Raymond Herschel Johnson, Sr., Petitioner-appellant, v. Jack Cowley, Warden, of Joseph Harp's Correctional Center,et al., Respondent- Appellee.raymond Herschel Johnson, Sr., Petitioner, v. United States District Court for the Western District Ofoklahoma, Respondent.raymond Herschel Johnson, Sr., Petitioner, v. Jack Cowley, Warden; Unknown Named Warden of Jess Dunncorrectional Center; Gary Maynard, Director Forthe Oklahoma Department of Corrections,respondents.raymond Herschel Johnson, Sr., Petitioner, v. Jack Cowley, Warden, Respondent.raymond Herschel Johnson, Sr., Petitioner, v. State of Oklahoma; Secretary of Health and Human Services,respondents.raymond Herschel Johnson, Sr., Petitioner-appellant, v. Jack Cowley, Warden, Joseph Harp Correctional Center; Garymaynard, Director, Oklahoma Department Ofcorrections; State of Oklahoma,respondents-appellees.raymond Herschel Johnson, Sr., Petitioner, v. Sam Preston, Unit Manager; Jack Cowley, Warden, Joseph Harpcorrectional Center, Respondents.raymond Herschel Johnson, Sr., Petitioner, v. Jack Cowley; Joann Shepard, Health Administrator; D.bradley, Dental Assistant; Dr. R.l. Warren,dentist, Respondents.raymond Herschel Johnson, Sr., Petitioner, v. Jack Cowley, Warden; Gary Maynard, Director, D.o.c.; Henrybellmon, Oklahoma State Governor; Robert Macy, Districtattorney; Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board Members;clarence Harkins, Jr.; Augusta E. Mann, Marzee Douglass,carl B. Hamm, Farrell Hatch, Respondents.raymond Herschel Johnson, Sr., Petitioner-appellant, v. State of Oklahoma; William F. Yeager, Warden; Gary F.maynard, Director for the Oklahoma Department Ofcorrections, Respondents-appellees.raymond Herschel Johnson, Sr., Petitioner, v. Bernie Bishop, Principal and Leisure Library Supervisor;janice Brewer, Law Librarian, Respondents.raymond Herschel Johnson, Sr., Petitioner, v. Bernie Bishop, Supervisor; William F. Yeager, Warden, Respondents.raymond Herschel Johnson, Sr., Petitioner, v. William F. Yeager, Warden; John Wilson, Unit Manager;sergeant Wheats, Respondents.raymond Herschel Johnson, Sr., Petitioner, v. William F. Yeager, Warden; John S. Wilson, Unit Manager;g.d. Lowe, Property- Officer, Respondents.raymond Herschel Johnson, Sr., Petitioner, v. Mark Shipman, Correctional Case Manager 2cd, Respondent, 872 F.2d 342 (10th Cir. 1989)

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U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit - 872 F.2d 342 (10th Cir. 1989) April 11, 1989


Before TACHA, BALDOCK, and BRORBY, Circuit Judges.

By these cases, commenced in the court's original jurisdiction, petitioner alleges numerous petty grievances against prison officials. In each case, petitioner seeks leave to proceed in forma pauperis.

The underlying pleadings are vague, rambling, replete with legalistic jargon, and characteristic of numerous papers filed previously by petitioner in other cases. Since 1980, petitioner has commenced fifty-four cases in the court's original jurisdiction, in addition to some thirty-three appeals he has filed (See Appendix A).

The subject matter of these cases is conspicuously inappropriate for this court's original jurisdiction. For that reason they are frivolous. Those who invoke the court's jurisdiction are charged with both the knowledge of the limits of that jurisdiction and the rules of procedure. We conclude that petitioner has long engaged in a pattern of litigation activity which is manifestly abusive. Appropriate restriction on a litigant's ability to commence abusive litigation in forma pauperis is within the inherent powers of the court. In re McDonald, --- U.S. ----, 109 S. Ct. 993, 103 L. Ed. 2d 158 (1989); Cotner v. Hopkins, 795 F.2d 900 (10th Cir. 1986).

Because petitioner has repeatedly abused the original jurisdiction of this court, we direct the clerk not to accept further petitions from petitioner for extraordinary writs which allege only grievances against prison officials unless the required docketing fee is paid and all other rules of procedure have been satisfied.

It is further ordered that petitioner will be allowed fifteen days from the date of this order to pay the required filing fee in each of the above cases. If petitioner fails to pay the required filing fee within the time allowed, these cases will be dismissed without further notice.

