December 1987 Ninth Circuit US Court of Appeals Cases

  Case Date
Gay (larry W., Paula) v. U.s 836 F.2d 553 12/31/87
Leonardo Subias, Petitioner-appellant, v. Edwin Meese, Attorney General of the United States,respondent-appellee 835 F.2d 1288 12/31/87
Mcclellan Ecological Seepage Situation; Mary Fisher;charles Yarbrough, Plaintiffs-appellants, v. Frank C. Carlucci, Secretary of the U.S. Department Ofdefense, Defendant- Appellee.* 835 F.2d 1282 12/31/87
Miller (ronald S.) v. Rich (jeff), National Transportation Safety Board 836 F.2d 553 12/31/87
Myers (robert W.) v. Shekter (joel C.), Hoak (olivian), Frances (richard, Mary),hill (frank James, Sally Ann), D/b/a Universal Life Church 836 F.2d 553 12/31/87
Ominski (mary Ellen) v. Seelicke (william) 836 F.2d 553 12/31/87
United States of America, Plaintiff/appellee, v. Kenneth Charles Causey, Defendant/appellant 835 F.2d 1289 12/31/87
Vanguard Insurance Company v. Bridges (leslie A., Lucille), Smith (george Hiroshe) 836 F.2d 553 12/31/87
Elmer H. Thomassen, Plaintiff-appellant, v. United States of America, et al., Defendants-appellees 835 F.2d 727 12/30/87
In Re Akros Installations, Inc., a California Corporation, Debtor.akros Installations, Inc., a California Corporation,plaintiff-appellant,andlaw Office of Andres Alonso, Jr., Appellant, v. Grand National Bank; Arrow Precision Products, Inc.; Andacademy Manufacturing, Defendants-appellees 834 F.2d 1526 12/30/87
Jimmy L. Standley and Sharon Standley, Plaintiffs-appellants, v. Department of Justice, U.S. Attorney for the State Ofwashington, Defendants- Appellees.eugene A. Burns and Linda H. Burns, Plaintiffs-appellants, v. Department of Justice, U.S. Attorney for the State Ofwashington, Defendants- Appellees.john F. Dement and Margaret A. Dement, Plaintiffs-appellants, v. Department of Justice, U.S. Attorney for the State Ofwashington, Defendants- Appellees 835 F.2d 216 12/30/87
Jordan (william L.) v. Merit System Protection Board 836 F.2d 553 12/30/87
Michelle Colleen by Her Guardian Ad Litem Ronald Dearing,ronald Dearing and Marcia Dearing, Plaintiffs-appellees, v. United States of America, Defendant-appellant 835 F.2d 226 12/30/87
Schmidt (donald R.) v. Burlington Northern Railroad Company 836 F.2d 553 12/30/87
U.S. v. 78 Cashiers Checks from Various Banks Valued at $395,100.00,jimenez (maria Del Pilar) 836 F.2d 553 12/30/87
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Carlos A. Palacios, Defendant-appellant 835 F.2d 230 12/30/87
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. John Joe Arrellano, Defendant-appellant 835 F.2d 235 12/30/87
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Joseph Mack Thomas, Defendant-appellant 835 F.2d 219 12/30/87
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Larry B. Semenza, Defendant-appellant 835 F.2d 223 12/30/87
Prince of Peace Enterprises, Inc., Chua (jeanne) v. Ilchert (david N.), U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Andnaturalization Service 835 F.2d 1435 12/29/87
Sierra Club, a California Non-profit Corporation,plaintiff/appellant/cross- Appellee, v. Chevron U.s.a., Inc., a California Corporation,defendant/appellee/cross- Appellant 834 F.2d 1517 12/29/87
U.S. v. Serrano (daniel Hernando) 835 F.2d 1437 12/29/87
