Rhode Island Supreme Court Decisions 2009

Case Date
State of Rhode Island v. Jose Pagan03-63212/21/09
Cayetano Giron et al v. Jane F. Bailey et al08-17912/18/09
Nilsa Rodrigues (a/k/a Juana Rodriguez) v. State of Rhode Island07-34512/18/09
Mary E. DeFontes and Nicholas T. Long, individually and on behalf of a class of persons similarly situated v. Dell, Inc., et al04-114,
State v. Richard Tower No. 2008-297 and State v. Richard Tower2008-29812/14/09
Nicholas T. Long and Julianne Ricci, individually and on behalf of a class of persons similarly situated v. Dell, Inc., et al.2007-34612/14/09
State v. Jerry Coleman07-22312/14/09
School Committee of the City of Cranston et al v. Michelle Bergin-Andrews et al,No. 08-289 City of Cranston v. School committee of the City of Cranston, et al08-29112/14/09
Michael Medeiros v. Laura Sitrin et al.2008-27812/11/09
State v. William Grullon2007-21412/10/09
Antone Viveiros et al v. Town of Middletown, et al08-16607/02/09
City of Providence v. Estate of Stpehen A Tarro, et al08-9107/02/09
Kenneth J. Gianquitti, et al.06-9907/01/09
State v. Arun Ros, No. 06-87; State v. Veasna Sin07-9807/01/09
James P. Valkoun v. Kimberly M. Frizzle07-20207/01/09
Theresa Young v. Warwick Rollermagic Skating Center, Inc., et al08-11106/30/09
Thomas Adams v. RI Department of Correction08-12506/30/09
State v. Abdel Fettah Taoussi07-1706/30/09
In re Tamika R.08-21506/30/09
Air Distribution Corp. v. Airpro Mechanical Company, Inc., et al08-11306/29/09
William V. Irons v. Ethics Commission et al08-33506/29/09
State v. Jeffrey Clark07-606/29/09
Joseph P. Muschiano v. Ronald F. Travers et al07-4706/26/09
State v. Vincent Manning07-1906/26/09
John M. Thompson v. Giselda M. Thompson06-29206/25/09
Russell L. Houde, Sr. v. State of Rhode Island, et al08-5506/24/09
State v. Daniel DeOliveira04-14906/22/09
William A. Hilley, et al v. Stephen T. Lawrence07-32006/19/09
In re Peter S. et al08-3206/19/09
Jessica Beauregard v. Grady Samuel White04-24206/19/09
State v. Thomas P. Byrne08-2706/19/09
State v. Michael Tetreault06-29006/17/09
Robert Shappy v. Downcity Capital Partners, Ltd. et al08-17506/16/09
State v. Paul Pereira07-19406/15/09
In re Michael Derderian07-4106/12/09
In re Alexis L.06-5706/12/09
State v. David Robinson, No. 07-197, State v. Robert Palmer, Jr., 07-198, State v. Christine Cabral, No. 07-204, State v. Marcos Garden, No. 07-296, State v. John Barboza, No. 08-28, State v. Armando Furlano08-11606/11/09
Town of Barrington v. Martin J. Williams et al07-31906/10/09
Jason Ferrell v. A.T. Wall, Warden of the Adult Correctional Institutions07-9206/08/09
Woon Kam Youngsaye, et al v. Jacques G. Susset, M.D., et al08-0906/08/09
Irene Realty Corp et al v. Travelers Property Casualty Company of America08-14706/05/09
William Napier, et al v. Epoch Corporation, et al08-14806/05/09
State v. Christopher J. Gaylor08-18706/05/09
In re Pricillion R.08-17606/05/09
State v. Thurston R. Horton08-20006/05/09
State v. Thomas Germane06-16906/02/09
State v. Joanne Albanese07-32705/29/09
Jon E. Cohen v. Charles Ducan, et al04-33505/22/09
Hallsmith-Sysco Food Services, LLC v. James D. Marques, alias, in his capacity as the Town Clerk for the Town of North Kingstown08-20305/22/09
Michael Botelho v. Caster's Inc. d/b/a Caster's Bicycles and Fitness07-27005/15/09
Carlo P. Berardis v. Bounthinh Louangxay, et al08-18405/12/09
State v. Roy Diefenderfer06-18905/08/09
Martin Malinou, Individually and as Executor of the Estate of Etta E. Malinou v. Seattle Savings Bank08-13705/07/09
State v. Ernest Jones07-8205/07/09
State v. Gerardo Cardona07-3105/06/09
Estate of Kathleen M. Mitchell v. Daniel W. Gorman08-7305/01/09
Zaida Santana et al v. Rainbow Cleaners, Inc., et al07-26804/30/09
United Services and Allied Workers of Rhode Island v. Rhode Island State Labor Relations Board, et al06-25204/23/09
State v. Robert Dominick07-28904/23/09
Derick Hazard v. State of Rhode Island06-32504/20/09
Dennis P. Holley et al v. Argonaut Holdings, Inc., et al07-31404/20/09
In re Jose Luis R.H08-2504/16/09
William Felkner v. Chariho Regional School Committee09-2304/07/09
State v. Hasan Abdullah07-304/06/09
State v. Robert Collazo07-10804/03/09
State v. Dora M. Paiva07-3304/03/09
Credit Union Central Falls v. Lawrence S. Groff06-25503/27/09
Louisa  Resendes, et al v. Nicole Brown07-31603/24/09
Cathy Lee Barrette v. Vincent John Yakavonis, M.D.07-31003/20/09
Douglas J. Pelletier v. State06-21403/20/09
State v. Phillip Jackson07-12303/20/09
Ruth Henderson et al v. Newport County Regional Young Men's Christian Association07-30803/20/09
Planned Environment Management Corp. v. David Robert, et al06-32703/18/09
State v. Samuel Adewumi07-33403/17/09
Jean H. Tondreault v. Jeannie A. Tondreault07-20703/13/09
Karyn Mumma v. Cumberland Farms, Inc.07-11203/09/09
Paulette Andrews Smith v. Todd Martin Smith08-6703/09/09
James C. Lynch, Jr., et al v. Spirit Rent-A-Car, Inc., et al07-24703/06/09
Now Courier, LLC v. Better Carrier Corp., et al08-1303/06/09
N & M Properties v. Town of West Warwick08-1702/27/09
Danny L. Brown v. State of Rhode Island04-21202/11/09
State v. Thomas Flori07-16702/06/09
Monica Ouch, as Beneficiary of Heang Say, deceased et al v. Khan Kea, Alias07-33301/30/09
State v. Chhoy Hak06-15601/28/09
Grasso Service Center, Inc., et al v. Alan Sepe, in his capacity as Acting Director of the City of Providence Department of Public Property et al07-7601/15/09
Frederick Carrozza, Sr., et al v. Michael Voccola, in his capacity as Executor for the Estate of Frederick Carrozza, Jr., et al07-35901/15/09
State v. Barry A. Farley06-34901/14/09
State v. Susan LaPlante07-3201/13/09
Roy C. McDonough v. Kelly M. McDonough07-26201/12/09
Michael Accetta v. Doris Provencal; Michael Norato v. Doris Provencal08-3101/12/09
Cathay Cathay, Inc., et al v. Vindalu, LLC d/b/a Gourmet India et al07-18301/09/09
Edward F. Grady, III v. The Narragansett Electric Company d/b/a National Grid07-32901/09/09
New England Stone, LLC v. Donald C. Conte, et al08-4601/08/09

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