APPENDIX A Termination Case Nos. Opposing Party Case Type Disposition Date 08/15/80 801596 Meachum Appeal Dismissed 02/26/81 801034 Parke Appeal Reversed 05/04/83 822377 Leo Appeal Affirmed 02/16/84 832631 Murphy, Warden Appeal Dismissed 03/15/84 848006/ West, Warden Mandamus Denied 841355 09/27/84 848039 U.S. Social Mandamus Denied Security 11/01/84 841692 Gobel Appeal Affirmed 11/14/84 848049/ USDCWD/Okla. Mandamus Denied 84/2576 11/27/84 841466 Franklin Appeal Dismissed 03/04/85 842143 Brewer Appeal Affirmed 03/06/85 842364 Richards Appeal Affirmed 04/10/85 858010/ Brown, Warden Mandamus Denied 851534 07/10/85 841673 Angelone Appeal Dismissed 07/12/85 858021/ West, Warden Mandamus Denied 852033 08/26/85 858047/ USDCWD/Okla. Mandamus Denied 852276 10/01/85 858040/ Brown, Warden Mandamus Denied 852451 10/25/85 851827 Brown, Warden Appeal Dismissed 11/25/85 851820 Kirkpatrick Appeal Dismissed 12/06/85 842153 McDaniel Appeal Affirmed 02/24/86 852449 Brown, Warden Appeal Dismissed 04/02/86 868018/ WD/Okla. Mandamus Denied 861502 04/14/86 868020/ WD/Okla. Mandamus Denied 861565 04/25/86 851762 Unknown Proprietor Appeal Affirmed 04/25/86 868025/ Secretary of HHS Mandamus Denied 861575 05/30/86 868040/ Barton Mandamus Denied 861804 06/02/86 868031/ Maynard, Warden Mandamus Denied 861816 06/02/86 868032/ Douglas, Warden Mandamus Denied 861818 06/02/86 868036/ USDC WD/Okla. Mandamus Denied 861814 06/20/86 868045/ USDC WD/Okla. Mandamus Denied 861920 06/27/86 868046/ Douglas, Warden Mandamus Denied 861952 07/21/86 841162 Barnes Appeal Affirmed 07/21/86 842558 Rolland Appeal Affirmed 08/08/86 868039/ USDC Mandamus Denied 862178 08/11/86 868055/ Warden Mandamus Denied 862183 08/11/86 868041/ USDC Mandamus Denied 862181 09/11/86 861812 Shillinger Appeal Dismissed 09/18/86 868071/ USDC Mandamus Denied 862379 09/18/86 868076/ USDC Mandamus Denied 862383 09/26/86 868072/ Okla. Dept/Correct. Mandamus Denied 862416 10/22/86 852206 Brown, Warden Appeal Affirmed 10/24/86 852627 Naman Appeal Affirmed 10/30/86 868080/ Williams (really Mandamus/Prohibi- Denied tion 862582 Johnson) v. Miller 11/03/86 868088/ Maynard, Warden Mandamus/Prohibi- Denied tion 862592 11/03/86 862592 Maynard Mandamus Denied 11/05/86 868086/ State of Oklahoma Mandamus Denied 862605 11/25/86 868101/ Maynard, Warden Prohibition/Habe- Denied as 862714 Corpus 12/05/86 868092/ Both Oklahomas Mandamus Denied 862776 12/15/86 868099/ Maynard, Warden Mandamus/Prohibi- Denied tion/ 862813 Habeas Corpus 01/05/87 868109/ USDC Mandamus Denied 871000 01/14/87 868114/ Oklahoma Department Mandamus Denied 871061 01/14/87 868124 USDC Mandamus Dismissed 02/25/87 862644 Shillinger Appeal Dismissed 03/23/87 862256 Chadwick Appeal Dismissed 03/25/87 878016 State of Oklahoma Habeas Corpus Fee Paid 06/16/87 862726 Meachum Appeal Affirmed 06/29/87 862831 Hill Appeal Dismissed 08/07/87 878039 Saffle Mandamus Denied 08/26/87 862739 Shillinger Appeal Affirmed 10/08/87 878027/ USDC Mandamus Denied 872463 10/21/87 878045/ USDC Mandamus Denied 882627 10/22/87 862751 Shillinger Appeal Dismissed 10/28/87 878044/ Gray Mandamus Denied 872583 10/29/87 872584 Oklahoma Department Appeal Dismissed 10/29/87 878021/ Oklahoma Department Prohibition Denied 872015 10/29/87 862366 Hartless Appeal Dismissed 12/17/87 872012 Oklahoma Department Appeal Dismissed 03/22/88 881407 USDC Prohibition Denied 04/13/88 872654 Warren Appeal Dismissed 04/28/88 872656 Bynum Appeal Dismissed 04/28/88 871199 Sup. Ct. of Wyoming Appeal Affirmed 08/26/88 872550 Gorman Appeal Dismissed 12/27/88 881933 Cowley Appeal Affirmed Cases Pending (March 8, 1989): 878065 Cowley Habeas Corpus 878070 USDC Mandamus 888001 Cowley Mandamus 888017 Cowley Mandamus 888027 State of Oklahoma Mandamus 888039 Cowley Mandamus 888040 Preston Mandamus 888077 Cowley Mandamus 888085 Cowley Mandamus 89505 State of Oklahoma Habeas Corpus 89511 Bishop Prohibition 89512 Bishop Prohibition 89513 Yeager Prohibition 89515 Yeager Habeas Corpus 89516 Shipman Prohibition