Burgess (nathan) v. S.j. Amoroso Construction, Verrett (dave), Tulor/satiba 835 F.2d 1434 12/28/87
Foster (ronald W.), Forsling (edgar F.), Jessop (john M.),forsling (joann R.), Forsling (mary Jo), Jessop (linda L.),gonzales (hector I.), Jessop (deanna L.), Jessop (henry R.),jessop (marcellia A.) v. Federal Electric Corporation, Felec Services, Inc 835 F.2d 1435 12/28/87
Leon Robbin, on His Own Behalf and on Behalf of All Personssimilarly Situated, Plaintiff-appellant, v. Fluor Corporation and Fluor Acquisition Corporation,defendants-appellees,andrichard B. Humbert, Defendant 835 F.2d 213 12/28/87
Norris (melvin Ray) v. Keeney (j.c.) 835 F.2d 1435 12/28/87
Van Michaels (christopher), Class of American Inventors v. U.S. Patents & Trademarks Office, U.S. Department of Commerce 835 F.2d 1437 12/28/87
Burns (mary G.) v. Bowen (otis R.) 835 F.2d 1434 12/24/87
Hansen (donald W.), Estate of Hansen (gwendolyn Dawn) v. Burlington Northern Railroad Co 835 F.2d 1435 12/24/87
Mosley (timothy) v. Wendell (michael J.), O'neal (roberta J.) 835 F.2d 1435 12/24/87
Olson (paul J.) v. State of Washington 835 F.2d 1435 12/24/87
Rinehart (theodore Anderson, Jr.), Estate of Rinehart(theodore Anderson, Sr.), Rinehart (betty F.) v. U.S. District Court for District of Nevada, Wedge (virgilh.), Woodburn, Wedge, Blakey & Jeppson 835 F.2d 1436 12/24/87
Soliman (nassif R.) v. Bowen (otis R.) 835 F.2d 1436 12/24/87
Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association v. American Estate Co 835 F.2d 1436 12/24/87
U.S. v. Brown (david Joseph) 835 F.2d 1436 12/24/87
U.S. v. Housley (douglas G.) 835 F.2d 1437 12/24/87
U.S. v. Solomon (joseph D.) 835 F.2d 1437 12/24/87
U.S. v. Warrenburg (michael) 835 F.2d 1437 12/24/87
U.s.v . Harris (virgil William, Jr.) 835 F.2d 1437 12/24/87
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. James E. Wagner, Defendant-appellant 834 F.2d 1474 12/24/87
Benjamin Nevill; E.h. Bruist; J.w. Books; T.d. Imgrund;j.a. Pryor; G.m. Webster, Plaintiff-appellant, v. Shell Oil Company, Defendant-appellee 835 F.2d 209 12/23/87
Central Electric Cooperative, Inc., Petitioner, v. Bonneville Power Administration, U.S. Department of Energy, Respondent,anddirect Service Industrial Customers, Intervenors 835 F.2d 199 12/23/87
Cornerstone Co. v. Honey Baked Ham, Inc 835 F.2d 1434 12/23/87
Crompton and Knowles Corp. v. Carmi (frank), Carmi Flavor and Fragrance Co., Inc 835 F.2d 1434 12/23/87
First Western Government Securities, Inc. v. U.s 835 F.2d 1434 12/23/87
Hamilton (myron A.) v. Internal Revenue Service 835 F.2d 1435 12/23/87
In Re Grand Jury No. 83-2 835 F.2d 1435 12/23/87
Kbow, Inc. v. Harris Corporation 835 F.2d 1435 12/23/87
Malladene Largo, Plaintiff-appellant, v. Franklin Sunn, Individually and in His Official Capacity Asdirector of the Department of Social Services Andhousing, State of Hawaii, Defendant-appellee 835 F.2d 205 12/23/87
U.S. v. Espinosa (guillermo), A/k/a Ruiz (guillermo Espinosa) 835 F.2d 1436 12/23/87
Duncan Campbell, Individually and As Personal Representativeof the Estate of Carolyn Louise Campbell,deceased, Plaintiff-appellant, v. United States of America; James A. Baker, Office of Thesecretary of the Department of Treasury; Charlesa. Bowsher, Controller Generalcomptroller, Defendants-appellees 835 F.2d 193 12/22/87
