General. ______________________ THIS CAUSE having been heard and considered, it is ORDERED and ADJUDGED: PER CURIAM (MOORE, SCHALL, and REYNA, Circuit Judges). AFFIRMED. See Fed. Cir. R. 36. ENTERED BY ORDER OF THE COURT December 11, 2013 Date /s/ Daniel E. O Toole Daniel E. O Toole Clerk of Court