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City of Kansas City v. Kansas City Board of Election Commissioners  
Date: January 17, 2017
Docket Number: SC95368

Justia Opinion Summary: At issue in this case was a proposed ordinance establishing a minimum wage for Kansas City. The City of Kansas City filed an action seeking to have the trial court order the Kansas City Board of Election Commissioners an...

State v. Twitty  
Date: January 17, 2017
Docket Number: SC95818

Justia Opinion Summary: After a court-tried criminal trial, Defendant was found guilty of possession of a chemical with the intent to manufacture a controlled substance. Defendant appealed, arguing that the State did not present sufficient evid...

In re Interest of J.P.B.  
Date: January 5, 2017
Docket Number: SC95602

Justia Opinion Summary: A juvenile officer filed a petition to terminate the parental rights of Father, who was in prison, and Mother. After a trial, the circuit court entered a judgment terminating both parents’ parental rights. The court foun...

In re Honorable Christina Kunza Mennemeyer  
Date: January 3, 2017
Docket Number: SC95938

Justia Opinion Summary: The director of the Missouri State Public Defender System filed a complaint against the Honorable Christina Kunza Mennemeyer (Respondent), alleging, inter alia, a judicial practice of deliberately postponing the appointm...

Allen v. Bryers  
Date: December 20, 2016
Docket Number: SC95358

Justia Opinion Summary: Franklin Allen obtained a $16 million personal injury award against Wayne Bryers after Bryers’ handgun discharged, seriously injuring Allen. Thereafter, Allan filed a Mo. R. Civ. P. 90 garnishment action seeking proceeds...

Carpenter v. State  
Date: December 20, 2016
Docket Number: SC95482

Justia Opinion Summary: The State Board of Nursing entered a disciplinary order imposing discipline on the nursing license of Karen Carpenter, including a three-year probationary period with numerous conditions and restrictions. The circuit cou...

State v. Ransburg  
Date: December 20, 2016
Docket Number: SC95629

Justia Opinion Summary: In a court-tried case, Defendant was found guilty of second-degree assault and armed criminal action. Defendant appealed, arguing, inter alia, that the circuit court erred in overruling his motion for judgment of acquitt...

Lopez-Matias v. State  
Date: December 8, 2016
Docket Number: SC95946

Justia Opinion Summary: Defendant was arrested and charged with possessing and attempting to use as genuine a forged social security card. Defendant was being held without bail, as provided in his arrest warrant. Counsel for Defendant subsequen...

State v. Holman  
Date: December 6, 2016
Docket Number: SC95613

Justia Opinion Summary: Defendant was charged with first-degree murder and armed criminal action. Prior to trial, Defendant filed a motion to suppress statements he made to police after being read his Miranda rights. The trial court sustained t...

State ex rel. Malashock v. Honorable Michael T. Jamison  
Date: November 1, 2016
Docket Number: SC95606

Justia Opinion Summary: When Plaintiff’s utility terrain vehicle (UTV) overturned the roof of the UTV failed and caused Plaintiff injuries. Plaintiff sued Chesterfield Valley Sports, Inc. (Defendant). Prior to trial, Plaintiff designated Herber...

McNeal v. State  
Date: November 1, 2016
Docket Number: SC95666

Justia Opinion Summary: After a jury trial, Defendant was convicted of second-degree burglary and stealing. The convictions were affirmed on direct appeal. Thereafter, Defendant filed a petition for post-conviction relief, arguing that his coun...

State ex rel. Heartland Title Services, Inc. v. Honorable Kevin D. Harrell  
Date: October 18, 2016
Docket Number: SC95377

Justia Opinion Summary: Heartland Title Services, Inc. filed a petition in the circuit court of Jackson County alleging professional malpractice claims against Paul Hasty and Hasty and Associates, LLC (collectively, Hasty). Hasty filed a motion...

Dieser v. St. Anthony's Medical Center  
Date: October 4, 2016
Docket Number: SC95022

Justia Opinion Summary: Plaintiff filed an action against St. Anthony’s Medical Center alleging that St. Anthony’s provided negligent medical care that caused him to develop a stage IV pressure ulcer. The jury returned a verdict in favor of Pla...

Gate Gourmet, Inc. v. Dir. of Revenue  
Date: October 4, 2016
Docket Number: SC95388

Justia Opinion Summary: Gate Gourmet, Inc. owns and operates a facility near the Lambert-St. Louis International airport from which it sells frozen meals to various commercial airlines. Gate Gourmet filed sales tax returns for the tax years 200...

Smotherman v. Cass Regional Medical Center  
Date: September 20, 2016
Docket Number: SC95464

Justia Opinion Summary: Plaintiff was injured after she slipped and fell in a bathroom on the premises of Cass Regional Medical Center (Defendant). Plaintiff filed a petition for damages against Defendant, and the case was tried to a jury. The...

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