Edward G. Eldridge, Plaintiff-appellant, v. Sherman Block, Defendant-appellee 832 F.2d 1132 12/22/87
James L. Jensen, Plaintiff-appellant, v. Internal Revenue Service; District Director, Internalrevenue Service; Named Agents, Hirelings and Associates Ofthe Above; Unnamed Corporations; Unnamed Individuals Asjohn and Jane Doe; Secretary of the Treasury, Defendants- Appellees 835 F.2d 196 12/22/87
Levert (andrew) v. Estelle (wayne) 835 F.2d 1435 12/22/87
Marcellus (nellie) v. City and County of San Francisco, Commission on Aging,johnston (pauline M.) 835 F.2d 1435 12/22/87
Paul Guidry, Plaintiff-appellant, v. John Durkin, Defendant-appellee 834 F.2d 1465 12/22/87
U.S. v. Collins (ronald Bernard) 835 F.2d 1436 12/22/87
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. James P. O'neal, Defendant-appellant 834 F.2d 862 12/22/87
Ambulance Service of Reno, Inc., Dba 911 Paramedics,plaintiff-appellant, v. Nevada Ambulance Services, Inc., Dba Medic I, et al.,defendants-appellees 834 F.2d 862 12/21/87
Dodd (harry Lee) v. Henman (gary) 835 F.2d 1434 12/21/87
Donald Eugene Harding, Petitioner-appellant, v. Samuel A. Lewis, Respondent-appellee 834 F.2d 853 12/21/87
Oregon Natural Resources Council; Breitenbush Community,inc.; Michael Donnelly, Plaintiffs-appellants, v. U.S. Forest Service; Bugaboo Timber Company, Defendants-appellees 834 F.2d 842 12/21/87
U.S. v. Associated Convalescent Enterprises, Inc 835 F.2d 1436 12/21/87
U.S. v. Ives (louis Joseph Marion Marvin), A/k/a Ives (marvin Lee),a/k/a Ives (sonny) 835 F.2d 1437 12/21/87
U.S. v. Suttie (mark), Durrett (sheila), Baker (rhonda Lynn) 835 F.2d 1437 12/21/87
U.s., Ladroga (m.) v. Page (dwight Wilbert) 835 F.2d 1437 12/21/87
Gillette (carolyn Freeman) v. Safeco Insurance Co. of America 835 F.2d 1435 12/18/87
National Labor Relations Board, Petitioner,andlocal 3-436, International Woodworkers of America, Intervenor, v. Rockwood & Company and W.h. Gonyea Trust No. 1-17 D/b/atimber Products Company, Respondent 834 F.2d 837 12/18/87
Reza Emami, Petitioner-appellant, v. United States District Court for the Northern District Ofcalifornia, Respondent-appellee,federal Republic of Germany, Real Party in Interest 834 F.2d 1444 12/18/87
Tom Growney Equipment, Inc., Plaintiff-appellee, v. Shelley Irrigation Development, Inc., Defendant,appeal of Stompoly & Even, P.c 834 F.2d 833 12/18/87
U.S. v. 19.7 Acres of Land, More or Less, in County of Okanogan,state of Washington, Haas (betty) 835 F.2d 1437 12/18/87
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Robert Potter, Christopher Howard, and Mary Kay Lindstroth,defendants- Appellants 830 F.2d 1049 12/18/87
Vicky White; Lori Farnes; Vicki Buffat; Louanna Clark;sandra Schongalla; Christina Logan; Dianaforeman, Plaintiffs-appellants, v. Samuel Pierce, in His Official Capacity As Secretary,department of Housing and Urban Development; Rose Bowman,director, Department of Health and Welfare, State of Idaho;idaho Housing Agency, a Nonprofit Corporation Organizedunder the Laws of the State of Idaho, Defendants-appellees,andotis Bowen*, Secretary of the Department Ofhealth and Human Resources, Third-partydefendant-appellee 834 F.2d 725 12/18/87
Chernysh (randi Cooper) v. Prudential Insurance Company of America, Holman (tracy L. Chernysh) 835 F.2d 1434 12/17/87
