Shank-artukovich, Plaintiff-appellee, v. the United States, Defendant-appellant, 848 F.2d 1245 (Fed. Cir. 1988)

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U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit - 848 F.2d 1245 (Fed. Cir. 1988) May 16, 1988

Before RICH, NIES and BISSELL, Circuit Judges.



The United States appeals from the final judgment of the Claims Court, reported at 13 Cl.Ct. 346 (1987), awarding Shank-Artukovich equitable adjustments for a differing site condition encountered in tunnel evacuation and a change in the contract requiring installation of hoop rebar in certain areas of the tunnel. We affirm.


Upon consideration of each of the government's arguments, we conclude that the government has failed to establish any error in the court's analysis. Accordingly, we affirm on the basis of Chief Judge Smith's opinion.