Section X-6Av2

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Section X-6Av2: Intangible personal property exempt from ad valorem or other tax.

    Intangible personal property as below defined shall not be
subject to ad volorem tax or to any other tax in lieu of ad valorem
tax within this State:
    (a)  Money and cash on hand, including currency, gold, silver,
and other coin, bank drafts, certified checks, and cashier's checks.
    (b)  Money on deposit in any bank, trust company, or other
depository of money, within or without the State of Oklahoma,
including certificates of deposit.
    (c)  Accounts and bills receivable, including brokerage accounts,
and other credits, whether secured or unsecured.
    (d)  Bonds, promissory notes, debentures, and all other evidences
of debt whether secured or unsecured; except notes, debentures, and
other evidences of debt secured by real estate mortgages which are
subject to the Mortgage Registration Tax under Sections 12351 -
12362, inclusive, Oklahoma Statutes, 1931 (68 O.S.1961, Sections 1171
- 1182).
    (e)  Shares of stock or other written evidence or proportional
shares of beneficial interests in corporations, joint stock
companies, associations, syndicates, express or business trusts,
special or limited partnerships, or other business organizations.
    (f)  All interests in property held in trust or on deposit within
or without this State, and whether or not evidenced by certificates,
shares, or other written evidence of beneficial ownership.
    (g)  Final judgments for the payment of money.
    (h)  All annuities and annuity contracts.
    The effective date of this Amendment shall be January 1, 1969;
provided, that the intangible personal property taxes levied for the
year 1968 shall be collected.

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