USA v. Pedro Esparza-Diaz, No. 10-2415 (3d Cir. 2011)

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UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE THIRD CIRCUIT June 29, 2011 Nos. 10-1833, 10-2415, 10-2518 and 10-2519 United States of America v. Jose J. Lopez, Appellant Appellant No. 10-1833 United States of America v. Pedro Esparza-Diaz, Appellant Appellant No. 10-2415 United States of America v. Pedro Manuel Arrelucea-Zamudio, Appellant Appellant No. 10-2518 United States of America v. Silvestre Brito-Hernandez, Appellant Appellant No. 10-2519 (D.N.J. Nos. 09-cr-00623-1, 09-cr-00449-1, 08-cr-00136-1 and 08-cr-007811-1) Present: FISHER, JORDAN and COWEN, Circuit Judges. 1. Motion by Appellant in 10-1833 to amend the opinion filed on 6/16/11 Respectfully, Clerk/tyw _________________________________ORDER________________________________ The foregoing motion is granted. By the Court, /s/ D. Michael Fisher Circuit Judge Dated: tyw/cc: June 30, 2011 Lisa Van Hoeck, Esq. Lisa E. Lewis, Esq. Mark E. Coyne, Esq. Caroline A. Sadlowski, Esq. Jennifer H. Chin, Esq. Steven G. Sanders, Esq. Maggie F. Moy, Esq.