Cassim v. Allstate

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Filed 10/13/04 IN THE SUPREME COURT OF CALIFORNIA FAREED CASSIM et al., ) ) Plaintiffs and Respondents, ) ) v. ) ) ALLSTATE INSURANCE COMPANY, ) ) Defendant and Appellant. ) ___________________________________ ) S109711 Ct.App. 2/7 B139975 Los Angeles County Super. Ct. No. MC22462 MODIFICATION OF OPINION BY THE COURT: The opinion herein, appearing at 33 Cal.4th 780, is modified as follows: In the second sentence of footnote 15 on page 812, after the words trial courts, the words or juries is to be inserted, so that the entire sentence reads: But after nearly 20 years of experience with Brandt, we find no evidence trial courts or juries have struggled with this type of apportionment. This modification does not effect a change in the judgment.