Mary C. Johnson; John Laffey; Joan Laffey Baker; Bernardlaffey, Plaintiffs-appellants, v. American Airlines, Inc., a Delaware Corporation; Aerlingus, an Irish Corporation, and Does I Through25, Inclusive, Defendants-appellees 834 F.2d 721 12/17/87
Reese (raymond Leonard) v. Hollett (carol B.), Hogue (randall) 835 F.2d 1436 12/17/87
St. Hilaire (gary) v. Lewis (sam) 835 F.2d 1436 12/17/87
Weingarten (saul M., Miriam E.) v. Southland Corp 835 F.2d 1437 12/17/87
Bajwa-singh (jasbir) v. Immigration and Naturalization Service 835 F.2d 1434 12/16/87
Hans Bothke, Plaintiff-appellant, v. Fluor Engineers & Constructors, Inc., et al., Defendants,andw.j. Terry, Defendant-appellee 834 F.2d 804 12/16/87
Helene Edwards; Christine Streicher Diamond, Plaintiffs/appellees,andhelen Edwards; Christine Streicher Diamond; Californiacoalition of Welfare Rights Organizations; Sharonlilly; Judith A. Tillings;plaintiffs-intervenors/appellees, v. Linda S. Mcmahon, Director of the State Department of Socialservices; Department of Social Services, an Agency of Thestate of California; Michael Franchetti, Director of Thedepartment of Finance of the State of California; Dept. Offinance, an Agency of the State of California;defendants/counter-claimants, Third-party Plaintiffs, v. Otis R. Bowen, Secretary of Health and Human Services,defendant-third-party Defendant/appellant 834 F.2d 796 12/16/87
International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace Andagricultural Implement Workers of America, (uaw), Petitioner, v. National Labor Relations Board, Respondent,andkawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corporation, U.s.a.,respondent-intervenor 834 F.2d 816 12/16/87
Sembach (bettye) v. Sierra Sands Unified School District, Gray (david C.), Auld (bruce) 835 F.2d 1436 12/16/87
U.S. v. Strandberg (david Fred) 835 F.2d 1437 12/16/87
Young (eric William), Ingram-young (beatrice) v. U.S. Probation Office, State of California, County of Losangeles, Central District, Latta (robert M.),brown (jack O.), Lacy (m.e.), Thompson (r.g.), 835 F.2d 1437 12/16/87
Alice Coverdell, Acting on Her Own Behalf and As the Naturalguardian of Her Daughter, Christina Robyncoverdell, Plaintiffs-appellants, v. the Department of Social and Health Services, State Ofwashington; Barbara Mclaughlin; Laura Langston;and Albert J. Golden, Defendants-appellees 834 F.2d 758 12/15/87
Christopher Stacy Pool, Petitioner/appellant, v. Earl B. Dowdle, Respondent/appellee 834 F.2d 777 12/15/87
Empire Sand and Gravel Company, Inc. v. Crow Tribe of Indians, Crow Tribal Employment Rights Office,beaumont (philip Jr.), Crow Tribal Court, Big Hair(dennis), Judge 835 F.2d 1434 12/15/87
Federal Land Bank of Spokane v. Loe (roger E., Patricia R.) 835 F.2d 1434 12/15/87
Gene Southerland, Plaintiff-appellee, v. International Longshoremen's and Warehousemen's Union, Local8, Defendant- Appellant 834 F.2d 790 12/15/87
Holloway (anita) v. American President Lines, Ltd., Beauharnois (david), Pipkin (gary) 835 F.2d 1435 12/15/87
Nevada Vtn, a Nevada Corporation, Dba Vtn Nevada, Plaintiff-appellant, v. General Insurance Company of America, Defendant-appellee 834 F.2d 770 12/15/87
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Michael Allen Vasey, Defendant-appellant 834 F.2d 782 12/15/87
