John Hollawell v. Joseph D. Lehman, Commissioner, Laurence J. Reid, Executivedeputy Commissioner, Martin L. Dragovich, Superintendent,sci-mahaney, John Stepanik, Superintendent, Sci-dallas,edward Klem, Deputy Superintendent, at Sci-mahaney, Francisd. Phillips, Deputy Superintendent, at Sci-mahaney, James J.welby, Hearing Examiner of Doc, Edgar Kniess,, 96 F.3d 1433 (3d Cir. 1996)

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US Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit - 96 F.3d 1433 (3d Cir. 1996) Aug 01, 1996

Appeal From: E.D. Pa., No. 94-cv-06323,

Buckwalter, J.