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United States v. McMillian
Date: May 22, 2015
Docket Number: 14-1537

Justia Opinion Summary: Milwaukee Officer Shull reviewed evidence that McMillian was involved in a 2007 double homicide and went to McMillian’s home to arrest him. Officers arrived at McMillian’s house without a warrant. Shull knocked and annou...

Lee v. United States
Date: May 22, 2015
Docket Numbers: 14-3087, 14-3489, 15-1065

Justia Opinion Summary: Humphrey sued under the Federal Tort Claims Act on behalf of her daughter Teniscia, alleging that medical malpractice during Teniscia’s 2008 birth left her permanently disabled. Teniscia’s father, Lee, participated in th...

Terrence Lee v. USA
Date: May 22, 2015
Docket Number: 14-3489

Veniscia Humphrey v. USA
Date: May 22, 2015
Docket Number: 15-1065

Glickenhaus & Co. v. Household Int'l, Inc.
Date: May 21, 2015
Docket Number: 13-3532

Justia Opinion Summary: In a securities-fraud class action, plaintiffs won a verdict of $2.46 billion, apparently one of the largest to date, against Household International and three of its top executives. The suit was based on a dramatic incr...

Childress v. Walker
Date: May 21, 2015
Docket Number: 14-1204

Justia Opinion Summary: Childress claims that, upon completion of a prison‐sponsored reentry program at the Big Muddy River Correctional Center in Illinois, the instructor delivered a computer disk containing Childress’s resume to the property...

USA v. Corey Griffin
Date: May 21, 2015
Docket Number: 14-1508

United States v. Allison
Date: May 21, 2015
Docket Numbers: 14-2002, 14-1508

Justia Opinion Summary: Griffin and Allison were charged with federal drug offenses arising from an investigation of drug trafficking by the Traveling Vice Lords street gang which operated on Chicago’s West Side. Griffin, Allison and four co-de...

Duncan v. United States R.R. Ret. Bd.
Date: May 20, 2015
Docket Number: 14-2222

Justia Opinion Summary: After years of working as a locomotive engineer, and more briefly as a limousine driver, Duncan applied for a disability annuity (Railroad Retirement Act, 45 U.S.C. 231a(a)(1)(v)) in 2010. His application alleged constan...

University of Notre Dame v. Sylvia Mathews Burwell
Date: May 19, 2015
Docket Number: 13-3853

Hankins v. Lowe
Date: May 19, 2015
Docket Number: 14-1751

Justia Opinion Summary: Hankins, convicted in Arkansas of felony battery, was re-released on parole in March 2007. She moved to Illinois, where she came under the supervision of Illinois Department of Corrections parole officer Lowe. Hankins fi...

Orr v. Assurant Emp. Benefits
Date: May 19, 2015
Docket Number: 14-2370

Justia Opinion Summary: Orr died in a motorcycle accident. His daughters sought benefits under a group life insurance policy governed by the Employment Retirement Income Security Act and issued by USIC to Orr’s former employer. The policy provi...

United States v. Dobek
Date: May 19, 2015
Docket Number: 14-3073

Justia Opinion Summary: Dobek was an engineer in charge of providing parts for F-16 fighter planes owned by the Venezuelan Air Force. The U.S. State Department announced that munitions, including parts for military aircraft, could no longer be...

Xiong v. Fischer
Date: May 18, 2015
Docket Number: 14-2587

Justia Opinion Summary: Xiong began working as a Dane County social worker in 1990, covered by a collective bargaining agreement that provided that the Union would assist employees in pre-disciplinary, grievance, and termination processes. In 2...

United States v. Boatman
Date: May 15, 2015
Docket Number: 14-2081

Justia Opinion Summary: Boatman pleaded guilty to one count of bank robbery, 18 U.S.C. 2113(a). After two hearings, the district court gave him a below-Guidelines term of 76 months’ imprisonment and three years’ supervised release, rejecting hi...