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Pierre Fouche, Defendant-appellant 833 F.2d 1284 12/15/87
Henderson Duval Houghton, Plaintiff-appellant, v. Glenn Osborne, Frank Tuss, H. William Coder, Joel G. Rothand Gladys M. Vance, Defendants-appellees 834 F.2d 745 12/14/87
Howell (raymond W.) v. Lewis (sam) 835 F.2d 1435 12/14/87
In Matter of Arbitration Between Sahara Las Vegascorporation D/b/a Sahara Hotel and Casino v. Musicians' Union of Las Vegas, Local No. 369, A.f. of M., Afl-cio 835 F.2d 1436 12/14/87
Renner (stephen Wm., Alice B.) v. Hill (gary L.), Roseta (richard A.), Barron (richard A.) 835 F.2d 1436 12/14/87
Toyota of Berkeley, a Corporation, Plaintiff/appellee, v. Automobile Salesmen's Union, Local 1095, United Food Andcommercial Workers Union, Defendant/appellant 834 F.2d 751 12/14/87
U.S. v. Doyle (barbara) 835 F.2d 1436 12/14/87
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellant, v. Bernard Joseph, Defendant-appellee 829 F.2d 724 12/14/87
Adler (david, Adele) v. K Mart Corporation 835 F.2d 1434 12/11/87
Faraasen (myron A.) v. Risley (henry) 835 F.2d 1434 12/11/87
Mojica (jesus Estrada) v. Decker (eric Wayne, Everett W., Patricia) 835 F.2d 1434 12/11/87
Mostek (dolly), Swenson (alfred), Martson (janet) v. Donovan (richard) 835 F.2d 1435 12/11/87
Paul F. Jancsek, Iii, Petitioner-appellant, v. Oregon Board of Parole, Respondent-appellee 833 F.2d 1389 12/11/87
Susan T. Fultz, Aka Susan Fultz-small, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Mason H. Rose, V, Defendant-appellant 833 F.2d 1380 12/11/87
U.S. v. Burnes (jack Edgar) 835 F.2d 1436 12/11/87
U.S. v. Giambattista (thomas Horace) 835 F.2d 1436 12/11/87
U.S. v. Johnson (louis), Jennings (charles Andre) 835 F.2d 1437 12/11/87
U.S. v. Ozuna De Ramirez (gloria) 835 F.2d 1437 12/11/87
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellant, v. Jerri C. Lewis, Defendant-appellee 833 F.2d 1380 12/11/87
Falcon (charles Larry) v. Hutchison (jeffrey) 835 F.2d 1434 12/10/87
Sheet Metal Workers International Association, Local #103 v. Modern Aire, Inc 835 F.2d 1436 12/10/87
U.S. v. Zlatar (larry) 835 F.2d 1437 12/10/87
Wilmshurst (richard E.), 49er Chevrolet, Inc. v. Chevrolet Motor Division of General Motors Corporation 835 F.2d 1437 12/10/87
51 Fair Empl.prac.cas. 151,45 Empl. Prac. Dec. P 37,605linda Eldredge, on Behalf of Herself and on Behalf of Allothers Similarly Situated, Plaintiffs-appellants, v. Carpenters 46 Northern California Counties Jointapprenticeship and Training Committee, Defendant-appellee 833 F.2d 1334 12/09/87
Anthony P. Locricchio, Plaintiff-appellee/cross-appellant, v. Legal Services Corp., et al., Defendants-appellants/cross-appellees 833 F.2d 1352 12/09/87
Bell Helicopter, Plaintiff,andsea Airmotive, Inc.; Gay Airways, Inc.; A.e. Gay, Inc.;a.e. Gay, Plaintiffs-appellants, v. United States of America, Defendant-appellee 833 F.2d 1375 12/09/87
Landes Construction Co., Inc., Plaintiff-appellee/cross-appellant, v. Royal Bank of Canada, Defendant-appellant/cross-appellee 833 F.2d 1365 12/09/87
Pena-velasco (transito) v. Immigration and Naturalization Service 835 F.2d 1435 12/09/87
The Mozart Company, a Corporation, Plaintiff-appellant, v. Mercedes-benz of North America, Inc., a Corporation,defendant-appellee 833 F.2d 1342 12/09/87
