In re EZCORP INC. Consulting Agreement Derivative Litig.

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Justia Opinion Summary

Plaintiff filed this action against three outside directors of nominal defendant EXCORP, Inc., alleging breach of fiduciary duty, among other claims. The directors filed a motion to dismiss. Recognizing that he had not pled a non-exculpated claim against the directors, Plaintiff proposed a dismissal without prejudice. The directors, in turn, sought a dismissal with prejudice that would bind all potential plaintiffs. The Court of Chancery dismissed the claims against the outside directors with prejudice as to the named plaintiff only, holding (1) Plaintiff failed to establish good cause for a without-prejudice dismissal; and (2) the Due Process Clause prevents a judgment in a derivative action that is entered before the stockholder plaintiff acquires authority to litigate on behalf of the corporation from binding anyone other than the named stockholder plaintiff.