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Washington v. Case (Majority, Concurrence and Dissent)  
Date: December 8, 2016
Docket Number: 92293-4

Justia Opinion Summary: Kevin Case was convicted of felony violation of a domestic violence no-contact order. Violating a no-contact order became a felony when an offender had at least two prior convictions for violating a no-contact order or s...

In re Pers. Restraint of Flippo (Majority)  
Date: December 8, 2016
Docket Number: 92616-6

Justia Opinion Summary: A jury convicted Earl Flippo of four counts of child molestation in 2008. Flippo timely appealed to the Court of Appeals, which upheld the verdict and sentence in 2010. The Court of Appeals dismissed Flippo's first perso...

Washington v. Murray (Majority)  
Date: December 8, 2016
Docket Numbers: 92930-1, 92944-1

Justia Opinion Summary: In decriminalizing recreational use of cannabis, a Washington State initiative set the legal concentration limit for the psychoactive compound in cannabis, tetracannabinol (or THC), in the bloodstream. The initiative als...

Avnet, Inc. v. Dep't of Revenue (Majority, Concurrence and Dissent)  
Date: November 23, 2016
Docket Number: 92080-0

Justia Opinion Summary: Avnet Inc. was a New York corporation, headquartered in Arizona, and a major distributor of electronic components and computer technology worldwide. Avnet sold products through its headquarters in Arizona and through its...

Fast v. Kennewick Pub. Hosp. Dist. (Majority and Concurrence)  
Date: November 17, 2016
Docket Number: 92216-1

Justia Opinion Summary: Jamie Fast sought medical care because of difficulty conceiving and menstrual bleeding, which had been heavier and more prolonged than normal. Upon first consulting with Dr. Adam Smith, she noted on her medical history f...

In re Paternity of M.H. (Majority)  
Date: November 10, 2016
Docket Number: 92620-4

Justia Opinion Summary: In this case, the issue presented for the Washington Supreme Court’s review centered on under which of the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act’s (UIFSA) choice of law rules Washington’s nonclaim statutes fell. Stephani...

Washington v. Albarran (Majority)  
Date: November 10, 2016
Docket Number: 92775-8

Justia Opinion Summary: A jury found Miguel Albarran guilty of several crimes, including second degree rape of a child and second degree rape, based on a single act. At sentencing, the parties and the trial court all agreed that the rape and ch...

Travelers Cas. & Sur. Co. v. Wash. Trust Bank (Majority)  
Date: November 3, 2016
Docket Number: 92483-0

Justia Opinion Summary: An employee of a nonprofit serving disabled adult clients used her position to embezzle more than half a million dollars held by the nonprofit for its clients. After the embezzlement was discovered, Travelers Casualty &...

In re Pers. Restraint of Swagerty (Majority and Dissent)  
Date: October 27, 2016
Docket Number: 91268-8

Justia Opinion Summary: Jerry Swagerty raped a child in 2004, but he was not identified until DNA tests were done in 2012. Swagerty was charged well within the relevant statutes of limitations with first degree rape of a child and first degree...

In re Adoption of T.A.W. (Majority and Dissent)  
Date: October 27, 2016
Docket Number: 92127-0

Justia Opinion Summary: In June 2013, C.B.(mother) married R.B. (stepfather). C.B. and R.B. filed a petition for termination of parental rights as to C.W. (biological father) and adoption later that month of T.A.W., C.B.'s biological child and...

Washington v. Slert (Majority and Dissent)  
Date: October 27, 2016
Docket Number: 92310-8

Justia Opinion Summary: Kenneth Slert was convicted three times of killing John Benson. His first two convictions were reversed on appeal. Potential jurors in his third trial were given an initial written questionnaire in an attempt to determin...

Washington v. Trey M. (Majority and Dissent)  
Date: October 27, 2016
Docket Number: 92593-3

Justia Opinion Summary: Juvenile defendant Trey M. challenged his three convictions for felony harassment under RCW 9A.46.020. The Court of Appeals certified the issue to the Washington Supreme Court of whether the United States Supreme Court's...

Newman v. Highland Sch. Dist. No. 203 (Majority and Dissent)  
Date: October 20, 2016
Docket Number: 90194-5

Justia Opinion Summary: Highland High School quarterback Matthew Newman suffered a permanent brain injury at a football game in 2009, one day after he allegedly sustained a head injury at football practice. Three years later, Newman and his par...

Finch v. Thurston County (Majority and Dissent)  
Date: October 13, 2016
Docket Number: 91761-2

Justia Opinion Summary: A police dog bit a police officer during a nighttime search for a burglary suspect in an abandoned building. Dog owners are usually strictly liable for dog bite damages. However, there is a statutory exception to strict...

Whatcom County v. W. Wash. Growth Mgmt. Hr'gs Bd. (Majority, Concurrence and Dissent)  
Date: October 6, 2016
Docket Number: 91475-3

Justia Opinion Summary: The Washington Supreme Court granted review of a challenge to the Western Washington Growth Management Hearings Board's decision on the validity of Whatcom County's comprehensive plan and zoning code under the state Grow...

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