The People of the Territory of Guam, Plaintiff/appellee, v. Jae Hung Yang, Defendant/appellant 833 F.2d 1379 12/09/87
Your Heritage Church v. U.s 835 F.2d 1437 12/09/87
Beverly Kunzi, Steve Mattheaus, and Sandra Travis,individuals, Plaintiffs/appellees, v. Pan American World Airways, Inc., a Corporation, Lindakelly, an Individual, Anna F. Kuhl, an Individual,anna F. Kuhl & Associates, Acorporation, Defendants/appellants.pan American World Airways, Inc., et al., Petitioner, v. United States District Court for the Northern District Ofcalifornia, Respondent.beverly Kunzi, et al., Real Party in Interest 833 F.2d 1291 12/08/87
Ferguson (james E.) v. Aetna Casualty & Surety Company 835 F.2d 1434 12/08/87
Gulf Insurance Co., Plaintiff/counter-defendant/appellee, v. the L.a. Effects Group, Inc., Larry Benson, Suzanne Benson,lisa Benson and Steven Benson,defendants/counter-claimants/appellants 827 F.2d 574 12/08/87
Mack (charles C.) v. Devoe (dana) 835 F.2d 1435 12/08/87
Maudlin (gene), Silver Eagle Company, Viking Freight System,inc., Eastern Oregon Fast Freight Inc., Oregon Freightways,inc., Oregon Draymen and Warehousemen's Ass'n, Reddaway'struck Line, Risberg Truck Line, Maccracken Motor Freight, Inc. v. Interstate Commerce Commission, U.s., Southwest Delivery Co., Inc 835 F.2d 1435 12/08/87
U.S. v. Bowen (anthony), Aleman (oscar Jr.) 835 F.2d 1436 12/08/87
William E. Brock, Secretary of Labor, United Statesdepartment of Labor, Plaintiff-appellant, v. Joann Shirk, Individually and Doing Business As Oregon Meatcutting School; Frank B. Shirk, Individually Anddoing Business As Oregon Meat Cuttingschool, Defendants-appellees 833 F.2d 1326 12/08/87
3900 Corporation v. C. Brewer and Company, Ltd 835 F.2d 1436 12/07/87
Aloha Airlines, Inc., Mid Pacific Airlines, Inc. v. Tavares (hannibal), Maui County Council, Hokama (goro),kihune (howard), Aiona (abraham), Lingle (linda), Liu(lee), Nakasone (robert), Nishiki (wayne), Ota (charles),santos (velma), Fukunaga (alvin), Maui Land and Pineapplecompany, Inc., Hawaiin Airlines, Inc 835 F.2d 1434 12/07/87
Argonaut Insurance Company v. Hennessy (joseph P., Jr., M.d.), Castle & Cooke, Inc 835 F.2d 1434 12/07/87
Carlin Communications, Inc., a New York Corporation,sapphire Communications, Inc., an Arizonacorporation, Plaintiffs-appellees, v. the Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph Company, Acolorado Corporation, Defendants-appellants 827 F.2d 1291 12/07/87
Castaneda (frank Olmos) v. U.s 835 F.2d 1434 12/07/87
Francis A. Atkinson, Plaintiff-appellant, v. Sheet Metal Workers' Trust Funds of Southern California Andnevada, Defendant-appellee 833 F.2d 864 12/07/87
Frank v. Hernandez, Plaintiff/appellant, v. Denny Johnston; Tom Ahearn; Jim Rogers; John Mccain;chuck Houser; al Scamahorn; Dan Snyder; Williamcallahan; Bob Benn, Defendants/appellees 833 F.2d 1316 12/07/87
Hilding (eric R.) v. Federal Communications Commission 835 F.2d 1435 12/07/87
Nos. 85-2293, 85-2431 827 F.2d 1363 12/07/87
Rowe (dana) v. Spielberg (steven), Universal City Studios, Inc., Mca, Inc.,berkley Publishing Group 835 F.2d 1436 12/07/87
Shelley (thomas) v. City of Los Angeles 835 F.2d 1436 12/07/87
Stamps (avitt Allen Jr.) v. Velasco (bernardo P.), Superior Court Judge 835 F.2d 1436 12/07/87
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. David Lee Pace, Defendant-appellant 833 F.2d 1307 12/07/87
Yolanda Camacho Degurules, Petitioner, v. Immigration and Naturalization Service, Respondent.luis Hernandez-leguizamo and Lucila Salgado De Hernandez, Petitioners, v. Immigration and Naturalization Service, Respondent 833 F.2d 861 12/07/87
Downing (curtis L.) v. Deeds (george), Attorney General of State of Nevada 835 F.2d 1434 12/04/87
Rainbow Tours, Inc. D/b/a Rainbow Coaches v. National Labor Relations Board 835 F.2d 1436 12/04/87
Robinson (kendal S.), Walker (elizabeth R.) v. Secretary of Health and Human Services 835 F.2d 1436 12/04/87
Sunrise Computers Incorporated v. Digital Equipment Corporation 835 F.2d 1436 12/04/87
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Gregory Christophe, Defendant-appellant 833 F.2d 1296 12/04/87
Ward (mary) v. Palo Verde Management and Financial Services Co., Nash(albert), A/k/a Nash (a.w.), Trustee for A.w.nash Family Trust, Nash (joyce), Busch (robert) 835 F.2d 1437 12/04/87
Weber (daniel) v. Pan American World Airways 835 F.2d 1437 12/04/87
City of Portland v. U.s 835 F.2d 1434 12/03/87
Indie (michael T.) v. American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida 835 F.2d 1435 12/03/87
Ralph W. Keith and Esther May Keith, Husband and Wife;harold E. Grady and Edith W. Grady, Husband Andwife; Harlow Seel and Virginia Seel,husband and Wife; et al.,plaintiffs-appellees, v. John A. Volpe, As Secretary of Transportation, et al., Defendants,andstate of California, Department of Transportation,defendant-appellant 833 F.2d 850 12/03/87
Runckel (susan D.), Estate of Runckel (james J.) v. City of Portland 835 F.2d 1436 12/03/87
Zelaya-araujo (jose Arturo) v. Immigration and Naturalization Service 835 F.2d 1437 12/03/87
44 Fair Empl.prac.cas. 1745,44 Empl. Prac. Dec. P 37,495joan Marie Donoghue, Plaintiff-appellant, v. the County of Orange; Dennis W. La-ducer, Defendant-appellee 828 F.2d 1432 12/02/87
Burt (william R.) v. Honorable Justices of Supreme Court of State of Idaho 835 F.2d 1434 12/02/87
Downey (paul) v. Fidelity and Deposit Company of Maryland 835 F.2d 1434 12/02/87
Flynt (jimmy R.) v. Lfp, Inc., Hustler Magazine Inc., Flynt (larry C.), Trefoilcapital Corporation of California 835 F.2d 1434 12/02/87
Grangeville Grange Supply, Inc. v. Hydraulic & Air Equipment Company 835 F.2d 1435 12/02/87
Hardy (bruce), Lumbermen's Underwriting Alliance v. Mobil Oil Corp., Hydraulic & Air Equipment Company 835 F.2d 1435 12/02/87
In Re Lilly C. Anderson, Aka L.c. Gross, of Honolulu, Appellant, v. Lilly C. Anderson, Aka L.c. Gross, Carolyn Penna Winchester,the Trustee in Bankruptcy, Appellees 833 F.2d 834 12/02/87
Lfp, Inc., Flynt (larry C.) v. Flynt (jimmy R.) 835 F.2d 1435 12/02/87
Lumbermen's Underwriting Alliance v. Grangeville Grange Supply, Inc 835 F.2d 1435 12/02/87
State of California, Department of Education, Petitioner, v. William J. Bennett, Secretary of Education, United Statesdepartment of Education, Respondents 833 F.2d 827 12/02/87
U.S. v. Alcaide (osvaldo) 835 F.2d 1436 12/02/87
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Frank Fredman, Defendant-appellant 833 F.2d 837 12/02/87
United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Steven Max Safirstein, Defendant-appellant 827 F.2d 1380 12/02/87
Bob D. Whiteside; Lenore H. Whiteside, Plaintiffs-appellants, v. United States of America, Defendant-appellee 833 F.2d 820 12/01/87
Citizen's Association of Portland, an Oregon Corporation;joan Giesler; E.l. Horswill, Plaintiffs-appellants, v. International Raceways, Inc., a Washington Corporation;championship Auto Racing Teams, Inc., a Michigancorporation, Dba Portland International Raceway; Portlandrose Festival Association, an Oregon Nonprofit Corporation;g.i. Joe's Inc., an Oregon Corporation, Defendants-appellees 833 F.2d 760 12/01/87
Joshua Agsalud, Director of Labor and Industrial Relations,state of Hawaii, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Pony Express Courier Corporation of America, Defendant-appellant 833 F.2d 809 12/01/87
Methow Valley Citizens Council, et al., Plaintiffs-appellants, v. Regional Forester, Etc., et al., Defendants-appellees 833 F.2d 810 12/01/87
Superior Engineering and Electronics Company, Inc.,plaintiff-appellant, v. James C. Sanders, As United States Administrator for Smallbusiness Administration; Wilfredo Gonzalez, As Associateadministrator for Minority Small Business and Capitalownership Development Assistance; R. Stephen Bangs, Asassistant Regional Administrator for Minority Small Businessand Capital Ownership Development Assistance; Mercedes B.shetter, As Assistant District Director for Minority Smallbusiness and Capital Ownership Development Assistance;united States of America, Defendants-appellees 833 F.2d 823 12/01/87
United Steelworkers of America; United Steelworkers Ofamerica, Local 4776; International Association Ofmachinists and Aerospace Workers, Lodge No. 1357;international Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 523;united Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of Theplumbing and Pipefitting Industry, Local 741; Internationalunion of Operating Engineers, Local 428; Unitedtransportation Union, Local 807; Ronald Rhodes; Williamhunter; William Puffer; Diana Pino Vega; Shea Burkhead;amado Gonzalez; Art Galvez; Antonio Santiago; Davidwilliams; Jose Ortiz; Richard Olea; Jerry Wolgamuth;natalie Munoz; Soila Bon; George Bustamante, Individuallyand on Behalf of Others Similarly Situated, Plaintiffs-appellants, v. Phelps Dodge Corporation, a New York Corporation; Arizonadepartment of Public Safety; R.l. Carson, Individually Andas an Arizona Department of Public Safety Officer; Helengilmartin; Pima County, Arizona, a Political Subdivision Ofarizona; Clarence Dupnik, Individually and As Pima Countysheriff; J.w. Bowman, Individually and in Officialcapacity; R. Benson, Individually and in Official Capacity;c. Kaylor, Individually and in His Official Capacity; Johndoe Jett, Individually and in Official Capacity; Danludwickzak, Individually and in His Official Capacity; Johngilmartin, Individually and in His Official Capacity; Ronlee, Individually and in His Official Capacity; Davidallen, Individually and in His Official Capacity; Geoffreycheadle, Jr., Individually and in His Official Capacity;kathy Casteel, Individually and in Her Official Capacity;rita Jett, Individually and in Her Official Capacity; Jamessheets, Defendants-appellees 833 F.2d 804 12/01/87